Full House

Season 1 Episode 0

Our Very First Show (Unaired)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • This is how Full House could have been?

    John Posey is a decent actor but just wasn't right for the role of Danny. He didn't seem very emotional when talking about his dead wife and wasn't much of an authority father like figure. I also thought he was too much like Joey. Anyway, this episode is the same story as the aired pilot. But with longer scenes and some different lines.
  • I liked .

    So funny .
  • kj

    this is the only episode where danny tanner is not played by bob saget. instead it is someone else. bob was at first asked to play the role but turned it down because he was on a sports program. but then he came and wanted to go on. yet there was a problem. the first episode was already made with a different actor for danny. so the director had to make a decision. he obviously picked danny. but he felt bad for the other guy so he made sure he had a good role in antor show. so now bob plays danny.
  • Longer and stronger but that Danny!!

    The unaired pilot can stack well and badly against the official pilot. John Posey didn't click with me as Danny, but then again, I didn't see this version until well after I got very used to the main cast.

    On the plus side, many of the scenes were longer and stronger than the actual aired version. Some were funnier, like when Jesse and Joey are investigating Michelle (Joey takes some time to peek over and around the crib before physically checking her diaper). Some not so much (when Joey arrives, he dumps his clothes on the floor, and when he announces his clothes are all dirty, everyone backs away from them. In the actual show, Joey hands the pile to Danny, who drops them when Joey says they're all dirty a minute later).

    The pilot (either version) serves as a simple introduction to the characters and sets up the series perfectly.
  • Dannys best friend joey moves in as well as his brother in law jesse. dj is upset she has to share her room with little sister stephanie so she moves into the garage. jesse and joey play dad and have there first chance at changing baby michelles diaper.

    This is the unaired pilot for the 1987 tv sitcom full house. Its basically the same as the aired pilot. Major difference is instead of bob saget playing danny tanner john posey was cast because bob was to busy and unable to accept the part at the time. There are a few script changes also but mainly it is still the same. If you haven\'t seen this one you should. you can find it on the season 1 dvd of full house. i\'ll tell you now it will be very weird to see it because of john posey. but its a different look of what full house could have been like. check it out!
  • Why was there a different dad?

    This was their very first episode, but it was a pilot? And there was a guy who got replaced by Bob Saget. Who was John Posey? Anyways, this was the episode where they tell us that Pam passed away. Danny convinces his mother that he can handle everything on his own..with the help of his brother in law Jesse and best buddy Joey. The girls dont want their grandma to leave. When Jesse and Joey come in, Dj says, you think we can catch grandma at the airport? Dj gets mad when Danny tells her Stephanie is moving in with Dj. She says first she loses her mom, then her grandma leaves, and now she loses her own room?! Thats why Dj decided to move into the garage.
  • The same story as the aired pilot, but without the chemistry.

    I find it hard to watch this episode, which appears on the Season 1 DVD. The chemistry is lacking between John Posey and the rest of the cast. While the story is the same as the aired pilot with Bob Saget, it seems like a completely different episode, perhaps even a different show. I don't know if my issue is actually that John Posey doesn't fit the character well, or just that I grew so used to Bob Saget, but I am glad the they used Bob Saget as Danny rather than sticking with John Posey as he had great chemistry with the entire cast!
  • How do all you people who wrote a review about this eppesod Know what happend if it never aired. But you could have bought the DVD. but i agree with mystuff how did it air on January 2007 if it is unaired. Also that date is not here yet

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  • Danny\\\'s mom moves out of the house about 3 monthes after Pam died. Jesse and Joey move in to help with the girls, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. From here it unfolds as Full House really comes to grips with it\\\'s name.

    It was absolutely horrifying and I don\\\'t mean that as in it was scary, I mean that as in it sucked eggs so much it made me want to cry. It was such a good thing that they got rid of John Posey as Danny and replaced him with Bob Saget. He is so much better. Of course, the version with him in it wasn\\\'t much better. However, though the pilot episode of this series was absolutely terrible in either version the version with Bob Saget truely unlocks the story behind the story and opens the relationship between the later episodes unfold in a perfect manner.
  • They should have not taken the show off the air. It was a great family and clean show. The date of its unaired episode, is wrong.

