Full House

Season 8 Episode 21

Leap of Faith

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1995 on ABC

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  • Stop hating on michelle

    Michelle is just acting ok its not her fault
  • Michelle Is Satan

    It was no surprise that this was Full House final season. The writers focused mainly on the obnoxious Olsen Twins. Like the Walt Disney episode once again Michelle gets what she wants and Stephanie gets shafted. If this was real life Michelle would be beaten up for being a spoiled brat. Danny knows well enough not to allow Michelle go to the Counting Crows concert because she is too young and . and Stephanie's friends were going to be there. Danny showed once again his favortism towards to Michelle yet again.
  • good

    Rebecca wants to go bungee jumping with an older woman she meets on Wake Up, San Francisco, but Jesse thinks it is too dangerous and objects to her doing so. Michelle wants to go to a concert with DJ after her and Stephanie get tickets to one, and Stephanie and DJ try to scheme her out of the ticket.

    Good episode. The ticket plot bored me a little, but it had a nice resolution (with the reason Michelle wanted to go was so she could do something grown up). The main plot was pretty good though and had some funny moments, and so overall my final grade for this episode is going to be somewhere in the B range.
  • Becky proves that she can take risks too. The Tanner girls fight over a Counting Crows concert.

    I don't like Jesse's male chauvinist side. I'm glad Becky decided to bungee jump, but I wish she'd done it without Jesse! I'm really tired of Michelle. She's such a spoiled brat. For one, if I were Danny, I wouldn't let my little girl go to a concert. Second of all, she didn't even know who they were. But of course she ends up winning. At least she let Stephanie go at the end. She just gets on my nerves. Kimmy cracked me up and I was laughing when Stephanie showed michelle her "schmedircks" spots. All in all, pretty good episode.
  • When Becky decides to go bungy jumping with a quest on Wake Up San Francisco she chickens out once she is supposed to jump. Jesse comes along to the shoot and Becky convinces Jesse to take the plunge with her. Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to get her way.

    In this episode, Becky doesn't think that there is any excitement in her life and that she doesn't take risks. She shows her husband, Jesse that she's not afraid. On Wake Up San Francisco, a bungee jumper, who is very old, tells her stories about jumping off bridges and very high places. Becky decides to join her on of her jumps off of a nearby bridge. Jesse doesn't want her to do and says that she's making a big mistake. Meanwhile, Michelle wants to go to a concert that she knows nothing about. She doesn't even know the name of the band. (She gets it wrong when she tries to say it.) She wins the ticket by picking the longest licorce and is going with DJ. Stephanie and DJ think up a plan to get Michelle to give up her ticket to Stephanie. They turn up the thermastat and tell her that she has Smedricks disease. As the guilt and lying sink into Stephanie and DJ, they confess to Michelle and tell her that Mr. Smedricks is her Biology teacher. (Stephanie's) Michelle gives Stephanie her ticket and tells her to go see the Counting Crows but misprounouces the band again. After, Becky winds up jumping with Jesse and Edna is going to jump in her bikini. Becky tells Jesse that it was the most riskiest thing that she has ever done and when she asks Jesse if they want to do it again, they say in unision, "Nah." This episode was adventorous for Becky and Jesse and alittle bit Silly and average for Stephanie, DJ, and Michelle. This episode was great to watch and I can't wait to see it on TV again.
  • I hate michelle

    Ugh, Michelle is such a brat. She's such a little baby, she HAS to go to the concert, and she doesn't even know who the Counting Crows are, I just think that Danny is showing another sign of favoritism in this one. Michelle, the show would be much better without her. She just deserves a big slap on the rear end. Everybody says, oh little adorable Michelle. I'm sick of all the attention being on Michelle. Just because they're sweet little twins doesn't mean that they have any acting talent. Everyone thinks they were so adorable when they were babies. But the truthis I've seen cuter (and skinnier) babies.
  • Boing Boing

    Boing Boing sure hope this giant rubber band doesn't break. I thought this episode was an average episode. everybody knew Becky wouldn't jump with Edna. It took Jesse to come to save her then she tricks him into jumping on the bungie with her. very predictable. I would have been much more unpredictable if they had have Edna jump in her swim suit. though I wouldn't want to see that either. :) Sorry Edna.