Full House

Season 8 Episode 3

Making Out is Hard to Do

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 1994 on ABC

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  • Stephaine goes to an party something that she doesn't expect.

    Gina invites Stephaine to an party since Stephaine's crush is going to be there.Altough Danny had an sore throat.When she asked he said yes.So Stephaine lies if Gina's parents would be at the party as well.Meanwhile during Joey's and Jessie's radio talk show gig.Bobby Williams appears in the radio show to talked about his new album and his band called "Bobby and The Rippers" which was Jessie old band.Somehow Bobby new single become the number 1 hit.Jessie begin to have an strange dream of his life what would be liked without music.Back at the party Stephaine begin to discovered that it was really an make-up party.Pressure and nervous she begin to call home.But instead of talking to D.J,she was talking to her father.

    Greg Brady appearance on Full House? I am not an big fan of The Brady Bunch.But this was an great episode.
  • Oh Greg Brady

    A good episode which shows Jesse being jealous of the new singer to his old band the Rippers. The song is a hit and Jesse is mad.

    Stephanie lies to Danny about the party she is going to. A make out party. Clearly Stephanie is very uncomfortable in the situation from the very beginning. Under peer pressure Stephanie tries this make out stuff but pulls away and calls DJ to come get her and not to tell her dad not knowing it was Danny who answered DJ's phone. Stephanie made a right choice. Nobody at any age should do anything they are not comfortable in doing. Good episode