Full House

Season 2 Episode 7

Joey Gets Tough

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1988 on ABC

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  • Sometimes, being tough is important.

    When D.J. and Stephanie wants to do anything that Danny wouldn't allow them to do, like staying up late to watch TV, they ask Joey, because they knew that Joey always go easy on them, and when Joey says no, they use their "secret weapon". And meanwhile Michelle was a picky eater, and Danny and Jesse are trying to get Michelle to eat vegetables.

    Then, Danny wanted Joey to be tougher so he did get tougher, and he ended up grounding D.J. when she comes home late, but D.J. got mad because Joey never grounded her before, and she started to change into a ruder attitude when talking to Joey. I liked the part when they had the family meeting with the "talking stick" part whn everyone discuss about Joey's toughness.
  • Joey is a real kid at heart

    It's hard to discipline kids - even if it's just taking privileges away, to say nothing of grounding or yelling/lecturing and putting them in timeout. Joey wants to just have fun and not worry about responsibility, but he learns he has to. D.J. learns she can't just keep tricking Joey and getting her way. In the end, they make up and accept their lessons and grow from it very well. Indeed, it's assumed Joey also got tougher with Stephanie, and if not for a few other episodes it could be argued he was the one who put Michelle in timeout when Danny waasn't willing. But, he's still a very soft touch when it comes to her. However, he did learn the loving bond won't be broken just because he grounds her once.
  • fine example for kids.

    great example for kids who have untraditional families like that or a stepparent or someone else thats not your biological mom or dad,it shows how when they try to punish you or something like that,basicly put there foot down.it can be hard no doubt about it,your sensing a differance and you know that thats not how it happens,your not ust to it,you don't see them as a parent figure.i can understand dj's point of view.it's hard.
  • Jesse and his band play on Danny's talk show in order to plug their appearance at a local club. Meanwhile Joey is put in charge of the girls,who take advantage of him.It finally goes too far when DJ does not phone home and scares Joey.DJ and Joey make up.

    This episode is a very good example of an irregular family. Kids who watch this can begin to realize that not every family is the same. Even though most families have a mommy and a daddy, not all are the same. Some families can have two daddies, two mommies, or in this case, three daddies. Also, in this episode, kids learn about responcibility and consequences. Dj learns that if she is going to be late, she has to call and make sure that her dad knows where she is. If she doesn't there will be consequences to pay. In conclusion, this episode teaches respect and love.
  • LOVE IT! My favorite episode in season 2!

    This episode shows that Joey can be a little mean. Joey grounds DJ for the weekend of the karate turnoment. DJ gets so mad... well you dont want to know! in the end, joey lets dj go to the turnoment, but shes grounded the next week. I love love love love love love love love love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "I think we're alone now"

    In this episode the girls plan to trick Joey, since he was the easy touch,to let them stay up past their bedtime to watch Tiffany in Japan. Danny tells Joey to get tough. But when he does he and DJ end up in a face off. The talking stick was kind of silly. Joey was fair in letting DJ go to her Karate tournement. But had to be given out at the next weekend. Joey described how lonely his child hood was.
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