Full House

Season 8 Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Michelle is rushed to the hospital, where Danny realizes that the reason why Michelle was on the horse trail with Elizabeth was because Michelle didn't want to compete because Danny put too much pressure on her to beat Elizabeth. Everyone is relieved when a doctor tells them that Michelle is out of Danger, but Michelle did take a hard hit on the head, so the doctor has decided to keep Michelle in the hospital overnight for observation. The doctor takes Danny, Jesse, and Joey to the room Michelle is in, and Michelle doesn't know who they are. The doctor explains that memory loss is common with head injuries, and it's usually temporary. At home, on the day Michelle is scheduled to be released from the hospital, Andrew comes back over, and explains that the reason why he's been reluctant to kiss Stephanie is because he didn't know how Stephanie would feel about it, but after what Michelle said a few days ago, Andrew feels a lot better about it, and he and Stephanie share a kiss. Kimmy comes over and tells D.J. that Duane's cousin Wayne has agreed to be D.J.'s prom date. D.J. is surprised when Kimmy mentions that Duane is a professional at William Shakespeare's stories. Danny brings Michelle home from the hospital, but Michelle is awkward because she still doesn't remember anything. The family shows Michelle around the house in hopes that seeing familiar things will at least help Michelle remember some of her life. The guys sing "Teddy Bear", the song they used to sing Michelle to sleep with, and that doesn't jog any memories either. Michelle asks where her mother is, and Danny explains to Michelle that Michelle's mother, Pam Tanner, died while Michelle was a baby. The family continues their efforts to jog Michelle's memory, and Joey tells Jesse that his heart is just not in having their own TV show anymore. Jesse agrees, saying that he doesn't want to have anything to do with anything that will take away too much time with his family, so they decide to not start their own TV show, and on the night the prom is scheduled to take place, Michelle finally starts remembering things. As D.J. is getting ready to go to the prom, Michelle comes downstairs and talks to everyone, and they all realize that Michelle has regained her memory. D.J. explains to Michelle that she was thrown by her horse and took a blow to the head, and had a loss of memory. Michelle wonders how she could ever forget her family. Kimmy shows up and tells D.J. that Wayne is unable to make it to the prom, but Kimmy did bring someone with her to take D.J. -- none other than D.J.'s former boyfriend Steve Hale, and the two acknowledge how much they have missed each other. Michelle asks Jesse how out of it she was, and Jesse speaks for the whole family when he explains that it was like a part of everyone was missing, a part of Michelle was missing, and that they stuck together and got through it, just like they always have and always will.

Tag: There is a curtain call for the cast. The cast is introduced to the audience by an announcer who announces each cast member's name as they enter the show's Tanner family kitchen setup, then a message flashes onto the screen, and it says "Our Thanks, Our Love".