Full House

Season 5 Episode 11

Nicky and/or Alexander

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1991 on ABC
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The Tanner house is bursting with baby joy when Jesse and Rebecca bring the twins home from the hospital.

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  • In this episode Jesse mixes up his two babies.

    Becky has been having a lot of mood swings bexause she is a new mother. Her mom got the twins booties. One pair was mint green and the other pair was peach. Jesse thought they were ugly. Becky took the hospital bracelets off of the twins and was able to tell them apart by theur booties. Jesse didn't know that she took the hospital bracelets off so he took of the booties when Becky wasn't looking. Becky asked for one of the twins and Jesse didn't know which one it was because he took off the booties so he put them back on the twins and guessed. Finally Jesse went and got an ink pad to check the babies footprints and Becky caught him and he had to explain to her what had happened.moreless
  • Uh-oh. Jesse accidentally mixes up his twins Nikki and Alex. How in the world will they know who is who??

    This episode was one of my favorites. Nikki and Alex are infant twin boys and their father, Jesse accidentally mixes them up not knowing who nis who! It was exciting to find out

    how they would figure out this mystery. Jesse is afraid that

    if he goes to his wife, Becky for help, it will trigger a mood swing that she has been getting after the twins were born. So Jesse goes to his neices for help. DJ Stephanie and Michelle. Jesse tries Stephanie's detective kit to match footprints of the twins and find out who is who. But Rebecca interrupts and is curious what is going on. Jesse tells Rebecca what happens and Rebecca knows exactly who is who. That solved the mystery , Jesse should have went to Becky first! This was an awesome episode. Two thumbs up!!!moreless
  • My favorite Full House episode!

    This is the best episode of Full House! I love the comedy w/ the booties and whatnot! My favorite part was when they were doing the dective thing, and Stephanie and DJ are talking:

    Becky: Guys! Where are you?

    Stephanie: We're up here! (everyone glares at her) Um...NO WE'RE NOT!

    (Becky opens the door)

    DJ: I think I hear Dad calling!

    Stephanie: Dad's at the store!

    DJ: You are really having a bad day!

    THE BEST PART! Oh, right, this episode was a great mixture of everything that makes an episode great!moreless
  • Enie, Menie, Minie, Mo

    After going through a very trying period right after the babies are born and trying to deal with Becky's mood swings. Jesse takes the booties he had to pretend he loved for Becky's mood swing stage off the twins which was the way Becky had been telling the twins apart since she had cut off their wrist bands. Paniced when Becky wants Jesse to bring her a certain twin to feed Jesse goes on a hunt to find out which twin is which. Great episode.moreless
  • This happens more often than you think

    New parents are always nervous - especially w/twins. Often, they use little tricks like a small bracelet on one that looks manly enough if they're boys, or if one's a gorl dpainting their toenails. (Different colors if two girls.) The way this was crafted was quite comical witht he different booites, and Jesse's maturing yet sometimes still cocky attitude shows through very well.
John Stamos

John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin

Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (recurring Season 2, 1989-1995)

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Michael J. Shea

Michael J. Shea

Stage Manager

Guest Star

Gail Edwards

Gail Edwards

Vicky Larson

Recurring Role

Richard Paul

Richard Paul

Mr. Strowbridge

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jesse is showing his twin babies the apartment, one of the boys has a pacifier in his mouth, but when Jesse takes them into the nursery, the pacifier is gone.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jesse: (taking the baby's foot print to identify him) Son, this better be your last set of prints.

    • D.J.: The twins are so cute!
      Jesse: All right, let me tell you guys something. Let's not get in the habit of calling them "the twins." They're two completely different people with completely different personalities.
      Kimmy: So which one's Nicky, and which one's Alexander?
      Jesse: Beats me.

    • Rebecca: Jess is there some reason our son's foot is in your pocket?
      Jesse: Yeah, oh, yeah well there's --- there's a perfectly good reason, and that is because, uh...well, he kicked his bootie off, and I wanted to keep his foot warm. There you go. There's a perfectly good reason.
      Rebecca: Is there is a perfectly good reason why his foot is covered in ink?
      Jesse: Man, I must have left another pad of ink in my pocket.

    • Danny: Wake up San Francisco. Hi I'm Danny Tanner and temporarily filling in for my co-host Rebecca "Hurry back soon" Donaldson. Is Vicky Larson.
      Vicky: Actually it's "Vicky I'm going to be here for four weeks, so get used to it" Larson.

    • Rebecca: (to the babies) There, now doesn't that feel much better without those hospital bracelets?
      Stephanie: You're allowed to take them off?
      Rebecca: Well, yeah, I mean, it's not like they're mattress tags.

    • Danny: Well pretty good show, huh Mr. Strowbridge?
      Mr. Strowbridge: You need a co-host.
      Danny: A co-host?
      Mr. Strowbridge: Yeah, someone to complement you.
      Danny: Why? I compliment myself all the time. Watch this. (Danny pats himself on the shoulder) Good show, Danny, nice work!

    • Jesse: (to the babies) You're gonna have the perfect lives, because I'm gonna be the perfect dad. I mean, my dad was great and all, but he made a few mistakes. Like, he always used to bug me about my long hair. But let me tell you something, that's not gonna happen to you guys. You know why? Because you're bald.

    • Jesse: Everybody, we have to be a little sensitive to Becky's feelings. The doctor said she's gonna be a little emotional in the next few days.
      Rebecca: It's not my fault. The doctor said it's very common for new mothers to have mood swings. (pauses) Why are you all staring at me??
      Danny: Because you were just talking to us.
      Rebecca: Oh, well, thank you for listening.
      Danny: Was that a mood swing?
      Jesse: 6.2.

    • Joey: Oh isn't that cute. They look like little Elmer Fudds. (imitating Elmer Fudd) Hello you wascally wug-wats. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!
      Rebecca: (voice-breaks) Joey's right. My babies look like Elmer Fudd.
      Jesse: Honey, honey it's okay. Joey wasn't thinking. You know how he has trouble with that.

    • Jesse: I don't want to tell your Aunt Becky because...you know how she's been.
      D.J.: Nuts?
      Jesse: No, she hasn't been... Yeah, okay, nuts.

  • NOTES (3)