Full House

Season 8 Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC

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  • This episode is a piece of crap. I, mean like come on! Ammnesia from a friggin bump on the head, LAME!!!

    It's just a dumb way of re-introducing the characters. Lame dialouge, lame plot, lame plot twists, dumb jokes, weird logic, boring, repetitive, and that dang hugging joke over and over and over again. How can you get that serious of amnesia from a little bump on the head?? Why did the represent Michelle's memory as an actuall being? How did Michelle come to the conclusion that she's herself if she knew who her Dad was? Who's idea was it to make this crap of an episode of a great show? Well' there are two things good about this episode. 1. Nicky and Alex steal Michelle's stuffed Rhino by saying that she said they could have it. 2.It's a good trivia source. Other than that,it's a lame way to re-introduce the series with a crap ending.
  • Worst possible series finale ever.

    This is the worst episode ever. Why the **** would they end the show like this? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It\'s awful to make such a crappy episode and say that\'s Full House it\'s over. It is not reasonable. Why is this even an episode? Family show? Not this episode? And this is my favorite show. Nice try, THIS IS TERRIBLE.
  • The season finale.

    This episode to me is really rather silly. That type of amnesia is very rare and falling like would most liekyl not cause someone to forget everything, only parts of their memory. This is one the owrst seaosn finales in my opinion. I think the show is great and will alwyas be a classic.
  • This episode is stupid. If they're goin to make a series finale, they should make it worth watching.

    This episode is a piece of crap. It's all based around Michelle. She got amnesia from landing on her side (supposedly her head) with a protective helmet on!Come on! The way they ended it was pretty decent though. But why wouldn't they show an episode where DJ goes to college. That would make sense because an important character left and it wouldn't be the same without one of the main characters. Over all, this episode was stupid.
  • Is This The Last Episode of "Full House", or "The Michelle Tanner" Show?

    This episode was more so about Michelle then any other main character on the show, which to me, is not right. Considering it is the final episode of the show, a show millions of people loved during its time on the air, I think the series finale should be more focused on say, the adults, with the kids having sub plots. I don't think Michelle should have had the bigger role in the final episode{s} of the show. Plus, it does not feel like a finale at all, more like a season finale. But definitely not a series finale, that's for sure
  • This was a stupid way to end the show.

    ****, that John Stamos for not playing "Jesse" in a season 9 of "Full House" on the WB. **** those writers for not throwing this away and think of a BETTER finale episode. Full House was a fun little show and one of the best ABC ever did. **** The American Broadcasting Company for not green-lighting them for a ninth season. I love Full House, I wish they did a reunion like "Laverne & Shirley" did. It may not get good ratings, but the TRUE FANS like, this person right here will be watching it. Full House, great show, bad finale. Stupid Michelle, little brat.
  • michelle tanner

    Ok metamorphstorm (the person that wrote about Michelle) you know what your problem is? You say you hate absolutely everything! I think you're a nice person,but keep your arse to yourself!
  • The End Finally

    Although this was not supposed to be the series finale clearly John Stamos and Bob Saget had enough. John Stamos got tired of being Uncle Jesse and wanted to move on. It was also getting apparent that they could not have the Olsen twins playing Michelle now they are older now and the character was getting on everybody's producers wanted to take the show in a new direction if Full House moved to the WB. My guess is that the show will focus on DJ and Kimmy moving to a sorority and would more of a drama than a comedy.
  • The family is faced with a major problem when Michelle falls off her horse and receives a concussion. Dj has to go to prom but who will escort her?

    Full house was such a great show, but this episode didn't show how well the Full House writer's have done in previous episodes. It wasn’t a good episode to end the series on, and only seemed to focus on Michelle. What about the other characters? The plot of the episode was'nt very interesting, aside from the fact that Steve came back to take DJ to her prom. It was also a little bit too depressing, having everyone have to explain to Michelle that her mother had died, when she asked where she was. Full House seemed to be a good show that focused on the problems and dilemmas of a modern family, and adding comedy to the mix, but this episode really didn't show that.
  • Keep the hate to yourself

    Gosh metamorphstorm- no need for all the hate!! Especially on a character in a tv show who is not even real! How pathetic. To wish Michelle would die?! Seriously?
  • I really think "Full House" could've done better.

