Full House

Season 1 Episode 1

Our Very First Show

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • First episode

    I didn't like a few things about this episode. Some scenes were quite cliche or didn't seem realistic, for example where DJ suddenly decides that she'll move in again, after all, and they all hug each other, or at the end where they suddenly all start singing and dancing.

    Mostly Stephanie's (her actor's) acting didn't strike me as realistic enough or she seems emotionless/apathetic/indifferent somehow, even at the time when her father is being emotional and is talking about their deceased mother (which after all happened not so long ago).

    On the other side, I was somehow impressed by DJ's acting, though, how a little girl like that could understand such emotions and act them out so convincingly while talking about something that isn't true for her (I assume).

    Overall I like the characters and can't really tell whether the first episode is particularly good.

    Edit: I just looked into the unaired first episode and I like the Danny they actually used for the show better because the first one was rather a Joey-type and with the actual Danny who manages to represent the responsibility part/type the show feels more balanced. I have a feeling it wouldn't have been that successful with the initial actor.

    Also I find that the scenes that needed to be remade because of the new actor were acted better. And the unaired first episode felt as if it rushed through the scenes and actions.

  • fullhouse

    It is one of the best
  • full house s1 e1

    that I wasn't able to watch anything
  • Grandma moves way and Danny is living with Jesse and Joey. Meanwhile, DJ is upset she has to share a room with Stephanie.

    This episode was horrible. There were some parts I liked, but mostly NOT! I usually give a show a good review, but not this episode. I love this show. I hate this episode. No wonder it's the first episode. It was very bad. What I didn't get was how DJ's mom would of caught her before she moved into the garadge. That was stupid. Is she physic or something? I did like the part where the family was dancing and singing around Michelle. That was cute with Michelle. I did think it was pretty funny when Jesse and Joey tried to change Michelle's diper.
  • Pilot

    Danny Tanner's wife has passed away, and his mom is moving out, and so he has his best friend Joey Gladstone move in, and brother-in-law Jesse, to help him raise his 3 daughters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. In this episode, pilot, DJ doesn't like Stephanie sharing her room and she doesn't like grandma Tanner moving out and so she "Runs away" to the garage. After a speech about why she should come back, she does, and thus the first episode commences. Overall, a decent opener. I liked most of it. My overall grade would be a C+/B- or about that
  • The very first episode was very good.

    I wonder how they got the episode title :P This episode is the very first episode. It was good. This wasn't the first episode I have ever seen, but it's the first episode made. Actually, they made an episode before with a different Danny Tanner, but they chose Bob Saget. Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ were so young in this season!! I like them better when they are older though, but Steph is cuter in this season. It was funny when Joey and Jesse were trying to change Michelle's diaper and Steph goes oh, well then how do you roast a turkey! Hahaha!
  • Not your best pilot episode.

    I have to admit: Full House is an awesome show. Don't get me wrong there. But the pilot episode, well, it just wasn't that good. Do you know what I mean?

    Two of Danny Tanner's friends or relatives move in once his mother leaves and his wife dies. His brother-n-law, rock-n-roll, Uncle Jesse. And his funny, "animated", Joey Gladstone who was his best friend in grade school.

    We have some, well, not sad, but when one character is kind down in the dumps. Anyways, we have one of those moments early in the show, and they stick with it, having these in practically every episode.

    DJ moves into the garage which looks pretty darn good! It seems better than her old room, especially with her old room ruled by a freak! Her younger sister! AAHHH!! Run for your lives!!
  • u

    the true begging of the full house series. well grandma is finally leaving the house when the mother dies. danny is cut short on adults in the house. so he could not find anybody and got these guys instead. joey gladstone was one of danny's first friends and is also a stand up comedian. then we have jesse. he is a rock star and proud of it. so now the family is together. but the first full house problem is made. dj the oldest daughter is tierd of the middle daugheter being in her way. so she moves into the garage. can danny talk her out of it?
  • Wonderful Show! Great Pilot! Greatly recommended!

