Full House

Season 8 Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC

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  • The beloved Tanner family says their last good-bye in a two-part episode that could have been much better, but sticks right with the classic "Full House" formula.

    I remember watching this finale 2-parter when it first aired in 1995, and while I certainly enjoyed it, it's obvious that there were millions of other much better storylines that could have helped the show go out on a higher note. Michelle falling off a horse and losing her memory? What about Joey getting married, or heck, even DJ? What about Vicky returning to Danny's life, or Jesse and Becky having another child? This is probably the only show I've ever watched that had so much potential for a strong finale episode and chose to go in a far opposite direction.

    That is not to say, however, that the finale was not good. Michelle was always a very visible center in this series, so of course they wanted to do a storyline about her. Full House always sought to depict the healthy love and tight-knit bond in a family, and in that respect this episode does not disappoint.
  • This episode is a continuation of the other episode before this. In the episode before this one, Michelle falls off her horse. In this episode...everyone is devistated, because Michelle may not ever get her memory back.

    I love all of the Full House episodes. I loved them before, and I love them now. This episode, I don't know why stuck to me the most. I have very few episodes that I really liked, but this one stuck me for some unknown reason. This episode teaches a lesson of what to expect when someone you love gets hurt, and how to accept that, that pain that that person has might not ever go away (in this case, Michelle's amnesia does go away), and to know how to work with them. It also teaches you that you have to be very careful when riding a horse or any other object.
  • Pretty good... could have (and should have) been a lot better. Compared to the other episodes of this show, it was not very good.

    I liked the episode Michelle Rides Again and loved it when they go

    Danny: It seems like part of us was wishing. But we stuck together and got through it. Just like we always will.

    I thought it was really sad, hearing those words and hearing myself think \"this is it no more episodes, the final time I\'ll ever see Full House (not counting re-runs)\"

    I honestly loved Michelle Rides Again... but not my choice... I mean I think they could\'ve done better knowing it\'s the final episode...

    I liked how D.J. was going to miss her prom, Steve came back, the final statement...

    But I didn\'t like how it was about Michelle gettin amnesia. I think Kimmy should\'ve been in it more... I think the last episode should\'ve been about D.J. going to college... but that\'s just me
  • This episode is stupid. If they're goin to make a series finale, they should make it worth watching.

    This episode is a piece of crap. It's all based around Michelle. She got amnesia from landing on her side (supposedly her head) with a protective helmet on!Come on! The way they ended it was pretty decent though. But why wouldn't they show an episode where DJ goes to college. That would make sense because an important character left and it wouldn't be the same without one of the main characters. Over all, this episode was stupid.
  • Dissapointing Conclusion.

    This episode was good, but it was lame too! i mean, in the flashback of the other episode when Michelle fell, that was SO fake! Any human can tell that he jumped off on purpose! But it was also funny too. At the end, Joey asked Michelle what the capital of Nevada was. Michelle said that she didn't know. And she was right! She never knew!
  • Chapstick and tears

    As the series last episode continues with Michelle knocked out from a fall from a horse she gets to the hospital with amnesia. Steph regrets her conversation/arguement with Michelle. It turns out that it was Michelle's words that got Steph's romeo to kiss her. The tanners are worried about Michelle since she can't remember anything. Finally Michelle gets her memory back and the family is overjoyed. Also Steve appears in this episode to take DJ to the prom.
  • Worst possible series finale ever.

    This is the worst episode ever. Why the **** would they end the show like this? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It\'s awful to make such a crappy episode and say that\'s Full House it\'s over. It is not reasonable. Why is this even an episode? Family show? Not this episode? And this is my favorite show. Nice try, THIS IS TERRIBLE.
  • A very disappointing and abrupt ending to a fantastic and loving show.

    I have go to admit... this was a VERY bad SERIES finale, it would've suited for a season finale, but it was a series finale. It's going to judge this episode as if it were a regular episode.

    It was a pretty good episode that had its dramatic moments and overall a dramatic plot (Michelle loses her memory of the family), but just didn't make sense to me. You could tell that Michelle was acting, because her acting was VERY obvious in this episode.

    However, it was great to see both Olsen twins in this episode.
  • This episode is a piece of crap. I, mean like come on! Ammnesia from a friggin bump on the head, LAME!!!

    It's just a dumb way of re-introducing the characters. Lame dialouge, lame plot, lame plot twists, dumb jokes, weird logic, boring, repetitive, and that dang hugging joke over and over and over again. How can you get that serious of amnesia from a little bump on the head?? Why did the represent Michelle's memory as an actuall being? How did Michelle come to the conclusion that she's herself if she knew who her Dad was? Who's idea was it to make this crap of an episode of a great show? Well' there are two things good about this episode. 1. Nicky and Alex steal Michelle's stuffed Rhino by saying that she said they could have it. 2.It's a good trivia source. Other than that,it's a lame way to re-introduce the series with a crap ending.
  • Lousy finale episode

    Although I can appriciate that this was not originally going to be the finale for Full House, this episode was silly. It got way too sappy toward the middle and end and was not funny in the least. I can think of ten Full House episodes that would have made better finalies and it is really a shame these were not used.
  • Michellle lost her memory after her horse throw her off of him. DJ did not have a prom date. After a long hard day Michelle finally got her memory back and Steven came back and was DJ prom date.

    The last episode was the best one it was beauitful and i actually cried. it was magically because the twins were together and DJ and Steven were together. I love this show and was sad to see it end. I love the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen they have grown into amazing actress and people.
  • The final episode of Full House was great!!

    I was very pleased with the season finale of Full House. I was glad to learn that Michelle finally got her memory back. My favorite part was when she got her memory back. I was also glad that they started the show all over again after the last show.( It ended yesterday on ABC Family, if you don't know what I'm talking about.) Ever since I saw the show for the first time, I have loved it. I can't wait, because my birthday is on the 21st and I asked for the dvd boxed set, so hopefully I'll get it.
  • The season finale.

    This episode to me is really rather silly. That type of amnesia is very rare and falling like would most liekyl not cause someone to forget everything, only parts of their memory. This is one the owrst seaosn finales in my opinion. I think the show is great and will alwyas be a classic.

    Now, I don't know if I'm the only one, but in my opinion, Full House, is an amazing show! That Uncle Jesse, what a winner! Boy, did they luck out when they got that John Stamos/ Bob Saget combo! As far as this episode goes, I'm just so relieved that that Michelle is okay!!! Was it Mary-Kate or Ashley that fell off the horse?!?! I hope they were okay!!!! Either way...they are simply the best!!! Everybody, you must go to www.wwujd.com! Go there to find out a bit more about my favorite uncle and yours, Uncle J!!!! I hope that Full House has a reunion special!
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