Full House

Season 7 Episode 19

Love on the Rocks

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 1994 on ABC

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  • In this episode, while Steve is away, DJ climbs a mountain with Kimmy and her boyfriend and then realizes there's more to life. She and Steve decide to be best friends at the end of the episode.

    I think this episode is good. I like it. It's funny, like every episode of Full House, but the end truly is a tearjerker. During this episode, I laughed and cried. I laughed at funny parts and I cried at the end. Truly. I did. I love the ending scenes. Always the best ones. For all you people watching Love on the Rocks, keep a tissue handy for the closing scene.
  • Climb every mountain

    I thought this was a very revealing episode. It showed the courage DJ had to know that things weren't right any longer with Steve. It took courage to climb that mountain. She was afraid at first but she did it anyway. The whole thing with Steve and Susan Sommers was silly. But DJ really found that there are more important things in life then just Steve. She got to know more about her sister who she had been ignoring since she was with Steve. Very good episode.
  • Coudl have been led into a little better, but typical breakup w/them then getting back together over a year later

    D.J. and Steve were like the Jesse/Becky of season 2. They had a great relationship, but it was all based on looks and wanting to be together, nothing more. D.J. realized that when she learned how little she knew - she didn't even know he juggled! (Nit - I think he might have done thatf for Michelle once when we don't see them, he likedto hang around the family,a nd then there were the kids at camp. But it's possible, if he wasn't very good, or had just learned, that he wouldn't have, so that's okay.)
    While it would have been nice to show them drifting apart over 1-2 more episodes, it does happen this way sometimes, so this was fine. Love breaks apart, a couple realizes there just isn't anything else there. Iv'e been there, it's hard to admit. And, unlike Jesse and Becky, they weren't old enough to really figure out how to maybe try and become better. Here's hoping that that prom night was the start of them talking, becomign better friends first and then lovers again. I bet it did - they'll want to make sure they dont'fail the next time.