    Full House has always been one of my favorite shows to watch in spare time. This particular episode was very good but somewhat abrupt way to start a story. All you know is that there's a dad with three daughters, without a mother, and he has two pysco friends and his Grandmother living with him. Apparently the dad is a neatfreak, Jesse is the opposite, and rides a motorcycle everywhere, and Joey's trying to make a proffession out of making people laugh. Danny Tanner works at the studios producing episodes of the show "Wake up San Francisco," which he hosts. You can tell DJ and Stephanie will never be able to get along in the same room, and Michelle..... is still a baby. You put all these together and you have a Full House!
  • When Jesse and Joey move in to the Tanner house.

    This was an ok episode for me.It was about when Danny's mom was leaving,and Jesse and Joey move in.DJ and Stephanie become roomates,and DJ doesn't like it.Jesse and Joey have to watch the kids while Danny is gone to work,and Jesse and Joey have trouble changing Michelle's diaper.DJ moves to the garage,and Danny notices after he comes home.DJ won't move back in,and while Joey gets milk for Michelle,and Danny helps,Jesse tries to let DJ move back in.He pays her money so that he'll have time for his girl Vanessa.Danny tells DJ that just because mom is gone,doesn't mean we're not a family.After the talk,DJ decides to move back in her room with Stephanie.This episode did get boring,but got funny too,especially when Jesse and Joey changed Michelle's diaper.
  • Where it all began.

    I must say this episode was both emotional and funny. I thought it was a good start to the beginning of the series even if at the time it wasn't such a big hit. You get to learn about the characters very well and you get the sense of closeness that most viewers want to see when they watch a family show. It's filled with cute scenes and humorous lines. I loved the scene where Jesse and Joey attempted to change Michelle's diaper. I fell in love with Stephanie instantly in this episode because she was so cute especially when she was hanging from the curtains. Definitely a good first episode.
  • The real starter!

    The unaired pilot can stack well and badly against this official pilot. John Posey didn't click with me as Danny, but then again, I didn't see that version until well after I got very used to the main cast.

    On the plus side, many of the unairedd scenes were longer and stronger than the actual aired version. Some were funnier, like when Jesse and Joey are investigating Michelle (Joey takes some time to peek over and around the crib before physically checking her diaper). Some not so much (when Joey arrives, he dumps his clothes on the floor, and when he announces his clothes are all dirty, everyone backs away from them. In the actual show, Joey hands the pile to Danny, who drops them when Joey says they're all dirty a minute later).

    The pilot (either version) serves as a simple introduction to the characters and sets up the series perfectly.
  • Months after his wife's death, a father of three daughters best friend, and his rock-n-roll brother-n-law mover in.

    Of course, I wasn't born when this episode aired, and I didn't find out about this show until about 2001, and this wasn't the first episode I saw, but as soon as I could, I tried to watch this episode, and this was like the best pilot of any show ever!! When Danny leaves the house while Joey and Jesse babysit, the guys have to face an ultimate challenge . . . to change a diaper. I mean, a dirty diaper. And they do it the old fashioned way instead of the right way. On the other hand, DJ moves into the garage after learning she'll be sharing a room with Stephanie. I wouldn't of moved back in. The way she fixed up the garage to look all fancy and have an old fashioned air conditioner and all that, that was cool.
  • The best pilot ever

    In all the pilots ive ever seen for any show, the one for Full House has got to be the best ive ever seen. It immediately goes into the family\'s lives. It talked about a widowers struggle to raise his 3 girls but then seeks helps from his best friend Joey and his Brother in law Jesse. I think Stephanie is a cutie in this episode. Probably my favorite part of this episode is when DJ moves into the garage and Uncle Jesse tries to get her to move back in so he offers her 20 bucks. But DJ says 21 and Uncle Jesse gave into her because Vanessa was waiting. lol it was both a touching, and funny episode.
  • Three months after the death of his wife, Danny's friend Joey and brrther-in-law Jesse move in to help raise the girls. DJ moves into the garage after being forced to share a room with Stephanie.

