Full House

Season 3 Episode 15

Lust in the Dust

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 1990 on ABC

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  • Nothing interesting happening here...

    This episode is rather boring, as it mostly talks about Danny neat freak personality and the way this personality affecting him while dating with Karen. Like when he entered Karen's apartment, it was a total mess, with books and unorganized clothes everywhere and he was trying to clean up the apartment without Karen noticing. This resulted in breaking up, because Danny was too scared to get too close to somebody, so he looks for something not perfect about every girl he goes out with. Meanwhile, since Michelle has been hiding things too often, when Jesse lost his keys, everyone thought that Michelle did it. Another lesson for this episode is that you'll lose your trust if you repeatedly play the same trick on someone, as in this case for Michelle, hiding things.
  • Some good info about Pam, D.J. as Michelle's "mom" in that she obeys D.J. (though w/some complaint as little kids will do), little else

    Not a whole lot happened here, and we get the usual of Danny being too nervous to date and wanting someone perfect because he sees Pam was perfect (even though she did have some flaws that Jesse mentions, always being late & taking forever int he bathroom.) D.J. does organize the thing nicely, and there is a funny scene with Danny folding the lady's socks while kissing her. But, he seems almost totally OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) there. Michelle obeys D.J. right away when told to eat in her room so she's not that out of control like she would be if never punished, so as will be mentioned in ep. 2 of season 4, it's one little sign D.J.'s been working behind the scenes and taught Michelle right from wrong, how to obey & negative consequences, etc..
  • This episode is decent, but nothing special.

    The first story in this episode is Danny going on a date with Stephanie's dance instructor. This story flows well & also has a few funny parts. (Danny folding his dates socks) It however is not a really great story overall. The second story is Jesse losing his keys. He needs to get to rehearsal for his band & thinks Michelle hid his keys. (As she had been doing so all day) It is the better of the two stories in this episode overall & there are some great laughs during it. Overall I would clarify this as an average episode. It is defiantly fun at parts, but is still not a great episode. I would say it is worth a watch for sure though.
  • Ear Lobes?

    This episode was awful. It really had nothing going on in it at all except Danny being Danny. Using excuse after excuse to find reasons for not going out with a girl on a second date. If Danny was not ready to date then why did he even bother to try? Why not wait till he was ready. This was just one complete waste of time in the series.