Full House

Season 2 Episode 10

Middle Age Crazy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 1989 on ABC

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  • Poor Steph... again...

    Stephanie seems to always get the worst of luck. Oh come on, you have to admit it!

    Here, she gets sick and tired of feeling left out from the rest of the family, and thinks being the middle child is sucky. Another episode when she and DJ win tickets to a concert, Michelle wants to go, and by a special game from Joey, Michelle and DJ win. In season eight, Stephanie gets stood up. What next?

    I feel so sorry for Stephanie. The wedding was a good attention-getter but then she was dumped by her husband, for meatloaf! How can this get any worse??

    The guys finally feel sorry, them dumb jerks, and make Stephanie feel better. At first, this case was so bad, I was worried that Steph might not even forgive Danny, Joey, and Jesse ever again!
  • She's either too young, or too old. Middle child Stephanie thinks her sisters get all of the attention.

    This was the second episode in a row that Stephanie was the one feeling down in the dumps, and the second episode in the series where someone is feeling left out, or thinking he or she doesn't get any of the attention. But again, poor Stephanie. And, unlike Just One of the Guys, Stephanie didn't do anything. Nothing was her fault. Everybody in the family wasn't treating her as well as Michelle - the youngest, cutest, most adorable kid in the family, or DJ - the oldest kid in the family who gets more credit and can do bigger and more things. But I loved the part at the end where Stephanie takes all of her anger out on getting married. Hah! But then they finally make up and ol' Stephanie Judith Tanner is feeling better. Yea!
  • great

    rgis episodeis very funny and spacial since its the first eopisode of full house I\'ve ever seen. this episode was the funniest of all timei enjoyed the bouncing egg attempt my friend tried that as a 6th grade science project to but her resuly and way of doing it were much better. it was funny \"i just came back from Mars and your watching a little girl wink\" i only saw the last 15 minutes but i saw enough to write a 100 word review. the kid harry was funny i tell you young kids are cute and funny but the older ones deserve attention
  • WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?doesn't anybody care stephanie just got back from mars!

    this is a very cute ep.one of my favourites.very very very good message for middle children,anywhere.really shows the view from a middle child,they did a good job writing the script i reckon because they really got her feelings out in ways that middle kids can relate to completely.it wasn't just well,um ok i'm in the middle,i'm sad sort of thing.jodie acted this episode out really good i think.i'd recomend this episode for everyone but especially middle kids,more along the lines of younger middle children of course.funniest part was probably stephanies dream that she had or the pretend wedding,that was cute,you gotta love that!
  • I like this episode, I thought Stephanie looked so beautiful in that white dress, she was a beautiful bride and I like how the family was showing how they love her and I like the hugging part. Stephanie you are such a doll.

    I like this episode, I thought Stephanie looked so beautiful in that white dress, she was a beautiful bride and I like how the family was showing how they love her and I like the hugging part. Stephanie you are such a doll, and I love the wedding part, it was so funny.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes of Full House. I especially like Stephanie's dream.

    This is a great episode of Full House. Stephanie feels left out because she is the middle child. She thinks DJ gets a lot of attention because she is the oldest, and Michelle gets a lot of attention because she's the baby, and she's just stuck in the middle.
    I love Stephanie's dream. In it, she just came back from the moon, and she can fly, but nobody cares. However, they do care when DJ, the queen, gets the mail, and Michelle, the baby, blinks.
    Since Stephanie thinks nobody cares about her, she desides to become Stephanie takiama, by marying her best friend, Harry. That doesnt work out too well, because harry leaves because his mom is making him his favorite meal.
    This is one of the best episodes of Full House. I love it!
  • Great job of showing kids' feelings

    This episode did a wonderful job of showing Stephanie's feelings, and also had some great lines; not just from the play wedding but also from that science experiment. It was great how they had all those little things work together in this plot - the promo, the jingle, the experiment, and of course, Stephanie's feelings.
  • Dearly beloved we are gathered here in holy matress money

    Dearly beloved we are gathered here in holy matress money, a very funny line in this episode. I was not a middle child so I don't know what it feels like but I think they portrayed it very well. Some times parents loose site of how a kid can be feeling like in Stephanie's case. When Harry got the sticker from his cracker jack box and put it on Steph it was so cute. Steph made the guys realize that all the kids are important in all that they do. Good episode.
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