Full House

Season 8 Episode 15

My Left and Right Foot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1995 on ABC

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  • This episode was just plain silly! It was still VERY funny...

    I thought that this episode was really good. Michelle's dream about her huge clown feet was ridiculous, but funny. As always, Stephanie had some pretty funny comments to make about whatever was going on, and, in this case, it was Michelle's feet.
    Then, the whole scene with Becky's attempt to sing the Pooh song was hilarious, but it didn't make sense. I remember Becky singing before and she never sounded bad, she sounded pretty good. I really liked right after the Pooh song when Jesse, Danny, and Joey were talking about it being a big problem, and, like always, Joey had to drop a funny comment in there, about it not being a big problem. He said a big problem would be if your butt fell off, because you would be out of the mooning business forever...That had my brother and I rolling with laughter!
    Overall, I think that this episode is very good, funny, silly, and overall enjoyable!
  • Huge nail clippers needed

    I thought this was a totally silly episode. a waste of tape. teasing someone can be hurtful but they took it to the extreme. When Michelle had a dream within a dream it was really silly. If this episode comes on don't waste your time. It's not worth watching. unless you like giant feet.
  • throughout this episode michelle gets tormented for the size of her feet.And Jesse tries to teach becky to sing but it turns out that she really can sing.

    Now this episode was just horrible.They should have never aired or even wrote this episode.They must have been low on ideas.Probably the worst episode ever aired in my opinion.And Michelle angers me too.They always have episodes revolve around her and how she always gets her own way and everyone feels bad for her.
  • Michelle worries about her growing feet while Jessie worries about Becky's awful singing.

    How lame can an episode get? A show about a childs growing feet. I un understand doing a show about addressing a childs fears, but feet... The music that the guy ssang until Becky arrived was sweet and a great start to the show. Otherwise a prety well acted and scripted show. Not the best of the best.
  • In this episode, Jesse, Joey and Danny attempt to bring back the old days of singing the kids to sleep. Except this time Becky joins in and doesn't exactly wow the crowd. Also, Michelle is worried that her feet are too big thanks to some sisterly teasing.

    To me, a kid that grew up with the Tanners, this is no doubt one of the finest episodes in the series\' run. Besides throwing out all the rigid rules normally followed by \'90s sitcoms, this episode also really gave Lori Loughlin and the Olsen twins a chance to show their skills. The lengthy dream sequence is hilarious and the storyline follows a very relatable theme, when dealing with people you love, constructive criticism and insult are often blurred. Bravo to the writing staff on this one.
  • The entire episode smacks of filler.

    The main plot involves Michelle's feet, which were described as "healthy" (read: big). This worries her and she has a nightmare about her feet being the size of clown shoes...and growing (One clever reference is that Kimmy, of all people, brings the Odor-Eaters).

    Meanwhile, Jesse and the "House Lullaby Band" (including Danny and Joey) "reunite" in a sense and sing a lullaby to Nicky and Alex, only to have Becky join in...badly. (I've discussed this elsewhere) Jesse then spends close to five minutes of airtime (not devoted to Michelle) teaching Becky how to sing. Then, Jesse walks in only to hear Becky singing beautifully to Nicky and Alex. (See "Our Very First Telethon" review to see why this is so puzzling).
  • Unoriginal, but some parts are funny.

    The storyline of this episode is sort of boring, but some parts are pretty funny. This episode is mostly about Michelle and her fear about her feet growing too big. My favorite part was Michelle's dream, where her feet grew really huge. Meanwhile, when the adults were singing to Nicky and Alex, Jesse realized that Becky's singing is really horrible, and tries to teach her how to sing nicely.

    Overall, this episode is somewhere around average. Some parts are really funny, and some parts are boring. (There's also something confusing in this episode: How could Becky sing so badly in this episode when she was singing so well in "Our Very First Telethon" in Season 3?)
  • An example of how Michelle's character became too much for "Full House" towards the end of the show's run.

    Of all the Full House episodes, this one showed a farily poor storyline with bad acting. First of all, Becki has shown that she is a fine singer multiple times, most notably in the third season Telethon. Secondly, Michelle's story about her feet is unnecessarily important. Her friends, for one thing, are completely unsupportive and annoying. There was no interesting plot, or any plot whatsoever. This is another Eighth Season episode that is, flatly, wasted on just Michelle. The Eighth Season was possibly the best, since the three girls (and the twins) are at great ages. However, in episodes like this, too much emphasis was on Michelle's perfect "Little Princess" lifestyle. Stephanie, DJ, and Kimmy all have equal acting talent to Michelle, if not better. Episodes like this should embarass the creators of Full House.
  • You've got to be kidding me.

    I honestly don't know why they didn't just stop Full House before this episode and just gave Michelle her own show already. 90% of the episodes in this season are about Michelle and they're usually baby plots. I was very ticked off by this episode. First of all it was a dumb plot idea. Michelle's feet didn't look at all big. This plot would've worked for a kid show, but for what's supposed to be an adult comedy show it just did not work out. Also why the heck were DJ, Kimmy and Stephenie teasing Michelle like that in the beginning? How could they not think Michelle was getting upset by their teasing? Why did they act so immature? Kimmy, I can kinda understand and I can in a way understand Stephenie. But not DJ. The humor in this episode was very kid-like too. Since Michelle started growing up, the humor went totally downhill into kiddy humor. And the whole thing with Becky not being able to sing? C'mon! We know she can sing, so why'd the writers make it look like she couldn't? Oh well, guess we'll never know. Anyway, this is one of trhe worst episodes of Full House to date! My final grade is an F!
  • One word: Reduclus

    What were the producers thinking when they wrote this episode. Come on feet!!! This episode should have never aired! Forgot this episode and watch grass grow!!!!!! If Full House ever makes a Season 8 Box set record over this episode!!!!!! Sorry folks but that's how I dislike this Michelle Episode.