Full House

Season 4 Episode 15

Ol' Brown Eyes

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 1991 on ABC

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  • I can't believe we're buying an engagement ring.

    I can't believe we're buying an engagement ring. I'm so excited... Why aren't we in a jewelery store? I thought this episode was great. It was well written. First of all the whole thing Danny did to impress DJ was so kind and from the heart. Then when DJ realised how selfish she was and let her dad sing that was really touching. Also Jesse will to sell his favorite guitar just for Becky was also very touching. I loved this episode.
  • Danny can be funny without trying

    It is sadly a hallmark of TV that teens are far more embarrassed of their parents than in real life. But, here D.J. had a right to be :-) Not that she had a right to demand to switch schools, but Danny's attempts at singing "My Generation," his crazy look, and so on (comlete with earring!) would embarrass a lot of poeple. One gets the sense that the more mature, motehring, and responsible book D.J. would not be so blunt and hurt his feelings bad, but would blurt out, "Dad, do Billy Joel. Do Barry Manilow. But, that's just not you; it's not even Kimmy!" And, they might talk about what Danny eventually does together, after some slightly raised voices, insteaad of what happens, which is D.J. storming off to her room and then apologizng later. I thik the book D.J. and Danny would talk about it in her room & eventually agree on what he did; a very sweet, tender version of the type of song that Junir High crowd would expect of a faather - "My Girl."
  • 415

    An episode that left us with a good feeling at the end. This episode of Full House focused on Danny & DJ, and how DJ feels embarrassed of her father when he plans to sing at a fundraiser she set up. The melodramatic moments weren't as corny as they usually are, so I guess that's a plus. I could also find some reason in DJ's decision in the beginning, and even in the very end.

    Sometimes on Full House, a daughter would run off upset and you wouldn't be able to find their reasoning in the situation, but here, it was good. These aren't the "best years" of Full House. In my opinion, the best years are when DJ is much older, and the problems are passed down to Stephanie, but this was a good episode regardless.

    Michelle Tanner stole the show here, no matter where she's at or what she's doing, I want to eat her up with a spoon! She was definitely the cutest person television back in the 90s and it shows here from Joey playing "follow the leader" or her snagging the cookie from Joey. Overall a good episode, with a lot of enjoyable performances including the last heartwarming one.
  • I can't be seen with him!!

    DJ's putting together a school fundraiser. It's being held at the Smash Club, with Joey opening with his comedy act and Jesse & the Rippers playing a full set. Danny is introducing the two but is told by DJ to keep it short so they get as much entertainment as possible. Danny gets dressed up in leather and performs "My Generation" with the Rippers, the end of which is seen by DJ, who freaks out when Danny tells her he's going to perform it at the fundraiser.

    It's a classic example of kids feeling their parents are going to embarass them at every turn. While they're right, it's only because that's the way teens are. Their friends will make fun of them endlessly for anything their parents do.

    In the end, Danny bows out, and DJ, feeling horrible, asks him to sing. He does "My Girl" with the Rippers, dedicating it to her, and probably embarassing her even more than had he done My Generation (which actually sounded good, even though he can't dance).
  • Jesse is so mean to tell Michelle to be cool when she was having so much fun skipping to her lu

    I think at the beginning of this episode Michelle looked so cute when she was skipping to her lu. She was having so much fun that Danny and Joey joined in. But then Jesse comes in. He tells Michelle to be cool. I think he was mean. She was having such a good time and it was such a happy moment and then Jesse comes and ruins it. I think he shouldn\'t tell Michelle to be cool, because she\'s only a little girl, and whatever she thinks is fun she should be able to do. She should get to have fun regardless of what Jesse thinks is cool and lame. And when he saw Danny and Joey skipping to their lu, he thought they were so immature. They were just having fun playing with a little kid. What\'s wrong with that?