Full House

Season 1 Episode 1

Our Very First Show

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In the wake of his wife Pam's tragic death in a car accident 4 months ago, widowed sportscaster Danny Tanner must now say good-bye to his mother, who has spent the past few months living at the house. With three daughters under the age of ten, Danny convinces his best friend Joey Gladstone and rock-n'-rolling brother-in-law Jesse Cochran to move in temporarily. These two makeshift "junior dads" have their hands full helping with the kids and adjusting to a new lifestyle, but the biggest challenge is with oldest daughter D.J., who is not coping very well with these family changes.moreless

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  • First episode

    I didn't like a few things about this episode. Some scenes were quite cliche or didn't seem realistic, for example where DJ suddenly decides that she'll move in again, after all, and they all hug each other, or at the end where they suddenly all start singing and dancing.

    Mostly Stephanie's (her actor's) acting didn't strike me as realistic enough or she seems emotionless/apathetic/indifferent somehow, even at the time when her father is being emotional and is talking about their deceased mother (which after all happened not so long ago).

    On the other side, I was somehow impressed by DJ's acting, though, how a little girl like that could understand such emotions and act them out so convincingly while talking about something that isn't true for her (I assume).

    Overall I like the characters and can't really tell whether the first episode is particularly good.

    Edit: I just looked into the unaired first episode and I like the Danny they actually used for the show better because the first one was rather a Joey-type and with the actual Danny who manages to represent the responsibility part/type the show feels more balanced. I have a feeling it wouldn't have been that successful with the initial actor.

    Also I find that the scenes that needed to be remade because of the new actor were acted better. And the unaired first episode felt as if it rushed through the scenes and actions.

  • fullhouse

    It is one of the best
  • full house s1 e1

    that I wasn't able to watch anything
  • Grandma moves way and Danny is living with Jesse and Joey. Meanwhile, DJ is upset she has to share a room with Stephanie.

    This episode was horrible. There were some parts I liked, but mostly NOT! I usually give a show a good review, but not this episode. I love this show. I hate this episode. No wonder it's the first episode. It was very bad. What I didn't get was how DJ's mom would of caught her before she moved into the garadge. That was stupid. Is she physic or something? I did like the part where the family was dancing and singing around Michelle. That was cute with Michelle. I did think it was pretty funny when Jesse and Joey tried to change Michelle's diper.moreless
  • Pilot

    Danny Tanner's wife has passed away, and his mom is moving out, and so he has his best friend Joey Gladstone move in, and brother-in-law Jesse, to help him raise his 3 daughters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. In this episode, pilot, DJ doesn't like Stephanie sharing her room and she doesn't like grandma Tanner moving out and so she "Runs away" to the garage. After a speech about why she should come back, she does, and thus the first episode commences. Overall, a decent opener. I liked most of it. My overall grade would be a C+/B- or about thatmoreless
John Stamos

John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • In the first season, Jesse's last name was Cochran, but in the second season it was changed to Katsopolis because of John Stamos' Greek heritage.

    • We learn in this episode that Kimmy has three sisters, although the story with her siblings was very inconsistent. Sometimes she was an only child, and other times she had a brother.

    • When this episode was shown on ABC Family, the entire diaper change sequence was cut. On Nick at Nite, the diaper change sequence is intact, but the full opening was replaced with the standard shorter opening, like when all Season One episodes aired on that channel, plus some footage of Danny helping Grandma getting ready to leave was cut, as well as Joey's Pee-Wee Herman impression.

    • The original role of Danny Tanner was played by John Posey; before Bob Saget became available.

    • The Olsen twins went on to make a phenomenally huge career for themselves beyond Full House, but this was the only role they had to audition for. Every other movie they did was created for them.

    • It's often been said that a big reason the Olsen twins got this role was because they were the only babies who didn't cry at the audition.

    • When Joey comes to move in he has only an arm full of clothes. Where is everything else he would need to live there?

    • In the first season, the producers of the show didn't want people to know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were two people so they credited them as "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen".

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Stephanie: (after seeing that Michelle is in a pot to have her diaper changed) Are you gonna cook Michelle?
      Joey: We're changing her diaper.
      Stephanie: Oh. Then how do you roast a turkey?

    • Danny: Whoa! What happened? What's with all the dirty baby clothes?
      Joey: I'm sorry, Danny, but every time we tried changing her, she'd dribble or drool or spit up.
      Jesse: Your baby's a pig.

    • Jesse: All right, I'll speak a language you understand. 5 bucks if you move back in.
      D.J.: 50.
      Jesse: 10.
      D.J.: 49.
      Jesse A buck?!? You went down a buck?!
      D.J.: Okay, it's back to 50.
      Jesse: My final offer: 20 bucks.
      D.J.: 21. Vanessa's waiting.
      (Jesse gives her the money)

    • Joey: (in a baby voice when Michelle is crying) Oh, Michelle, little baby-waby. What's the matter? Uncle Jesse, what are we gonna do?
      Jesse: First, we stop talkin' like a munchkin.

    • Danny: That means that you and D.J. are gonna get to be roommates. Isn't that exciting?
      Stephanie: I can wear all D.J.'s clothes!
      D.J.: Do I have to share my room with her?
      Danny: Honey, it's gonna be just like having a slumber party.
      D.J.: Yeah, with only 1 guest, who never leaves.

    • Danny: You lost my daughter? I went to work for 7 hours, and you lost 33% of my children?

    • Joey: (feels Michelle's diaper) We have a winner! Now what?
      Jesse: Joseph, put yourself in her place. What would you want done?
      Joey: I've never changed a diaper.
      Jesse: Me, neither. 'Least you touched one.

    • D.J.: Rule #1: You never touch my stuff. You should be taking notes. Rule #2: Never set foot on my half of the room.
      Stephanie: How do I get outta here?
      D.J.: Easy. You jump out the window and climb down the tree.
      Stephanie: I don't think so.
      D.J.: Suit yourself.
      Stephanie: I'll find a way out.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Stephanie Tanner was not yet developed when Jeff Franklin originally created the show, but when he saw little actress Jodie Sweetin on another television series, he liked her so much that he built the Stephanie character just for her. She never auditioned for it, and nobody else tried out for the part. Dave Coulier has said that Sweetin was always so precocious, funny and natural with her lines, that everyone predicted she would become the star of the show (although Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ended up receiving that honor, once they got a bit older).

    • In the Syndication package on UPN, the opening credits never credit the cast.

    • This is the only season in which Rebecca doesn't appear in any episode.

    • In syndication, the regular theme song is used for the first season instead.

    • If Alice Hirson (Danny's mom) looks familiar to you, it may be because she also played Annie Camden's mother in the hit WB show "7th Heaven."

    • The Olsen twins aren't credited in the first season, except they are credited during the opening credits on ABC Family and Nick@Nite nowadays.

    • This is the first time anyone (particularly Jesse) says the show's most famous catchphrase, "Have mercy!", during the series.

    • Alice Hirson plays Danny's mom in season one only. The next time we see Danny's mom (after that season, I mean), it's a couple seasons later and Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond is playing the role.

    • For the entire first season, they used an extended version of the theme song "Everywhere you Look", that lasted one minute and a half long. It was also played at a somewhat higher pitch than the version used for later seasons.