Full House

Season 2 Episode 21

Luck Be a Lady (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 1989 on ABC

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  • A Full House Jackpot in Lake Tahoe.


    Season 2 ends with a two-parter that would've probably been better as a cliffhanger to season 3. Still, it's a fun episode with a deeper look at Jesse's passionate personality and the kind of woman Rebecca is.

    The family heads to Tahoe for "Wake Up, San Francisco" on location at the Fabulous Ali-Baba Hotel and Casino. While there, multiple storylines unfold: Jesse and Rebecca quarrel over jealosy, make up, and elope; Joey, DJ, and Stephanie hit the slots and the $100,000 jackpot (sort of); and Danny deals with the pressures of on-location filming, a best friend eloping, and having three young daughters in a casino environment.

    The manager is one of the more memorable guest stars who is not a celebrity or musician. He is played well and provides some of the funniest moments of the episode.

    Anyway, it's got a little bit of everything and it's a fun 2-parter. The girls pull the slot machine while Joey steps away and win the jackpot illegally (being underage). Joey, after celebrating, is not allowed to claim the prize. He handles it well, but tells the girls he's not upset with them, but there's nothing they could do to make it up. He lost $100,000. I'd be pretty upset!

  • Jesse proposes to Becky!!

    Great episode! Jess and Becky get jealous of each other and end up breaking up. Later they get over their fight and Jesse proposes to Becky and wants to get married that day! Joey wins the jackpot but its DJ who put the coin in. Stephanie shouldn't of said anything but I guess it wouldn't of mattered anyway. I wish they did get to keep the money.
  • Your average episode, jesse makes a fool of himself, then the heart-stopping question pops.

    i thought that this episode was ok, but my favorite part was at the end. Jesse and Rebecca are arguing, Jesse and Becky kiss, then a big pause. and then they argue again. I personally thought that was funny :P. Jesse is explaining how his time with her was supposed to be, including how he was gonna say he loves her. She says she loves him, and then, after some excitement, he proposes those words: "will you marry me?" i thought that was a great way to end the episode, because was looking forward to how the wedding would turn out.
  • well written and funny.

    this episode is very well written and funny,that guy got annoying though when he kept saying'the faboulous ali baba hotel and cosino'.the definit highlight though is when joey is playing on the slot machines and he walks away and so dj and steph pull the lever down and they win the jackpot!but the can't claim it becaause even though it was just a tiny little pull they were still underage.and joey couldn't get the money.that was funny!the way they tried to still get the money.
  • Welcome to the "Fabulous Hotel and Casino"

    I liked this episode because it was spur of the moment for Jesse and Becky. It was fun to watch Jesse make a fool out of himself when he got jealous and starting making a scene on the show. It was even funnier when he tried to hit on the waitress and she punched him. The excitement builds as Jesse asks Becky to marry him. and she is shocked.