Full House

Season 2 Episode 14

Little Shop of Sweaters

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1989 on ABC

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  • Stephanie accidentally shoplifts the sweater...

    This is another great Full House episode. For Valentine's Day, D.J. got a new sweater, but the sweater accidentally got ruined in school. So the girls went to the store to buy a new one without telling anyone else that the sweater was ruined. In the store, the girls noticed that the sweater was too expensive and none of them had enough money to buy, but then Stephanie noticed a "Buy Now, Pay later" sign. She took that sign too literally, so she took the sweater without realizing that it's shoplifting. Because the sweater had a plastic card attached to it, D.J pretended that it was a new fashion, and she and Stephanie rolled that part up.

    Overall, not only this is a fun episode to watch, but it also teaches younger kids a lesson about shoplifting.
  • Here\'s an lesson never steal and know what credit card means.

    Its Valentines Day and the girls receives their gifts.D.J receives an very special gift.Which was an navy blue socks and than an blue navy sweater which was very nice looking for her.She was so excited that she tooked it to school with her.But sadly when she return home.Her shirt was torn apart after an lawn mower accident.So D.J thought that she could buy another one.So her dad doesn\'t know what happened to the other shirt that he gave her.After finding out what it costs seeing that she wont be able to buy it.Than Stephine decided to do something about it.When she gets the wrong way learning about buy now pay later.She \"takes\" the sweater.

    So this was an great episode.Also an good lesson on not stealing anything.
  • great message about stealing.

    i think this had a good message about stealing in it,even if stephanie didn't mean to steal the sweater dj still kept it when reall y she should have left every thing how it was and told danny about the misunderstanding.it was cute though how stephanie misunderstood buy now pay later.
  • DJ's Valentine's present from Danny gets ruined; and Stephanie tries to help.

    This was a pretty good episode. DJ gets a gift from her father, and gets upset when it's ruined. The storyline could have had more action though. The best part of the episode was undoubtedly when Stephanie stole the sweater. What made the scene better was that she didn't know she was actually stealing it. Overall, this episode was pretty good.
  • Much ado about nothing

    First, D.J. is ashamed to admit that a sweater got ruined. How could she take it back if it got ruined, anyway? She would know she couldn't, and it would be easy to just admit it. This didn't make sense. Then, Stephanie ses a sign that says "buy now, pay later" - the clerk would have known a little kid would take things literally and explain. I guess Danny simply saying they were lucky was good there - and now that I think about it, they likely wouldn't have pressed charges b/c of Stephaie's honest mistake (how would a 7YO know what that meant), so that part's okay, he woudl say that just to scare them and maybe he was a little anxious himself. But, otherwise, this was just a little flat, with most people's brains not quite on Full Speed like they should be.
  • Cash or Credit

    Wow Danny must make a great living doing his talk show to spend 80.00 for a sweater for valentines day. I though the show was average. I was curious why Joey didn't wonder what was in the bag the girls were carrying in to the store. How silly is it to think your kids are perfect? Everybody makes mistakes and Danny and Jesse go all off hollaring that their perfect little kids would never do such a thing. The best part of the episode was when michelle started to walk out of the store with the hat on her head.
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