Full House

Season 1 Episode 18

Just One of the Guys

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1988 on ABC

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  • Sports, sports, and more sports. It's a man's world when Cousin Steve visits and DJ feels left out.

    Poor DJ. Bad Steve. I know how DJ feels. Sometimes the younger ones or cousins in my family can get all the attention and I'm left in the dust so . . . . . anyway, when Danny says it is more of DJ's fault instead of Steve's, he is absolutely wrong. He should know DJ was feeling left out, though tackling Steve in touch football was the wrong way to show it for DJ. But, can't they find a sport or something to do that they all like, though my eleven year old cousin, who is a girl, likes football but anyway . . . DJ was the one person in the episode that felt the worst. I mean, one person not paying as much attention to you is okay, but two, three, or four people ignoring you would be the last straw.
  • D.J tries to impress her cousin Steve

    D.J is excited that her cousin Steve is coming to visit.She hope that he would be the same guy that he used to be liked she knew before.But when he came.He became more different and did things the same with the guys.With an empty feeling that she is alone.Seeing that her cousin is not the same cousin she all knew.So she decided that she would be part of the guys.Just to impress Steve.Unfortunelly that didn't work of course.

    Pretty good episode and ya know what else is cool that Kirk Cameron appeared in this episode as well.
  • LOVE IT!

    This is one of my favorite episodes on season 1! D.J.s cousin, steve comes to visit but D.J feels that he is spending all his time with the guys.she also feels that you have to be a guy to fit in. Then she finds out that you dont have to be a guy to fit in when steve and D.J start spending a lot of time with each other! It is a great installment and really funny!
  • Interesting to watch Candace Cameron act alongside her brother.

    In this episode, DJ's cousin, Steve, comes to visit. I love when he first walks in and DJ and Kimmy are expecting to see a nerd, but they realize that Steve has grown up a lot. The best scene of the episode is when everybody gathers in the family room to watch a game and Jesse finds out that they are watching a game that Joey taped (after he lost money to him in a bet). Also amusing is when they play a game of touch football, and Kimmy flirts with Steve. The most touching part of the episode is when Steve comes to DJ's room and they talk about the fact that even though he is a lot older, they can still hang out like they used to.
  • DJ is excited when cousin Steve comes, remembering all the good times they had last time. But Steve now does not want to do the same stuff; he would rather play sports.

    It's neat to hear DJ say "he's like my big brother" and in real life, he is. Kinda funny to have Kimmy hit on him, but what can she do; they're cousins. There's some inconsistency with him not being there for 2 years, though. Gives me reason to think he's Danny's brother's son, and Danny's brother moved out so they haven't seen him(Steve) much because he lives with his mom. Because, wouldn't he have been there for his aunt's funeral? Well, we never see Danny's brother(we hear about him borrowing his pants in a later episode) but we don't see Danny's father either.
  • I think that this was a good episode...for season 1.

    I liked this episode! I thought it was better than most of the season one episodes. I liked the whole concept of the episode. How DJ tells Kimmy that her cousin is coming and then Kimmy ends uo falling in love with him. One of the cooliest things about the episode is that DJ tells Kimmy that Steve isn't attractive and then when he comes he is...it is a cool twist. I also liked that DJ finds out that Steve isnt like he used to be. I think that the episode would have been better if it showed DJ and Steve actually going out and doing things like ice skating! Overall though, it was a good episode.
  • this was ok but not ten out of ten becauase i didn't like the part where dj acually tried to act like a boy.i thought it seemed a bit over the top for the episode.

    i thought the part in it where dj tries to act like a boy was over the top for the episode because my classiflication exactly it's out of charachter,i'd rather it instead of her talking and playing football like the guys maybe just cutting down on girl things they could have made it funny by doing that.though this episode was out of charachter it was definetly not bottom of the barrel!it had a really good message of how you shouldn't get carried away with visitors,like people you don't see very often,even if it's a novelty,you have to take other peoples fellings outside the sqare into consideration.it's a message that everyone can take in.because it's a very common problem.
  • Much better if D.J. had learned from it

    You know, I didn't like this for one reason. D.J. now knows what it feels like to be left out. She really should have learned from this and not been so bossy and kind of rude about Stephanie later. Stephanie wouldn't have seen D.J.'s diary as such a forbidden fruit then. D.J. could have involved her sisters a lot more in things.
    It's nice that she does int he books of course, as the mother figure ont hat floor, w/Jesse int he attic. But, since she really didn't grow like most charactgers learn something in these episodes, I rated this lower.
  • siblings

    I thought this episode was an average episode. This was a good example of how a child can feel when her parent pays more attention to a guest then his own kids. Danny should have included DJ in their activities instead of leaving her out. It was cute that they had Kirk Cameron on playing the cousin. He being DJ's in real life brother. the whole joey and Jesse was just a filler in the episode. and was silly.
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