Full House

Season 3 Episode 4

Nerd for a Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1989 on ABC

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  • perfect

    Stephanie has been making fun of a 'nerdy' boy and Jesse wants her to apologize. She does, but the boy, Walter, misinterprets this and thinks it means Stephanie likes him. Uh-oh.

    Good episode. It teaches kids that it is not fun to be teased by others, and it did that in a good way. Walter was kind of an annoying character but the moral of the episode is one that even today, in some ways, is a relevant thing. And the episode had some funny parts, so because of all of this my final grade is an A+. Only downside is Walter being annoying, but it was kind of the point to make him annoying
  • One of the best episodes on Full House!

    I think this episode is one of the best ones in Full House because it's not only entertaining to watch, but it also teaches people a lesson.

    In this episode, when Stephanie teased her classmate, Walter, she had to call Walter and apologize, But then Walter thought Stephanie was his girlfriend. After that, when she got teased at school for being Walter's secret girlfriend, Stephanie realized that being teased isn't funny. Also, in the mean time, D.J. had to write a report on a family member, so she chose to hang out with Michelle and write about a report on what she does. This episode also tells you that hugging makes you make up when you have an argument, like when Danny and Joey were arguing at the talk show.
  • Stephanie learns that making fun of others and following the crowd isn't always a good thing.

    I categorized this episode as a very special episode because I felt it really taught a lesson. Stephanie realizes that following the crowd and teasing someone hurts peoples feelings and I think that's a good lesson kids especially should learn (being that Full House was a family show). I really enjoyed the way Jessie was being firm and serious with Stephanie and pointing her out to the direction of doing the right thing. It's good to see someone who's laid back act serious once in awhile and that's just what happens with Jessie in this episode which I feel brings a bigger effect to the moral of the episode.
  • Quack Quack

    This was a very good episode. The story line of making fun of Walter was great. It showed that kids can be so mean to each other and that feeling get hurt when mean things are said. It showed how Stephanie learned a lesson from this after Jesse made her call Walter to appologize. This should be shown in all class rooms so that kids can see the effect of what they say can have on another kid.
  • this episode shows that we should treat people all the same

    this episode shows that we should treat people all the same. Kids shouldnt make fun of others just because they are different. Jesse helps stephanie learn a very valuble lesson but when walter takes stephanies friendship too high it turns out to be a battle between her and her friends. Stephanie gets other kids to stop and she reminded her friends what happened to them and walter gets friends. This is almost what happens to me. Stephanie is proud to be friends with walter and she learns not to pick on people anymore this is a lesson for all of us dont tease others.
  • Awesome interactions

    Second grade can be rough - kids love to tease about anything. This is no different - Steph was never punished by having to sit 15 minutes with her head down (when she didn't talk for 2 days was not a punishment, her "record" was the amount of time she was doing it as punishment), so this must have been a biggie. Whoever started it, Steph was showing how wild some 2nd graders can be by throwing bread at Walter! And yet, she really shows some great de3velopment and maturity by the end in following what jesse says about being friends and treating others how you'd expect to be treated.
    And Jesse - no longer the guy who just yells, he has truly matured, we see him having grown into a fellow who can come up with a very appropriate punishment - calling Walter to apologize and even suggesting they go over there - and making it stick. He's earned their respect as loving yet firm parent-type.
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