    I love watching "Full House", however, this episode was so disapointing for a final episode. The whole two parts featured basically only Michele. The show is called "Full House" not "Michele's House". So, I thought they should've featured the whole cast equally. Also, I think they should've explained what would happen to the rest of the charachters. They should've told where DJ was going to go to college, what Steph & Michele will do in the upcoming years, will Danny get re-married? I just thought it could've been more informative. I can't say this was the best finale I've ever seen.
  • Lousy finale episode

    Although I can appriciate that this was not originally going to be the finale for Full House, this episode was silly. It got way too sappy toward the middle and end and was not funny in the least. I can think of ten Full House episodes that would have made better finalies and it is really a shame these were not used.
  • An okay episode...a terrible way to end the series

    I love Full House. Even though it can be a little annoying at times it is still a very good family show. The series finale is very dissapointing. WHile the storyline isn't that bad it is a bad way to end a great series that has a huge fanbase and ran a successful eight years. After eight years of build up we are let down by a storyline that involves Michelle...only Michelle. This episode is really a Michellefest. I understand that this was rewritten because the cast and crew found out it was cancelled after this was written. But what was rewritten to make it more finale like? Steve coming back and Danny saying something like "We got through just like we always have and always will" or something similar. Anyway, I guess it could have been worse. Things I (and most other people, or so I think) would like to see: Jesse, Becky, and the twins moving out. I mean come on! They're married, have enough money for a house, and two kids and yet they live in an attic. I get that they lived there so they can be closer to the family and 'save up' for a house but they REALLY needed to move out. Joey needed to move also. The girls were older now Danny didn't need help raising them. I think DJ should have been seen either graduating high school or leaving for college. So in general I wanted to see 'Full House' become an 'Empty House'. In that way the series would have really come full circle. The guys lived there to help Danny, they did, the girls are older, and it was time for them to move out. All in all I was dissapointed but the show's history and it's many good episodes (not this one) make up for it.
  • Dissapointing Conclusion.

    This episode was good, but it was lame too! i mean, in the flashback of the other episode when Michelle fell, that was SO fake! Any human can tell that he jumped off on purpose! But it was also funny too. At the end, Joey asked Michelle what the capital of Nevada was. Michelle said that she didn't know. And she was right! She never knew!
  • A bit silly for the serious finale, but pretty much typical "Full House."

    Anyone who grew up watching "Full House" on television knows that every episode from each of its eight seasons resonated with a cheesy yet endearing warmth (to its own due audience, of course). This 2-part season finale does not disappoint in providing the lighthearted fuzziness that fans have come to expect, but in tune with the majority I have to agree that there was so much better that could have been done here.

    Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were 9-month-old babies in the Season 1 premiere, they have basically owned this show. With their sweet little smiles and professionally written lines (e.g. "You got it, dude!") they became a necessary staple in the series' development, so it's only natural that the writers chose to place 8-year-old Michelle at the core of this finale. Cute as she was, I think the show would have been much better served to even things out in the last episode instead of having the family crowd around young Michelle in the wake of a horseback-riding accident. DJ and Stephanie had minimal roles in this episode, and even the plot with DJ's senior prom was upstaged and overshadowed by putting the youngest daughter's predicament in as the center of attention. It would have been nice to see Joey get married or Jesse and Becky give birth to another child. Seeing Danny meet up with Vicky again or spending more time on the rekindling of DJ and Steve's relationship are just some of the countless ideas "Full House" could have considered for a less over-the-top and schmaltzy bow-out. Just the same, "Full House" ended at a good time, enjoyed 8 long-running years on the small screen, and will be available in reruns for legions of new fans to rediscover the themes of love, family, and loyalty that it always sought to represent in the first place.
  • In the last episode of Full House Michelle recovers from her amenesia,and everyone feels happy again,and DJ gets a secret admire date setup by Kimmy for ther prom.

