Full House

Season 1 Episode 6

Knock Yourself Out

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1987 on ABC

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  • great

    Danny is commentating on a fight, but he accidentally lets it slip to the "Sandman" that his wife has left him, which distracts the sandman. Meanwhile Jessie and Joey do not know how to take care of Michelle, who is sick.

    Good episode. The main plot had a lot of funny moments. The Sandman in general was funny, the manager punching Danny (only to get hurt himself because the present Stephanie gives him is there)… the sub plot was not as funny, but oh well, overall it was an enjoyable outing, so because of all of this my final grade is a B-
  • Comical, but not one of the best

    "Knock Yourself Out" was a good episode, and it was enjoyable. Athough nothing did happened in this episode to make it stick it out from the other episodes in the series, or even the season (season one). It was a funny episode with a lot of jokes. "Knock Yourself Out" is also shows the family has progressed since the first episode into people who finally understand eachother now and in Jesse and Joey's case how to take care of the kids. Even though this episodes is not one of the best, it is still a good episode that any TRUE full house fan should see.
  • different and great!

    this episode was almost 10/10 one point lost due to during the last scenes of the show we just saw danny,jesse,joey and baby michelle you didn't see dj and stephanie which is strange to see about 3-5 scenes be played without them.they were in it quite a bit at the star though so i guess that made up for it.i liked it the best when joey and jesse were trying to get her to take cough medicine lol.
  • One of my favorites.

    This episode was a good one. The Sandman didn't know that his wife left him so Danny told him. Then he got knocked out in the second round. It was his manager's fault he should have told him that his wife left him. Funny when the manager tried to punch Danny in the stomach and hit the thing Steph made for him on his tie. This was an awesome episode.
  • Funny, not the best but certainlly worthy of note.

    This episode did what the previous tried but failed to do - showed a very realistic situation where Danny missing out on something (Michelle being sick, Jesse and Joey handled it in a funny yet effective way (the men and the cough syrup was quite funny), and Danny realising int he end how family was more important than the fame that could have been gathered by being a national sportscaster.
  • a funny yet good episode

    I liked this episode because it had a lot of humor in it as well as some serious stuff. I loved it when Danny opened his gift from Stephanie and didn't know what it was and DJ helped him out by telling him it was a tie tac. I loved the part when Danny says to the sandmans manager "why would I choose those as my last words." On the more serious side yet still funny is when Michelle gets sick. They call the doctor and try to explain Michelle's symthoms. The doctor says to take Michelle's temperature and Jesse says "you want to put it where?" then he hands the phone to Joey and says "its for you" Good episode.