Full House

Season 1 Episode 10

Joey's Place

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 1987 on ABC

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  • While Joey is off on a college comedy tour, the gang remodels the garage and turns it into Joey\'s room.

    This was the best episode so far in the season. When I get old enough to start my own business, one of the things I wanted to be was a builder, or remodeler, and in this episode, the gang remodels the garage and turns it into Joey\'s own bedroom. At first, it seemed kinda sad because it was like nobody really seemed to appreciate Joey, but finally at the end, they proved they cared enough to give him his own room instead of the real small alcove. Well, what else can I really say? This was a very awesome episode.
  • Fun story

    Joey goes off (right before Christmas break? Well, during finals sounds like how he'd polan things, that isn't always his forte), and the whole family shows just how much they care about him.

    Someone once said the Tanners had to be rich to do this. Well, Danny likely paid off the house with the insurance check, *and* even if the drunk driver died, they could probably collect something fromt he estate which we don't see. So, I think this is one sign thaat while he's frugal, they did have more money than we think.
  • The duck flys at midnight

    The duck flys at midnight 5 little works but Stephanie couldn't do it. I was however very cute the way the writers wrote her confusion. I think this episode was a very good episode for a family to show support for each other and love for each other.And some sacrifices as well. The only thing is that bothers me is where does Danny get all this money to do these things like turn the garage into a bedroom for Joey? Joey always tries to play tricks on the family and for once they played a trick on him. Very funny episode.
  • The secret code is Ducks Flys Over Midnight!

    Joey the only one who has no room to live in.Than D.J and the others begin to plan an big surprise for Joey.Which he doesn't even know about.Acting liked that they didn't need him anymore and doing things that he is suppose to do.It makes Joey wonders does the others need him or not? So after coming back from his tour.He end up saying that nobody needed him.Even seeing and thinking that his stuff is being misplace.When he came downstairs he found an great surprise that he has his own bedroom even though it is in the garage.

    Very good episode.
  • you can't miss it!

    good episode because it shows in a way that everybody in the house cares about joey even though he's biologically not part of the family,this episode is sweet and funny mixed in together,i reckon the funniest part was when joey was walking out of the house and he get's baby michelle out of her playpen and says ''michelle i think your the only one who cares about me"and then michelle sounds like she's babbling 'why'.i thought that was so cute.you have to see the episode for yourself though.full house fans can't miss this episode!
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