    This episode was good. Not great, no, but very few pilots are. Characters are still being worked out. They lack the depth that they only gain from doing show after show. That said, this episode still contained some absolutely fantastic sequences. The slapstick-like diaper changing was really the scene that sold this show. When it aired for test audiences, the dials that the audience members use to show how much they like what's going on were off the charts for about 5 straight minutes. Jodie Sweetin's lines "Nobody asked me" and "Then how do you roast a turkey?" were priceless. The "I Love Lucy"-inspired room division was terrific. From Stephanie "just hanging around" to Joey's attempted limbo, the crepe paper just worked. Unfortunately, the show ended on a low note, with everyone standing around Michelle's crib singing the theme song from "The Flintstones". Quite simply, that just didn't work. It was like an outtake from "The Partridge Family," only with 10% of the talent. Still, this poor ending couldn't ruin a very good show. It could only take it down from an 8 to a 7.5 for me.
  • Best Pilot Ever!

    Danny\'s Mom moves out after 3 months of helping him out after his wife dies. SO to help him raise his 3 daughter\'s he asks Jesse his brother-in-law and his best friend Joey. D.J. has to share a room with her sister and isn\'t very happy about it so she moves to the garage. This is a very good episode and is touching. My favorite scene is where Joey and Jesse change michelle\'s diaper. I laughed throughout the episode and you will laugh as well. This is the best pilot episode I\'ve ever seen. And also the funniest. You will enjoy this episode.
  • How it all started...

    Ever since his wife died, Danny needed help raising his three kids, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Claire, the girls' grandmother has done it, but then she has to leave, and so Danny's friend, Joey, and the girls' uncle Jesse move in, so now DJ and Stephanie have to share a room. Of course, both girls don't like the idea, so DJ moves out and to the garage, but Jesse makes her do it. Will things be the way it should be?
  • this is the first ever episode of full house out of the whole 8 seasons!

    excellant!unlike some other pilots it was introductery, like straight away it explained who everyone was,yuo didn't have to watch like 3 episodes to know who was who.it also had funny parts like when jesse and joey try to change michelles diaper,that was hilarious!it also made you want to cry at the end.my favourite part was when jesse and joey tried to change michelles diaper and when they finished wraper her in a plastic bag stephanie says''not bad but next time try these''and she holds up the bag of diapers, then when jesse says ''steph why did you wait till now to give us the diapers?''she says''nobody asked me''that was a good follow up to the long diaper joke i think,better than straight away changing the scene.all in all great first episode!
  • A Great Start

    This show started out pretty heavy.

    Uncle Jesse and Joey= Two guys trying to raise three girls for the first time. You have to know that something funny is going to happy. (Michelle's Diaper)
    They also had to deal with a teenage girl who does not like what is going on. DJ loses her own room when Stephanie moved in so she decided to move to the garage.

  • It isn't the best, it isn't the worst. Not good for a first episode.

    I think this episode could have been so much better. It had funny parts in it, which I like, but the overall plot seems dull. It didn't have any strong points, and we don't get alot of certain characters. I think they could've incorporated Stephanie in the episode more, but they can't get everybody in.
  • Nice job of showing how kids handle moving

    Michelle's best friend for only a year, she and Teddy are already very close, and her funny way of trying to keep him there is great. Teddy's reaction is priceless. Danny shows somethign that recurs once in a while, he's just so obsessed with something - Vicki int his case - that he totally ignores Michelle not coming down for school; Michelle knows the men won't enforce anything by now. But, tht's why D.J. still needs to react.
  • Saying goodby

    This episode was really an average show. Teddy moving away from Michelle was hard for her to take but trying to keep him from going was silly to be written into the story line. I would have hoped they would have done something other then have her try to keep him prisoner.
    The other story line about Nicky and Alex having a doll was pure silly. Boys have dolls its was just a silly storyline.