Full House

Season 8 Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC

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  • The family is faced with a major problem when Michelle falls off her horse and receives a concussion. Dj has to go to prom but who will escort her?

    Full house was such a great show, but this episode didn't show how well the Full House writer's have done in previous episodes. It wasn’t a good episode to end the series on, and only seemed to focus on Michelle. What about the other characters? The plot of the episode was'nt very interesting, aside from the fact that Steve came back to take DJ to her prom. It was also a little bit too depressing, having everyone have to explain to Michelle that her mother had died, when she asked where she was. Full House seemed to be a good show that focused on the problems and dilemmas of a modern family, and adding comedy to the mix, but this episode really didn't show that.
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