    This is the last episode for Full House. For my opinion, I think this is one of the worst ways to finish the series. It seemed like a regular episode. They didn't end it correctly, I said to myself decent episode, but not a great episode. I was hoping for some more future terms for the last episode. Like how Jesse did with his career, how Joey did with his career, and would Danny get married ect. There were many unsolved questions that many people wanted to know,and most likely will never finf out.
  • Could've been, but was not, a great finale.

    The episode, while decent, shows no ending to the series. This episode has no feel of being a finale. They could've aired this show in the middle of the season and except for the part about DJ needing a date to her prom, it pretty much would have fit. It was great they brought Steve, DJ's ex-boyfriend, back. She went to his senior prom so he goes to hers.

    This episode is about Michelle recovering from amnesia that she suffers from falling off a horse. It is cute they decide to the end the series with Mary-Kate and Ashley appearing side by side. The show ends with anyone who appeared in the opening credits being in the finale scene. But, even so, there is nothing that ties this to being the final episode. Full House was cancelled, but that does not mean they had to leave the show without a proper "goodbye."
  • The beloved Tanner family says their last good-bye in a two-part episode that could have been much better, but sticks right with the classic "Full House" formula.

    I remember watching this finale 2-parter when it first aired in 1995, and while I certainly enjoyed it, it's obvious that there were millions of other much better storylines that could have helped the show go out on a higher note. Michelle falling off a horse and losing her memory? What about Joey getting married, or heck, even DJ? What about Vicky returning to Danny's life, or Jesse and Becky having another child? This is probably the only show I've ever watched that had so much potential for a strong finale episode and chose to go in a far opposite direction.

    That is not to say, however, that the finale was not good. Michelle was always a very visible center in this series, so of course they wanted to do a storyline about her. Full House always sought to depict the healthy love and tight-knit bond in a family, and in that respect this episode does not disappoint.
  • When Michelle comes home from the hospital from getting amnesia, everyone in the Tanner household tries to confort her until she gets her memory back. Dj's date can't go with her to the prom but she goes with Steve.

    I like this episode because it was not something you would expect from this show because something big happened. What i liked about this episode was that Steve came back and i think him and Dj made a good couple. What i didn't like was that this was the last episode. I don't think it was a good last episode. They sould have done something better. Overall though, I think it was an o.k episode because you could tell it was different than any other episode of Full House. It was good that she got her memory back at the end.
  • Well, the episode was okay, but...

    I don't know; it just wasn't my favorite episode. It takes almost eight years before Danny realizes that he and the girls would be okay after his wife, the mother to his children, had died...

    While I understand that something like that the death of a spouse & parent can, and often does, effect ones life for the rest of a person's life, does it really take eight years for someone to realize that particular point?

    I don't know... this epi just wasn't one of my favorites, and I'm not entirely sure why. When I first watched this epi, I was like, "That's it?"

    And I don't think I've seen it since...
  • A very disappointing and abrupt ending to a fantastic and loving show.

    I have go to admit... this was a VERY bad SERIES finale, it would've suited for a season finale, but it was a series finale. It's going to judge this episode as if it were a regular episode.

    It was a pretty good episode that had its dramatic moments and overall a dramatic plot (Michelle loses her memory of the family), but just didn't make sense to me. You could tell that Michelle was acting, because her acting was VERY obvious in this episode.

    However, it was great to see both Olsen twins in this episode.
  • This episode is a continuation of the other episode before this. In the episode before this one, Michelle falls off her horse. In this episode...everyone is devistated, because Michelle may not ever get her memory back.

    I love all of the Full House episodes. I loved them before, and I love them now. This episode, I don't know why stuck to me the most. I have very few episodes that I really liked, but this one stuck me for some unknown reason. This episode teaches a lesson of what to expect when someone you love gets hurt, and how to accept that, that pain that that person has might not ever go away (in this case, Michelle's amnesia does go away), and to know how to work with them. It also teaches you that you have to be very careful when riding a horse or any other object.
  • Pretty good... could have (and should have) been a lot better. Compared to the other episodes of this show, it was not very good.

