Full House

Season 2 Episode 9

Our Very First Christmas Show

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 1988 on ABC

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  • Christmas Review #71

    The family gets stuck in an airport in Colorado and has to spend Christmas there. Stephanie leaves Santa a map, but will he find her? I love this Christmas episode of "Full House". It was handled very well and the storyline was just perfect to watch. One of the best storylines that I have ever seen in this show. It was very funny but it also had a good message. Jesse giving the message near the end of the episode about what Christmas is really all about such as saying that Christmas isn't about Santa Claus and presents, it's about being with your family and sharing the love and joy with them. It was really nice to see everyone make the best of it when they are stuck at the airport on Christmas. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle getting their presents at the end of the episode was really nice to see as well. Overall, if you want to see a funny Christmas episode with a good message then this is the episode for you... an excellent Christmas episode of "Full House". 10/10
  • christmas holiday classic

    what i liked- the ending, stephanie realizing that 'santa' was really joey, jesse tricking rebecca and getting under the mistletoe with her, jesse at the end getting everyone's holiday spirit back, stephanie worrying that santa will not be able to find her at the airport, amongst other things.

    good episode. I really liked the atmosphere and I thought it had some good humor. A+
  • This is one of THE most amazing episodes. It touches the heart. If you are going to watch Full House for the first time, and need a reason to keep watching, this is one of the best.

    Ho, ho, ho no! There's a huge blizzard outside as the Tanners are on a plane on their way to a family get-together. They have to land early in a baggage claim, the presents are lost, Becky can't go to Nebraska (but that isn't bad for Jesse), and Christmas is ruined. Worst of all, Santa won't be able to find Steph in the baggage claim! Then, Jesse stands up, and he truely expresses the true meaning of Christmas. I also love the humor in this episode. Michelle makes this an episode that anyone will laugh at. Overall, it will get anyone into the Christmas spirit.
  • An very special Christmas Episode

    The gang is heading for an family vacation to celebrate an holiday.D.J knows what Joey,their father and Jessie would give them for Christmas.Stephaine begins to worried that Santa wont find her.But Danny assure her that he would know.On the way when they get stucked in an airport after an major blizzard.Stephaine begin to lose hope and also left an map for Santa to find her.So Christmas looked grim for everyone.Jessie tries to lift everyone spirit up in hope of Christmas.When an mysterous Santa comes.Altough Stephaine thought it was Joey.Could it be Santa?

    An pretty good special Christmas episode.
  • Blue Christmas. The family jets off for a Colorado holiday, but a blizzard grounds them on route.

    Poor Stephanie. Due to all of her hard work to create a map to where they would be staying in Colorado to Santa, and her work to be a good girl the whole year, what does she get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, but a crummy time stuck over night in an airport, due to heavy snow blocking the way to Colorado. Awww, poor Stephanie, again. On the other hand, Jesse and Rebecca. Finally, a chance for them to kiss, under the mistletoe . . . then after he gets his chance an old lady walks up and kisses him. Poor Jesse, is what I thought right then. Maybe it was his new haircut. But anyway, at least Joey tried to make Stephanie feel better about Santa Claus being there, until Michelle spilled the beans about this 'Santa' being Joey. But 'Santa' was there all along as Santa turned out to be a guest star, the person who played 'Boss Hogg' on The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • classic!

    another fantastic installment only this time it's dressed up in jingle bells!this episode was so good i think they should have made a full legnth movie out of it.it really get's you in the holiday spirit.it should of at least gone for an hour.not that i didn't think it was good i thought it was so good i wanted it to be longer!it really shows the true meaning of christmas and how people forget about that sometimes and just think of metirialistic things like presants mainly.which is easy to get caught up in.sound like a ho ho ho lot of fun to you?it is!
  • Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

    Excellent. The storyline is great. The characters do a great job of showing good Christmas spirit, even though they had to spend it in an airport. The writers did an excellent job making this episode, it shows the family's Christmas spirit, especially Stephanie, who made sure that Santa visited. Overall, this episode was one of the all time greatest Full House episodes.
  • Jesse comes through

    For a real rebel, Jesse always knows one thing - the true meaning of Christmas. It's one of his better sides even in his rebel years, and we learnt he reason why in season 6 when he takes the girls to the soup kitchen like his dad did him. Here, we just see everyone agitated by being stranded, and Jesse encouraging them all to act happy and enjoy pretending, seeing Christmas witht he same joyful attitude little kids do. Although even he can't come up with a good use for a vending machien on Christmas :-)
  • Santa Claus is coming to town

    This was a very special episode for me for several reasons. One is that many times people forget the real meaning of christmas and focus just on presents and nothing else. It was very col the way that Jesse brought that point across to everybody. The other is it showed where there is hope there are endless possibilities. DJ was trying to be so brave for Stephanie's sake. It was really nice how they wrote that. t this point in the show I was already rooting for Jesse and Becky to get together and the misel toe was a very cute thing. I found this episode to be a very special one.