Full House

Season 1 Episode 21

Mad Money

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1988 on ABC

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  • When Jesse impersonates Elvis on stage,and Joey and Danny fight for a ball of money.

    This is a good episode,but not my favorite.First everyone wonders what is in the blue bag that Jesse has,especially DJ.Later,DJ wants to open the bag but the zipper was stuck,so she had an idea.She showed Michelle a cookie,and said if she wanted the cookie.DJ took her out of the playpen,and put the cookie in the bag.While Michelle finds the cookie,Jesse and Danny find them,and Michelle found the cookie.Later that night Jesse tries on his outfit from the blue bag,and then DJ,Stephanie,and I think Danny wants to come in,so Jesse hides the outfit in his robe.One part of the outfit falls down,and Danny opens the robe.Then Joey comes in laughing.Then everybody sees Jesse on stage doing Elvis.Meanwhile,Joey gets lots of money and buys everyone something.It was funny and enjoyable.
  • I think I've spotted Elvis!

    This was a great episode of Full House just like every other one. First off, Joey's mother Mindy has found an old $5000 savings bond in her safe deposit box, and the savings bond has Joey's name on it. When Joey receives the money, he starts spending it left and right. At the same time, Danny tries to collect an 11-year-old debt from Joey -- 11 years ago on March 12, 1977, in Palm Springs, Joey's car broke down yet again, and Danny lent Joey his last $800 to get the car fixed, and now that Joey has come into enough money, Danny asks Joey to fork over $800 of it in order to cover the debt, leading to a feud between Danny and Joey. Meanwhile, Jesse is working as an Elvis Presley impersonator in order to make some extra money because he needs enough money for he and the Rippers to record a demo, but he doesn't want the family to know that he's working as an Elvis impersonator. The family finds out in the end and support Jesse and watch him perform. This was a great episode and Jesse looked so much like Elvis and he sung like him as well. :)
  • not my favourite story line,ok.

    it's alright but it had two grown up storys and no kid story line. even though the kids were in it a fair bit nothing was really going on with them,it's one of a little number of full house episodes that does that i prefer ones with more than adult story lines but that's just my opinion still worth watching because it is qiuete funny in parts.
  • Quite well-written

    D.J. did a great job w/the bag and working with Michelle. Jesse as Elvis was great also, but as to Danny & Joey, this was really super. The freindship and how they keep insisting the other take the money shows how real friends are, always thinking of the other one and looking out for them.
  • Good comedy and fun

    Iliked this episode because first of all it was really fun to watch Jesse immitate Elvis. It is also funny yet sometimes annoying how Danny remembers every date of everything. When Joey got Jese and Danny 2 tickets to the great amusement part the look on Dannys face was priceless. When DJ put the cookie in Jesse's bag was also very funny. The no you take it no you take it with Danny and Joey was also funny. Good comedy in this episode.