Full House

Season 8 Episode 21

Leap of Faith

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1995 on ABC



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    • DJ: I promise, the three of us will go out this weekend and do something really grown-up together.
      Michelle: You mean, get pierced and tattooed???
      Stephanie: Uh, how about a PG movie?
      Michelle: With mature themes and adult situations?

    • DJ: We better get you into bed right now.
      Michelle: But I feel fine!
      DJ: Well, all sick people start out feeling fine!

    • Michelle: I've got Smedrick's Disease.
      Kimmy: Really? I had that when I was 10!
      DJ: Somehow, I doubt that.

    • Stephanie: Michelle, you're fine. There's nothing wrong with you.
      Michelle: You mean, I don't have Smedrick's Disease?
      Stephanie: Michelle, Mr. Smedrick is my Biology teacher. We made the whole thing up.

    • Michelle: You guys have been so good to me, I have to tell you the truth. I really don't care that much about Counting Cats.
      Stephanie: Crows!
      Michelle: All I wanted was to do something grown-up with you guys. You get to do all kinds of cool things, and I always feel left out.
      Stephanie: Really?
      DJ: You do?
      Michelle: You guys are so cool. I want to grow up and be just like you.
      DJ: Oh, rats!
      Stephanie: We were so close!

    • (Becky and Jesse see that it's a long way down from their position)
      Becky: (voice shaking)Whoa.
      (they continue to look down)
      Becky, Jesse: (nervously) Have mercy.

    • Stephanie: (to Michelle) You don't even know who the Counting Crows are!
      Michelle:I will when I see them at the concert.

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    • Rebecca: Jess, you listened to a guy who was wearing Power Rangers pajamas.
      Power Rangers is an action show where boys and girls watched and it was on air since 1993.