    I liked the episode Michelle Rides Again and loved it when they go

    Danny: It seems like part of us was wishing. But we stuck together and got through it. Just like we always will.

    I thought it was really sad, hearing those words and hearing myself think \"this is it no more episodes, the final time I\'ll ever see Full House (not counting re-runs)\"

    I honestly loved Michelle Rides Again... but not my choice... I mean I think they could\'ve done better knowing it\'s the final episode...

    I liked how D.J. was going to miss her prom, Steve came back, the final statement...

    But I didn\'t like how it was about Michelle gettin amnesia. I think Kimmy should\'ve been in it more... I think the last episode should\'ve been about D.J. going to college... but that\'s just me
  • I love watching the show full house and this episode was one of my favorits.

    At the hospital, everyone is relieved to learn that Michelle is clear of any serious danger. Unfortunately, her head injury has resulted in amnesia, and nobody is sure when her memory will return. Upon Michelle's arrival back at home, the family tries to help by surrounding her with familiar things, but the experience creates mostly fear and frustration for Michelle. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds out the true reason behind her classmate's reluctance to kiss her, and Jesse and Joey make an important decision about their working lives. By the episode's end, the entire family receives quite a few special surprises--particularly DJ, whose escort for the senior prom is the very last person she expected.
  • The End of Full House!

    I think its true that as the Full House went on, not all the story lines were as brilliant as earlier, but something about this episode...

    Michelle has lost her memory, and it's just heart breaking. She doesn't know anybody, and when she asks about her mom, I just want to cry! I loved how they worked in both Mary Kate and Ashley in one scene, it was truly a great one.

    And Steve! Steve is back to take DJ to prom! I loved it! I screamed when I saw him, he should have never left, he and DJ were so great together!

    A great conclusion to a wonderful series!
  • I really liked this episode

    In this episode, the Tanners are faced with the worst problem ever. Michelle lost her memory. When Michelle got in her accident, she lost her memory, she had no idea who she was or who anyone else was. This was very hard for the Tanner family to deal with. Everyone was worried about Michelle. I really liked this episode because it shows how the Tanner family coudl work together and pull through any problem. I know this episode wasnt intended to be the final episode but in a way it was kind of a good ending point. It ended showing the loving and caring Tanner family. Always there for each other no matter what the problem.
  • I think that they should have filmed \"The house meets the mouse\" (two part eppesode) or maybe Danny and Vicky geting maried for the season finaly.

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  • Love it!!

    I love full house.... My favorite character is defiantly Michelle!!! I will never quit watching the show!! This is my favorite episode!!!
  • A fine last episode of "Full House."

    It starts out with Joey's voice re-capping the previous episode, which seemed like a strong start. (Joey never got the credit he deserved.) Michelle comes home from the hospital only to forget everything. Stephanie and DJ, meanwhile, have their own problems. DJ has no date for the prom, so decided to go with Wayne's cousin. Stephanie's acting partner won't kiss her, until this episode when he knows that Steph likes him, thanks to Michelle. When Michelle gets her memory back, at just the right time, everything pulls together. Kimmy comes in with a light-up dress, which was a great attribute to her humourous role on the show. Instead of Wayne's cousin, Kimmy brings Steve for DJ's date. Everyone is shocked, but happy, as they always are in "Full House." All in all, it seemed to be a great ending to the show, although most people would have probably preferred that it not be so focused around Michelle, like most of the eighth season was.
  • A great finale for this series!

    This episode is a pretty great season finale, although it's not the best. From the first part of this episode, D.J. was dateless for Prom Night, Stephanie was confused that the boy freezes in the kissing scene for her script, and most importantly and tragiclly, Michelle fell from the horse and ended up with amnesia. It's nice that the second part, which is also the finale, everything turned out to be great. D.J. finally found a date for the Prom, when she and Steve got back together again, Michelle got her memory back, and even Stephanie and Kimmy got along with each other better.

    Overall, this is a great conclusion to the Full House series, but it would've been better if it had a Season 9 and ended in a different way, like when Danny and Vicky get married, and so does DJ and Steve.
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