Full House

Season 3 Episode 21

Just Say No Way

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 1990 on ABC

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  • You can't believe a word said by your daughters or your nieces, but you can always trust their law-breaking boyfriends...can't you?

    There are a few unanswered questions regarding this episode, one of which really disturbed me. Here it is: Danny and Jesse know that Kevin just talked to D.J., as had Stephanie back home. Well, they absolutely refused to believe Stephanie OR D.J.--their own family, whom the guys have known ever since the girls were born. Why, then, would they believe Kevin--who is NOT family? How do they know he's not lying to help D.J., as they thought Steph was? (At least they spared us another confrontation scene; for a moment I was afraid Jesse and Danny were going to rip into Steph for Aiding and Abetting, just like they ripped into D.J. for drinking.)

    So what's the point of all this, that Danny and Jesse have more faith in Kevin than they have in their own daughters and nieces? That's kind of sad.
  • Don't blame the person for something that somebody else did.

    D.J. catches Kevin, Paul, and Sam drinking beer in the hallway during a school dance. She tries to stop them and tell that they are not suppose to be drinking. The boys run away and Jesse catches D.J. with a beer in her hand. She tries to tell him that she was not drinking beer and Jesse, Joey, and Danny refused to believe D.J. when she was telling the truth. D.J. is sent to room and Stephanie is the only one that believed her. D.J. went back to the dance with Kimmy's mom to prove that she is telling the truth. Kevin tells Danny and Jesse the same thing that D.J. told them and which makes Jesse feel guilty.
  • An episode that's not as exciting as most episodes.

    This episode isn't as exciting as most episodes are. The part where Jesse and a "marching backup band" were playing music was totally boring, and then when D.J. checked outside the hallway and saw some guys drinking beer, she tried to tell them how stupid it is to drink, but when Jesse saw D.J. with a beer can on her hand, he thought that D.J. was drinking and punished her. However, I liked the part when Michelle got hooked on to her Baby Beluga tape, she drove everyone crazy, when they had to listen to "Baby Beluga" so many times.

    Overall, this episode's score is only an 8 because it's unreasonable on how Jesse didn't believe it when both D.J. and Stephanie said that D.J. wasn't drinking, but however, he did believe it when her boyfriend Kevin told him that D.J. wasn't drinking.
  • A sitcom episode with no laughing track?

    Did the producers take out the big camera and sound system and replace the equipment with a home camcorder? There should have at least been some noise including a "This is bad" sound when Jesse showed up when DJ was telling the boys how stupid they looked. And I have an idea of a few laughs while that scene was going on. Even the funniest character on the show (Kimmy Gibbler) didn't get a laugh.

    If they weren't going to have a laughing track, they may as well have changed the animation from sitcom to the same animation that Gilmore Girls or The Young and the Restless has. Sitcoms never go well without a laughing track.

    This is one of the reasons I'm glad I wasn't born yet back then. But the Baby Beluga bit cracked me up. Like when the tape broke, I had to ROFL. I at least had to give it a 7.5 for the Baby Beluga bit. I'm all about comedy.
  • It wasn't my fault!!

    Now this was a good reactionary episode. Unlike the "I broke the house" bit of the prior episode, this one delivers real reactions, and overreactions.

    Jesse catches DJ holding a beer can and saying how she wants to party. He immediately assumes she's drinking, and her pleas fall on deaf ears.

    The truth is, she caught the boy she liked and a couple others drinking, and was trying to point out how dumb it was. Her talk about partying was done in sarcasm.

    However, the guys don't believe it, youth being what it is, and her previous "truth bends" during the recent week.

    The truth DOES come out, and though we again finish with Jesse dealing with DJ rather than Danny, there's a real reason here, since Jesse was the one to go off on her to start.
  • Baby Beluga

    I thought this was a great episode because when Jesse walked out into the hall way of the school at the school dance and DJ was holding a beer in her hand trying to show the boys who were drinking how silly they looked. jesse naturally assumed that DJ was drinking. It was so great that Jesse and Danny appologized to DJ about assuming that DJ was drinking and that they should have believed her.
  • Good but possibly a little unbelievable

    I'mjust not sure Jesse would refuse to believe D.J., or even listen to her, or that Danny would. True, her clothes were wet, and *maybe8 he couldn't have told the way she was talking, but for her to have gottent hat wet she would have had to have it on her breath, too. Why didn't he smell her breath?
    And, why didn't Danny? Assuming that Jesse, being such a rebel, was fearful and it brought back some demons from his past, why didn't Danny listen? He just assumed she needed help.
    However, if Jesse was too anxious about her becoming like one of his friends or something, and if Danny was just being too overprotective, then this was a great episode. It was still pretty good, I just don't know aboutt the above.