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Full House

Season 1 Episode 12

Our Very First Promo

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 1987 on ABC
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Episode Summary

To boost ratings at the television station, Danny agrees to partake in a film project about his family.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Danny's job is requiring their employees have a short segment on their familes, and Danny gets to go first. But what happens when the director wants the Tanners to pretend to be a family that they are not, Danny takes over and directs it himself.moreless

    This episode was completely hysterical. From the monster to Veronica, it keeps you laughing the whole time. It also shows the Tanners as humans, not just the TV sitcom family they really are. Joey, Jesse, DJ, and Stephanie are all willing to play the roles of people who are very clearly NOT the real them at all for Danny, showing just how much they love him, and how much they are there for eachother. Then, Danny comes home and tells them all that he is proud of who they are and loves each of them for who they are, so as thankful as he is for what they were willing to do he wants to show the viewers the REAL Tanner family. This episode does a great job of showing them as a family.moreless
  • in 2 words, great episode!

    this is a great episode in my opinion because it shows how when people are well known like a celebrity in any way,in this case a news reporter,reporters can sometimes twist the truth around to make your life seem more interesting.and to always be yourself no-matter what.i liked it the most when joey and jesse were dressing michelle for the documentry and joey accidently tied her hair ribbon around jesses finger,that was cute.moreless
  • Happy Days had a show just like this

    Not only did ABC try to make Jesse seem like the Fonz, they took an idea used on Happy Days and probably elsewhere before - though it was funny it wasn't original. In the Happy DAys one, it's Joaanie, the younger sister of Richie Cunningham, replaced by a dog. (And Richie's replaced by a younger boy, too.) Here, it's Michelle. Both had people who thought they knew everything about marketing - one for Mr. C.'s hardware store, one for the station promo - and both had fathers who finally showed what family was all about.moreless
  • This is not just any dog Danny its a mans dog.

    This is not just any dog Danny its a mans dog. This was a silly episode. First of all if Danny knew that the lady was coming why wasn't he home from the beginning? Also Ronnie was so totally obnoxious. I wanted to sting her up by her cue cards and hang her from the roof. She was a snob and the way she talked down to the girls in the beginning when she first walked in. The saving event in this episode was that Danny didn't go for the shananigans that Ronnie was trying to push. Danny stood up and acted like a man who was proud of who he and his family were.moreless
John Stamos

John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • As Jesse and Joey are preparing Michelle for the camera crew to come, her changing table is set up in the bathroom. Why wouldn't it be in her bedroom, where it always is?

    • Kimmy mentions that Stephanie looks like the kid from Poltergeist. She is referring to the Stephen Speilberg movie, Poltergeist. But the quote They're back! isn't from the original Poltergeist but from the sequel. They're here! is the real quote from Poltergeist.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Jesse is chasing a ferret)
      Joey: What are you gonna do to him?
      Jesse: Think of it this way: I'm moving senior ferret one step up into a spiritual enlightenment.
      Joey: Whats the next step up for a ferret?
      Jesse: Somewhere between rat and lawyer.

    • (Joey took the ladder away to keep Jesse trapped in the vents)
      Jesse: Joey, give me the ladder!
      Joey: I'm not putting the ladder back until we have a talk.
      Jesse: Talk.
      Joey: You have to promise me that if you capture the ferret, you'll let him go in a safe and pleasant environment.
      Jesse: Ok, fine. I'll capture him, I'll buy him a little ferret condo, I'll fix him up with a hot little mink and send him to Club Med for the winter.

    • Jesse: In order to catch a ferret, you must... become one with the ferret.
      Joey: Oh sure. Like this? (he starts imitating a ferret)
      Jesse: Joey when you were a kid, did you fall out of a tree house?
      Joey: Yeah.

    • Jesse: I have great news. I met a girl today.
      Joey: That's not news, that's sports!

    • Stephanie: (grabs Danny's leg) Daddy, thank goodness you're home!
      Danny: Aww, I missed you too, sweetheart. Did you miss all of me, or just my leg?
      DJ: Stephanie says she's hearing a monster in the garage, but if you ask me, it's just a desperate plea for attention.
      Danny: DJ, stop watching Oprah, and start doing your homework.

    • Ronnie: Hello, I'm Ronnie. That's short for Veronica.
      DJ: Hi, I'm DJ. That's short for Donna Jo.
      Stephanie: I'm Stephanie. (pauses) I'm just short.

    • DJ: Stephanie, why do you keep following me?
      Stephanie: Because you keep leaving me.
      DJ: Steph, I know you're just a little kid with no life of your own, but Kimmy and I are trying to talk woman-to-woman.
      Stephanie: I'm a woman. I'm a little woman, but I'm a woman!

    • Little Girl: (hugs Danny during filming of his family life) Hi, Daddy!
      Danny: (perplexed) Oh, hi honey. Awwww, she's so sweet, she's so cute......who is she?
      Ronnie: She's your adopted daughter. We thought it would be great for your image.
      Danny: Honey, are your parents here?
      Little Girl: In the kitchen.
      Danny: Okay, you go in the kitchen and go see them. Aww, she's so adorable. Almost as adorable as my little baby. Where is my baby?
      Ronnie: We decided to go with the adoption. To be perfectly honest, Michelle just wasn't right for the part.
      Danny: You're saying that my baby wasn't right for the part of my baby?
      Joey: I auditioned for the part, and I came this close!

  • NOTES (2)