Full House

Season 8 Episode 15

My Left and Right Foot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1995 on ABC

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  • Unoriginal, but some parts are funny.

    The storyline of this episode is sort of boring, but some parts are pretty funny. This episode is mostly about Michelle and her fear about her feet growing too big. My favorite part was Michelle's dream, where her feet grew really huge. Meanwhile, when the adults were singing to Nicky and Alex, Jesse realized that Becky's singing is really horrible, and tries to teach her how to sing nicely.

    Overall, this episode is somewhere around average. Some parts are really funny, and some parts are boring. (There's also something confusing in this episode: How could Becky sing so badly in this episode when she was singing so well in "Our Very First Telethon" in Season 3?)