Full House

Season 8 Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 23, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The big orange rhino stuffed animal that the twins take from Michelle is the same Rigby doll that Michelle got in the Season 7 episode The Day of the Rhino.

    • Dave Coulier once said in a letter that the series was axed because ABC wanted to go in a new direction, away from family shows, for the time being. However, it has been highly speculated that John Stamos wasn't interested in returning for a ninth season, so the show was cancelled, depsite the fact that there was a possibility for a replacement actor.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: I heard about your sister's accident. I'm really sorry.
      Stephanie: Thanks. She's coming home today, but she still doesn't remember anything.
      Andrew: Well, if you don't want to rehearse Romeo and Juliet for drama class, I'll understand.
      Stephanie: No, it's okay, really. (Andrew kisses her) What was that?
      Andrew: The part of the scene I usually skip.

    • Jesse: Ever since Michelle's accident, I've really been thinking about my priorities. And anything that's gonna take more time away from my family...you know what, I just don't have the time in my life for it.
      Joey: There's nothing that's more important than your family.

    • Kimmy: Don't worry. I scrounged up another date for you.
      D.J.: I'm afraid to ask.
      (Steve walks up to the door)
      Steve: Come on, D.J, let's get goin'. I don't wanna miss the buffet.
      D.J.: Steve!

    • Jesse: Michelle, I'll never forget the first time I saw you. I was in the maternity ward, and I was looking through the window, and I looked in at you and I waved. And you know what, you looked back at me, and I swear you smiled at me. Of course, the nurse said it was gas, but I wasn't buying it.
      Michelle: Wow, we've known each other for a long time.
      Jesse: A long time. You know, it's funny, when I moved in here to help raise you kids, I had no idea that one day, you'd be helping me raise mine.

    • Jesse: Joey, I can't wait until you have kids someday. You're gonna be a great father. I mean, there's nothing like looking down at a beautiful baby in your arms and knowing that you created it. Of course, you're gonna have to find a woman first.
      Joey: Yeah. It'd be nice to hold something warm and cuddly that didn't always talk about wood.
      Jesse: It'll happen for you, pal.

    • Michelle: Are you sure I don't live in that room across the hall with all the toys?
      Stephanie: No, that's Joey's room. But he's very good about sharing.

    • Michelle: Can I ask you a question?
      Danny: Sure, anything.
      Michelle: You're my dad, right?
      Danny: Yeah, that's right?
      Michelle: So where's my mom?
      Danny: (long silence) I'm sorry to tell you this, but...your mom died when you were just a little girl.
      Michelle: So even if I do get better, I won't remember her?
      Joey: Well, Michelle, we'll tell you anything about her that you want to know.
      Michelle: Was she pretty?
      Jesse: Oh, Michelle, she was very pretty. You see, your mom was my sister. And you know what? You look just like her.

    • Michelle: Is everybody nuts? What's going on?
      D.J.: Michelle, you fell off your horse and hit your head.
      Rebecca: And you couldn't remember who you were, or any of us.
      Michelle: How could I forget you guys? You're my family.
      Danny: You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that.

    • Michelle: How out of it was I?
      Jessie: Well you were pretty out of it. It was like a part of you was missing and a part of all of us was missing but we stuck it out and got through it.
      Joey: Just like we always do.
      Danny: Just like we always will.

    • Danny: What are you doing?
      Michelle: Wating for a hug. I thought that's what you do in this family when you leave a room.

    • Michelle: Is it me, or does this family hug an awful lot?

  • Notes

    • This episode marks Steve (Scott Weinger)'s first (and only, due to this being the finale) appearance since the end of season 7.

    • This episode originally ended with a curtain call during the closing credit sequence with all the main cast members coming out for their final bows. The words Our Thanks, Our Love also appeared after the copyright screen. Unfortunately, this closing was cut from the DVD release of the episode and from syndicated runs, as well.

    • This was one of the VERY few episodes where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen switched off consistently scene-by-scene so they had equal screen time for the final episode.

    • Throughout the show's 8-year run, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appeared side-by-side in four episodes: Season 1's The 7 Month Itch, Season 4's Greek Week, Season 5's The Devil Made Me Do It, and this finale episode.

    • The final scene of the series featured all the regulars that ever starred on the show.

    • We learn that Duane had done Shakespeare.

    • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did not know that this was to be the final episode of the series until the cast came out at the end and their real-life brother and sister (Trent and Lizzie Olsen) handed them flowers on the stage. In previous interviews, the girls have recalled this as a very sad moment for them.

    • Michelle, Stephanie, Jesse, Joey, and Danny are the only main characters to appear in every episode of the series. DJ did not appear in the episode "Subterranean Graduation Blues"

    • This two part, which was originally shown as a one hour episode, was not intended to be a series ending episode. The makers of Full House wanted to bring the show back for a 9th season. The WB network was more than willing to bring Full House to their network, but John Stamos declined to continue to play as Jesse. The makers of Full House ended up having to re-tape this episode to use as a series ending episode.

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