    I never got to see this episode, and I think that they made a mistake, because uh, Janurary 1, 2007 hasn\'t came yet! So, since I never got to see the first pilot episode, I will have to save up and get the DVD. It was an excellent episode. I watched it from the first one til the end. I cried when they introduced the chacarters.
  • Same as the actual Our Very First Show, but with John Posey as Danny Tanner. Never aired, but included as a special feature on the Season 1 DVD

    This episode wasn't great by any means, but it's still a must-see for any die-hard Full House fan (such as myself). Producer Jeff Franklin originally wanted either Bob Saget or Paul Reiser for the role of Danny Tanner, but neither was available. He then went with the unknown (then and now) John Posey. Posey is a decent actor in his own right, but he was not Danny. Saget had a Geeky Dad quality about him. Everyone growing up knew someone like this. Whether it was your own father or that of a friend, you knew some guy who, the harder he tried to be cool, the more he failed. Posey's delivery came across forced, played for laughs. Saget's was more laid-back. That said, this episode still contained some absolutely fantastic sequences. The slapstick-like diaper changing was really the scene that sold this show. When it aired for test audiences, the dials that the audience members use to show how much they like what's going on were off the charts for about 5 straight minutes. Jodie Sweetin's lines "Nobody asked me" and "Then how do you roast a turkey?" were priceless. The show, unfortunately, ended on a low note, with everyone standing around Michelle's crib, singing the theme song from The Flintstones. Still, despite this forced sequence and Posey's less-than-stellar acting, this was a good episode.
  • All in all, the episode was good. It just didn\'t have the right character playing Danny.

    I thought that this episode was good, but I didn\'t like the character who played Danny Tanner. I didn\'t think that he would have fit in. I could probably tell you that if he was the one to play Danny Tanner, then Full House wouldn\'t have lasted as long as it did. I thought it started out good with having Joey and Jesse move in to help Danny with the girls. Like I said, Bob Seget was a better Danny Tanner than the other guy, but it was still a good episode. It was better when Bob was Danny Tanner though, much better.
  • RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!

    I wasted 25 bucks on the DVD just to watch this episode, and this is what I get. An episode that is exactly the same as the aired pilot, only with a different Danny and little deleted shots. I can\'t believe they\'re letting the world see this whether they like it or not. I don\'t know about them, but I vote not. I bought the DVD cuz I thought this episode was different. They should have an advisory saying \"Warning: this episode is a rip off. Please select a different episode now.\" Anyone who agrees can buy a pitchfork at a low price at Lowe\'s. Ha ha ha. Two words, world: RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Original unaired pilot of Full House.

    Although the unaired pilot with John Posey is exactly the same as the aired pilot with Bob Saget, it is somehow confusing and disturbing (unlike the actual pilot which is groundbreaking and wonderful). For anybody who appreciates Bob Saget, this will reaffirm their love for him. For anybody who thinks Bob Saget was bad on Full House, I suggest they watch this to see just how terrible it could have been. Even the consistent wonderful-ness of every other cast member does not make up for Posey's terrible performance. His comic timing, line delivery, and overall demeanor are unpleasant to say the least. Thank god he was replaced. He could very well have single-handedly ruined the show, had his reign of terror continued.
  • There's something different....

    This episode is basically the same as Our Very First Show. It's the same plot. With some different scenes. But somethings missing hmmmmmmm.......................................................................................................... I know! Danny! Danny seems like a completely different character in this episode. John Posey's not a bad actor but... I didn't like Danny as much as the other episodes. You're not missing anything if you didn't see this eppy.

  • Kind of wierd because the guy who play danny is different.

    This is like the samething as the one that they aired on tv. I have to give it a lower score because I thought it was weird. The guy who plays danny isn't Bob Saget. It is good like the one aired on tv but the ending credits are different. It is a good episode but I thought it was kind of wierd. So this is one reason you have to get the full house season 1 dvd.
  • Jesse and Joey move in to help widowed Danny Tanner raise his three daughters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Later in the episode, DJ wants to move to the garage to not share a room with Stephanie. The episode ends with the Tanners singing Meet the Flintst

    First episode, series pilot. A little weak. Could have been better jokes and a better plotline. It's not the worst or the best. I'd just say it's not a personal favorite. I think some lines are funny but others are pretty lame. Full House got bad reviews in the beginning, and I think this episode deserved a pretty bad review.
  • Weird to see Danny look so different.

    The pilot is awesome. But seeing Danny look so different, and then there wasn't quite the chemistry there. I don't like Bob Saget's comedy per se, too vulgar otherwise as times, but he's a good family man in this one. John Posey would have been okay I guess,.
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