Full House

Season 7 Episode 18

Kissing Cousins

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 1994 on ABC

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  • This was a cool episode.

    I really like the episode \"Kissing Cousins\". I think it\'s a great episode to air after the death of papouli. I thought it was both weird and intresting seeing John Stamos play both Uncle Jesse and Stavros. And I think that John Stamos did a greek accent for Stavros beautifully.

    I thought it was comical seeing Stavros hitting on aunt Becky. Seeing as its John Stamos playing someone else hitting on Aunt Becky, it was hillarious. Another good part of the show is when Stavros comes back from the racetrack and he says to Danny \"I parked your car in a great spot! Right next to a little tiny rocket ship where dogs go pee pee\".

    Great episode
  • Which is which?

    This was a good episode. It shows how different people can be from what they show they are. Stavros was not who Jesse thought he was. He was doing terrible things to the family but Jesse could not see it because he believed Stavros was the same as he remembered him him last time he visited Greece and knew him. Finally seeing Stavros for who he really was Jesse was hurt but still forgave him cause he was family