Full House

Season 3 Episode 13

No More Mr. Dumb Guy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1990 on ABC

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  • Another fairly interesting episode...

    This storyline is mostly about Jesse trying to look smart when going to the Culture Festival, so he got books from the library. D.J. and Stephanie taught Michelle mean things, just for fun, but Michelle ended up saying mean things to other people. Then, Jesse pretended to be sick to not go to the festival, but when he got threatened by Becky's old English teacher, he decided to go. Joey also had taught him some things about literature, but when Jesse got to the festival, he forgot about some things and ended up acting stupid. Since Becky's english teacher continued to threaten him, Jesse tried to arm wrestle with him. Meanwhile, Michelle was saying mean things nearly every word, and D.J. and Stephanie are trying to make Michelle nice again.

    This episode is great because it has more information about Jesse and Becky's life that wren't mentioned on the previous episodes.
  • War and peace and other stuff

    I thought this was a very non productive episode. It was silly to have Jesse freak out about thinking he is not as smart as Becky and her friends. There are so many ways you can be smart and not all of them relate to books. Jesse could do more with his car knowledge and street smarts then that rich guy could do in a hot minute.
  • MOre memorable for die-hard Jesse/Becky fans

    This one doesn't strike me as all-too memorable, but diehard Jesse and Becky fans will like it becaus eit shows their relationship having some bumps but still growing closer. Jesse as a "dumb guy" who tries to get smart and Joey's comical attempts at helping are good, and so is Jesse's writing a song so fast for Becky. He was really talented in his own way, and thaat's what's important, not book smarts.