Full House

Season 4 Episode 23

Joey Goes Hollywood

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 1991 on ABC

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  • Joey lands an career of being an tv actor.

    Danny begin to wondered who is calling Japan.While Stephaine hates her name.Due to everyone teasing her for no reason at all.Joey is hoping to star in an tv show.He begin to dream about it as well.When he finally got the job.The others get an chance to meet Frankie Avolon and Anita Fracullo as well.Also Stephaine name is now Dawn.As they were resheraling the first pilot episode.Which in the end got cancel and instead it would be an cartoon show.Joey gets an chance to voice as flip the kangeroo.

    It is strange how they didn't discovered or know that Michelle was the one that called Japan.But of course somewhere in the middle Danny found out it was her.
  • Beach Blanket Bigno

    I thought this was just an average episode. Same old same old. Joey gets a job, something good, Joey looses job, something bad, Joey's voice gets a job Yeah. How come they followed through with any of these jobs Joey gets. What happened to the show he was going to do a voice over for? Again same ole same ole.
  • A great premise - Stephanie getting teased for her name - and a silly one - Joey auditioning for a show that given its silly nature it's no wonder the network never lets it get off the ground

    A great concept and a silly one averge out to even. Stephanie's part int his, wanting her name changed and all, is great, as that's the age when lots of kids make fun of names and things. It's also great the way everyone supports Joey. One assumes Danny puts Michelle in timeout for making the phone calls, we'll give him that. But, then at the end they announce that the show wasn't picked up as originally auditioned for, but thaat Joey would do the voice of a surfing kangaroo or something? That took it down a notch, and to me, it was the writers saying, "We're never going to use this again, let's change Joey's show format at the very end to the kind of cartoon so strange the network would cancel it after one episode, and the audience will assume they did." As happens with some shows.