Full House

Season 5 Episode 4

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1991 on ABC

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  • second episode in a way that needs/needed improvement

    so Okay, we have another upsetting episode and come to think of it the moral music made this episode depressing and should've changed/ made better. . personally i think should come to Danny; it was never stated that she had a disability and honestly i do but that's not easy; If i were d,j, i'd ask for help when I needed it; the bowling moment was . but only until Kimmy showed up; sure she might be pretty but she interrupted . Danny snooping around was . because he was worried about his safety; if i can say something, Its gotta be the sub-plot was terrible because i honestly hated barney bear since day 1 and was upset that danny was the reason barney is still there in fact barney looks even bigger than the pilot. I have a disability called autism but that has nothin' to do w/ my score just wanted to point it out horrible episode; michelle actually started to turn less into a jerk 6th season. but i will tell ya about it there. Moral music should be cut out because it is depressing imho. okay episode but not the best and hopefully not the worst.

    If i had to give advice i'd say only watch the stephanie parts because she's my favorite please whenever possible avoid the episode now i'm saying ya have to as well 'cause its MY opinion [most uppercase words are for emphasis only though it does make me cry inside] only saver was that bowling scene although kimmy ruined it... Shame on you kimmy... final grade honestly 5% out of 100 1.5 = D- or f as my grade alexkotas out.
  • Too silly without a good reason for Danny to be agitated - just a throwaway line like, "What a day; today ont he show we had someone talking about teen pregnancy," I know I should't but I ws getting cold sweats worrying about D.J. though I don't need to

    This was a great story about D.J. being bothered by rumors thaat is just damaged by Danny's overreacting. Had he had a reason it would make sense but she'd never given him a reason to mistrust him. If it was a week or two after the crash diet it's understandble. If he had on a guest talking aabout really scary stuff Danny would at least be understandably upset b/c he's Danny. Indeed, he might have started getting nervous and actign the way he did *without* snooping! Which would hve made this a more reasonable episode.
  • D.J. is growing up ut Danny feels that he has lost his little girl.

    This is a very special episode. It shows alot of charecter develoment. D.J. is growing up and Danny feels that he is loosing his little girl for good. D.J. got a rep as the worst kisser in school. She is having a mega crisis and doesn't fell she needs to tell Danny and she doesn't want to tell Danny. But Danny feels that she is hiding something from him and that he deserves to know everything that is going on in D.J.'s life. But he doen't understand that D.J. is growing up and doesn't need to go to Danny for every little problem. This is definatly a great charecter development episode and a must see Full House episode.
  • D.J is growing up which makes Danny sad...........

    It all started when D.J begin to wondered why people were talking about her and getting the card from Kathy Santoni.This is where Kimmy tells D.J,that someone is spreading the rumor that D.J was an bad kisser.D.J explained that Todd was the bad kisser not her.After leaving her room.Danny finds the card and gets really worried.Meanwhile Michelle is moving in the room with Stephaine and pulls out her teddy bear liked poster or something.Danny begin to fear that he was losing her daughter that she was no longered his little girl and losing her.He tries to patch things up while bowling.Unfortunelly didn't turn so well.When D.J told him that she was no longered his little girl.It made Danny relized that she was growing up.

    This was an o.k episode.
  • Rumors and what not....

    The story line about the rumors being spread about DJ was a good story line. It shows how mean some kids are and it also shows that you need to stick with what you believe. If DJ didn't want to kiss the guy she shouldn't have to just for fear he would do what he did... spread rumors. DJ developed her character by taking care of this herself and standing up for herself. Go DJ
    Danny is a freak, he never was given any real reason by DJ to mistrust her. He should not have been snooping.