Full House

Season 3 Episode 14

Misadventures in Baby-Sitting

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1990 on ABC

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  • There's another interesting use for butter...

    This episode isn't the best episode, but it's still about average. Since D.J. is babysitting in the basement, Stephanie tries to get Michelle in bed, and Danny, Joey, and a few other men are playing poker. Meanwhile D.J. has problems babysitting Brian. Brian, who was really clumsy, tried to do many things to get D.J. in trouble, like when he tried to break a flower vase. But when Kimmy arrived, Brian got scared, so he didn't cause any more trouble, except when his head got stuck in the railings, and D.J. and Kimmy tried to butter his head to get him out (It's gross!). Overall, this episode is moderately boring with some exciting parts. My favorite parts are the parts where the men play poker.
  • Yuck!

    This was the worst episode of full house I've ever seen. I only watched half of it (I never saw if DJ got the kid out of the stairs) before I shut it off in disgust. What were they thinking when they wrote this episode? It was awful! word word
  • Butter anyone?

    Dj is always trying to get something. Taking a babysitting job was one more adventure DJ under took trying to earn some money for something she felt she needed and could not handle it by herself. The up side to the plot line is that DJ knew enough to call her dad when she was in over her head.
  • D.J. really starts to mature

    D.J. - instead of just comlaining - has plans to get her own phone, and opts to start babysitting. And, she has her hands full. But, she's also grown int hat she's willing to ask for help. The development that probably happens18 months earlier in the book universe comes here, as D>J. has really started to develop into a generally responsible teen.