Full House

Season 8 Episode 23

Michelle Rides Again (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC



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    • Elizabeth's Mother: (to her daughter) Aww, there's my little champion! Now, listen, don't forget, after you win, we're going out for a big victory dinner.
      Danny: Michelle, after you win, we're going out for a big victory dinner......and a victory movie!
      Elizabeth's Mother: Now, Elizabeth, remember what I said to you about visualizing. Picture yourself jumping and clearing the hurdles.
      Danny: Michelle, you picture yourself jumping and clearing those exact same hurdles, only jumping higher and faster!
      Elizabeth's Mother: How dare you steal our visualizations! I paid good money for those!
      Michelle: Um, Dad, we really need to get ready for the contest.
      Elizabeth's Mother: (to Elizabeth) I'll see you in the winner's circle.
      Danny: Winner's circle. I guess you'll be there to congratulate us!
      (the adults leave)
      Michelle: (to Elizabeth) Riding used to be fun.
      Elizabeth: Yeah, before parents got involved.

    • Michelle: Dad, there's a jumping contest next week, and I really want to be in it. So does Peppermill. He practically begged me!
      Danny: I don't know, Michelle. You just started riding. In order to be in one of those contests, you'd need a whole formal riding outfit. It costs a lot of money.
      Michelle: I don't mind.

    • Woman: (waves a dollar bill in Danny's face) After you finish with that horse, could you comb my little girl's?
      Danny: Oh, I don't work here.
      Woman: Oh, I'm sorry. You just seemed to have the air of stable help.
      Danny: Well, in that case, I'll take the dollar. Thank you.

    • Joey: You know what, Jess? If we're gonna be on live TV with professional wrestlers, I've gotta go find my tights, because otherwise I'm gonna have to shave my legs!
      Jesse: God, I hope he finds them.

    • Michelle: What if I don't win?
      Danny: Don't worry, honey. Winning is not everything.
      Michelle: I'm glad to hear that.
      Danny: Yeah. As long as you beat that Elizabeth girl with the loudmouth mother.

    • Stephanie: We're rehearsing as scene from Romeo and Juliet, and I'm Juliet, and Andrew Berkley is my Romeo. He's a total babe!
      Becky: You know, I did that play in junior high. It wasn't a lot of fun, though. Well, I went to an all girls school. In fact, I was Romeo.

    • Stephanie: (to Becky, about the guy she's doing Romeo and Juliet with) The problem is, whenever we get to the kissing part, he just stops.
      Michelle: That's because you have dry lips.
      Stephanie: Excuse me, but I do not have dry lips!
      Michelle: Oh yeah? They look like two sun-dried gummy bears!
      Becky: Don't listen to her, Steph. Your lips aren't (stops, looks at Stephanie's lips) You might want to think about breathing through your nose.
      Stephanie: Chapstick! I need chapstick!

    • Andrew: (won't kiss Stephanie during rehearsal) And we kiss. End of scene.
      Michelle: I knew it. Dry lips!
      Andrew: Excuse me?
      Michelle: That's okay, I don't blame you. It's like kissing a cactus!

    • Danny: I don't know if you saw Michelle riding out there, but if she entered this competition, she could win.
      Elizabeth's Mother: Enjoy your little fantasy, because in reality, my Elizabeth wins this competition every year.
      Danny: Oh really? Well, not this year, because Michelle Tanner's gonna kick your butt!
      Elizabeth's Mother: (after a long pause) Come along, Elizabeth. This is why you don't go to public school! (they leave)
      Danny: Come on Michelle, we're going shopping.
      Michelle: But Dad, I thought you didn't want to spend all that money on new stuff.
      Danny: Yes, but that was before I was reminded how much money I'm saving by sending you to public school!

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