Full House

Season 3 Episode 18

Mr. Egghead

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1990 on ABC

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  • You broke her nose! Warning: May contain spoilers.

    After not watching Full House in quite a while, I decided to watch it again and I'm glad I did. Warning: I don't know the names much and I'm not in the mood to go look it up.

    Jesse broke Stephanie's nose while being Mr. Egghead on a television show. While that is happening, DJ and.. the dad are going to court since he wants to fight his traffic ticket that he got since he doesn't want to pay $30. What is funny is that his car gets towed. He pays $100 while fighting a $30 traffic ticket.

    I thought this episode was very cute. First, there's Mr. Egghead. Then, Stephanie ditches school but has to go back to school. This episode is informing, educational, and funny. Although, this series is probably not intended for kids, it does teach a lesson. I'm not sure about the lesson, but I enjoyed this episode.

    I recommend this episode for teenagers and older, and also fans of the Full House series of course.
  • It's Joey's tryout to be Mr. Egghead...

    This episode is great, as it's about Joey's way of being with the kids. Although Joey's tryout for being Mr. Egghead was a bit kiddish, but it was pretty funny. During Joey's tryout, "Duck Face" (Walter) tried to challenge Joey with some extremely challenging questions, and it's great to see Joey's way of answering the questions. The show went well until Joey accidentally broke Stephanie's nose, and she had to wear the splint for Picture Day. Joey feels guilty and decided to let Stephanie skip school, but when Michelle accidentally spilled the secret, Joey had to use a different way for Stephanie's class picture, so she wouldn't get made fun by other students (because of her splint on her nose).
  • The perfect week gone wrong!

    Stephanie's having a very good week. First, she gets to go see a taping of the Mr. Egghead show, which Joey is auditioning for, then it's class pictures, and of course, Pizza Day!
    Danny gets a ticket. Oh, no, a blemish on his record! He has to go to court and DJ is his witness. While pleading his case, his meter runs out! Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck!
    Jesse does the music for Mr. Egghead. Why? Why not.
    I like that the kids in the audience of the Mr. Egghead show wear egg caps. I think it's funny that a kid in Stephanie's class would know that the old Mr. Egghead was gone because he didn't pay his taxes. Of course, it's Walter. I like the running joke when a family member gets to be on TV how it's so cool, because finally someone in the family is on TV or in this case has his own show. This is always said either to or in front of Danny. Joey picks Stephanie to help with his energy experiment (I mean, Mr. Egghead's experiment). All the kids cry "Fix" and Jesse starts playing it on the keyboard to the tune of "Charge!"
    When Stephanie gets bonked on her nose by Mr. Egghead's experiment, it doesn't actually hit her on the nose. Rather, it hits her on the chin. But, for the sake of a TV show, we'll say it broke her nose. Stephanie was OK with it until she realized her broken nose would be in the class picture. Noses heal fast. The doctor says Steph will be as good as new in a week.
    Stephanie skips school so she won't be in the picture. Is not being in the picture better than being in it with a broken nose? Michelle makes her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a mess. Jesse forces her to go to school.
    If I was Stephanie, since there appeared to be no bruising, I would have at least asked if I could take the brace off my nose when they took the picture.
    I like how Joey makes Stephanie feel better by having the class wear Groucho Marx glasses. They take the first picture with the glasses on and then take a serious picture, which Stephanie is OK with showing off her broken nose.
    All in all, it was a good episode teaching that you should not be ashamed of what you look like. The theme of the episode: Bad Luck!
  • Delivers a punch, and a punchline.

    This episode focuses on something seen over and over again, but the basic premise never REALLY gets old, because it's so true.

    Joey is doing something nice for Stephanie, and causes her some misfortune. She's upset, but in the end, he comes up with a way to make things work out, and she's happy again.

    Luckily, I think it works well with this series, and as usual, the cast pulls it off well (minus Jodie's acting around her "injury").

    Really, the most significant detail is that "Duckface" is now out of the show, like Harry before him (funny that Harry's last show was Walter's intro).
  • And its a knock out.

    This episode was a good episode. It showed how wonderful Joey is to the kids. When he became Mr. Egghead and accidently the boxing glove hit Steph in the nose and broke her nose right before picture day at school. Joey goes and gets the whole class to wear funny glasses so Steph doesn't feel so bad.
  • Another quality episode about this family's life

    Usually it's just something little, but it's easy to understand accidentally hurting someone. And, the school picture part was great. It really shows how a loving family deals with a situation that might not happent hat way all the time - but really, how many parents have had a kid touch a hot stove or scald themselves with water or even been playing ball and thrown a ball that a kid ran to catch and the kid tripped over something and twisted an ankle? It happens fairly often.