Full House

Season 1 Episode 2

Our Very First Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 1987 on ABC

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  • household rules

    Noone told the band to leave. I believe they're missing some fundamental household rules. But since it's only the first day for them it's forgivable, I guess.
  • A clever title goes here!

    How did everyone Ells watch it I tried and it said I had to buy it this is not fair.

  • Another great start to the Full House series!

    Just like the first episode, this episode also happens on the first day. In this episode, D.J. and Stephanie take advantage of Jesse because they knew that Jesse was still confused about how to take care of kids, since it's still him and Joey's first day in the Tanner household. That night, as soon as Danny and Joey leaves the house, Jesse invited the band to the house, since he couldn't go to the Smash Club. Then D.J. and Steph got up and partied with the band, and they even ordered pizza. Jesse didn't know a good way to say no to the girls, so he let the girls stay up late. But everyone was in trouble when Danny came home. Overall, this episode was better than the first episode because it had a more interesting storyline.
  • n

    now we have the next episode. i have not posted a full house episode review in a very long time i know. i had trouble posting reviews on the other shows and including this one too. so danny as left the house. jesse's band comes over to have a little fun. then the two oldest girls come down to join this meaga party. then pizza and all of this sugar. joey arrives and makes matters worse. then danny walks in. oh no this means someone is in trouble and everyone is looking at jesse. now danny has something to say.
  • A good episode showing the family adjusting to living under one roof

    This episode shows how Joey and Jesse are adjusting to the responsibility of being "parents" for the three girls. It was a good episode with lots of humor but also some seriousness. It showed exactly what Full House is all about, that no matter what, they are a family and will always get through it. They all pulled together when Pam, the mom, died, and continue to pull together throughout the series. Danny realizes how the girl tricked Jesse and apoligizes, explaining how he just doesn't want anything bad to happen to them to. A great episode that I think is a must see for any Full House fan
  • One of the best of the first season.

    Although the first season is not my favorite, this episode has always stood out. Starting with the guys making up a bedtime story to the girls, to Danny's speech to Jesse and Joey about why one of them must stay home. Jesse and Joey having a showdown over music and comedy was priceless. ("The Partridge Family, anyone on Hee Haw"). I love seeing Jesse struggle to discipline the girls, yet you know he really cares when he gives the drummer licorice to play with so they don't wake up. The best scene comes when the band is playing an Elvis song and Joey comes in and yells "Conga" and even the pizza delivery boy joins in. One of my favorite moments of the entire series.
  • LOL! On my favorite episiode list!

    This episode is one of my personal favorites. I mean, can you believe how oblivious Jesse was?? Kinda unrealistic, but made the ep funnier. :P "Listen, girls, this little act may work on your dad, but it doesn't work on me. Now, you can have ice cream and soda, but no cookies!" Now there's a ROFL quote. LOL at the pizza guy too. They were just invintin' everyone in. Hehe. It's a silly, fun ep, obviously kinda a sequel to "Our very first Show". If you wanna brigten up your day, watch this. It'll get some laughs in your life.

  • Now that the back story is out of the way, we can finally get down to exploring these people.

    Don't let my 8.7 fool you, I'm a harsh grader. I don't give things a 10 unless I think they're perfect. Over a 9 isn't very common for me either. This is one of the best, most laugh-packed episodes of the first season. From the opening scene of Jesse and Joey pathetically trying to dress Michelle to the ending conga, this episode never let up. The bedtime story sequence holds up to this day as one of my favorite Full House scenes. We got to see Danny really upset for the first time. While he was worried about not knowing where DJ was in the first episode, he was more scared. Saget, somehow, manages to look threatening when he confronts Jesse and Joey. The only part of this episode that lagged was the heartfelt scene between Joey and Jesse right before the end of the episode. It just didn't sound like the way two guys their age would talk. Especially Jesse. Still, overall, this episode was terrific.
  • this is the follow up to our very first show obvisouly.

    this is a good follow up to the first epiosode.i liked it,buti liked 'our very first show' better,not by very much though only 9 instead of 9 and a half.it's still very worth while watching!my favourite part of this episode is right at the start when jesse and joey now not only change her diaper but acually dress her for bed!it was funny how they put the 2 coveralls on i reckon lol,i also found funny how they tripled the diaper so they wouldn't have to change it as often,that was so creative of the writers lol.i think the first episode and the second episode together would make a great short movie.