Full House

Season 8 Episode 23

Michelle Rides Again (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC

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  • When Michelle signs up for the horseback riding jumping contest,and then falls off her horse.

    This was enjoyable until the end of this first part.It was when Michelle took horseback riding lesson,and one day at the stable,she met a girl named Elizabeth.She told Michelle about this jumping contest,and Michelle asked dad if she could do it.Danny was about to say no,but then Elizabeth's mom walked up,and said that it was a good idea not to let her sign up,it's bad for a kid to lose.And then Danny wanted to beat Elizabeth.Meanwhile,Stephanie is Juliet in Romeo and Juliet,and her Romeo kept skipping the kissing part.Michelle said it was because she had dried lips,then Becky said that she might wanna breathe through her nose.Also,DJ is looking for a senior prom date,so Kimmy helps her.In the jumping contest,Stephanie,DJ,and Elizabeth's mom notices that Michelle and Elizabeth are not in the race.Joey,Danny,and Jesse look for Michelle,so they borrow horses,and look for her.Elizabeth jumped over a log,then when Michelle tried,the horse leaned back,and Michelle fell.That was the saddest part.
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