Full House

Season 3 Episode 24

Our Very First Telethon

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 1990 on ABC

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  • In this episode they are trying to raise money for children and at the end Mike Love of The Beach Boys comes in and sings the classic Beach Boy song "Be True to Your School"

    I love this episode. It has a great dance routine by Stephanie and a cute duet with DJ and Michelle. My fave part was when my all-time fave Beach Boy Mike Love comes out and sings a great Beach Boy song. When I first seen this episode, I really wanted the coat that Mike Love was wearing. That is such a beautiful coat. John Stamos looked so good in this episode. Actually John Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis) is totally hot in every episode starting in the 2nd season and just gets better with age and he is almost 45 years old.
  • The perfect finale for the season!

    I really liked this episode because it was funny, and it's the perfect conclusion for the season! The presentations they had were very interesting, like Joey, using a magical trick to pretend to make Becky disappear, and then Danny had to sing with Becky, still in the cabinet. But the best parts happened when Danny went to sleep, and the girls help to continue to run the show. First, Michelle helped by singing kiddie songs, including the alphabet song. Then everyone else also did some interesting and comical presentations. Then, finally Danny woke up when Kimmy rode her unicycle around him, and at the end, they reached over a million dollars.

    This episode was definitely worth watching. Although it might have been slightly boring in the beginning, the rest of the show was really good! Overall, Season 3 is my favorite season. All the episodes in Season 3 are worth watching, and with only very few boring episodes.
  • This episode proves to be a series landmark.

    Here's what happens. The station Danny and Becky work for is hosting the "We Love Our Children Telethon '90". Okay enough of the preliminaries.

    Joey kicks things off by doing a comedy act involving the different instrumental players in a rock band, which is generally well-accepted. Then Joey makes the first mistake that kicks off a series of unexpected events. He decides to perform a magic act with Becky as his assistant, only to botch the thing because where her torso is supposed to be is stuck. To make matters worse, she was supposed to sing a duet with Danny (who proves to be a surprisingly good singer). Joey has to suddenly put his "repairman" hat while the two are singing. Other acts are shown, including the Raiderettes (never mind the local team, the 49ers, were two-time Super Bowl champions or that the Raiders were in L.A. and didn't return to Oakland until the season AFTER Full House ended)

    Moving right along; the next day, Danny makes a critical blunder because he wore himself out (somehow he got the impression he was supposed to be up the entire time), and starts drifting to sleep. He is out cold while Michelle is singing the alphabet song, but Joey ends up interrupting Michelle's comedy act. Amazingly, the cash raised is continually climbing steadily (if slowly).

    This brings us to this episode's highlights: Stephanie decides to do a dance to the B-52's "Love Shack" (yes, it's more than a little bizarre as to why a 7-8 year old is dancing to such a suggestive song). Secondly, D.J. follows up with a great vocal performance of "Lollipops and Gummi Bears" (or whatever it's called) while carrying Michelle in a cart.

    After a brief mis-step (Joey trying to perform "Janie's Got a Gun"), Danny is awaked by the cyclist stylings (and smelly feet, no doubt) of Kimmy Gibbler. (I hope somebody had the presence of mind to tape the last part of the telethon.)

    Well, the total is at $960,000 when Beach Boys Mike Love stops by to perform. The total ends up exceeding the $1,000,000 goal, the ballons fall from the ceiling, and one of this show's best episodes comes to a close.

    Overall (between 1 and 10): 8.75
  • This was on of my favortie episodes because it really showed the Tanner family coming together to fun a telethon, and everyone of the Tanner household participated in making it a great show, even though the host "Danny" fell asleep, even Michelle helped!!

    This was a great episode of Full House and it was really funny especially when Gibler rode her unicycle around Danny, but my favorite part was when Steph performed a dance to "Love Shack" she's a really great dancer, but I didn't care for D.J.'s song, it was sort of boring. And I also liked the part where Joey performed a "Magic Trick" yeah right. But overall I really liked this episode!
  • Basically this episode is very funny. Danny\'s the host of \"We Love Our Children Telethon 90\" and falls asleep on the air, but like we all know, the rest of the Tanners help out and take over as hosts.

    \"Our Very First Telethon\" is very funny. Danny is the host of We Love Our Children Telethon 90, which is trying to raise $1,000,000 for the children\'s hospital. At first the show goes very well. Joey does a stand-up comedy act which involves him imitating a metal concert and a magic act where he tries to take Becky apart which goes haywire when she gets stuck in the box. The next act also happens to be Danny and Becky singing \"What I Did for Love,\" which is hilarious when Becky ad-libs lyrics. Numerous donations are made and other acts are put on. Even though Danny drinks numerous cups of coffee, he falls asleep on the air. So Jesse and Joey take over as the hosts. Jesse begs for someone to come and help them out, since there are a lot of acts in town including the Beach Boys. In the meantime they have Michelle sing the ABCs (and imitate animals), Stephanie dance to \"Love Shack\" by the B-52s, and DJ sing and dance to a song she sings to Michelle. Joey even provides some entertainment by imitating Aerosmith and singing some of \"Janie\'s Got a Gun,\" but is cut off by Jesse saying, \"Becky, please do something before he starts doing Tina Turner!\" Danny wakes up as Kimmy Gibbler is riding her unicycle around the set. Mike Love (Dr. Love) from the Beach Boys shows up and sings \"Be True to Your School,\" and they end up reaching the $1,000,000 goal that they set. Overall this episode is very funny. It\'s one of my favorites.
  • Not much of a season ender.

    It was a good, solid episode, but wasn't in the same ballpark as a regular season ending ep, especially after last seasons near wedding.

    While the ploy of having Danny up so late as to fall asleep during his hosting duties was cute, it was unneeded. Nothing special happened just because he was asleep, and worse, it only seemed to be an excuse to squeeze in extra Michelle, who's not nearly as cute at this age as when used in spurts.

    Steph's dance would have been much more fun had she "convinced" the cheerleaders to back her up (leading to a "how do they all know the routine" feeling). Jesse didn't take advantage and rock out. Joey's routines were semi flat...

    All in all, just not that great.
  • Everyone gets in on the act when Danny hosts the 24-hour, We Love Our Children Telethon.

    A great way to end the third season! I loved Our Very First Telethon, very much. The idea of Danny, Jesse, Joey and the girls host a telethon to raise at least a million dollars for children in only twenty four hours is classic! Not just because I'm a kid, but still, I loved the idea, I loved the episode, I loved all the acts, and I loved how you could see the amount of money collected so far without someone telling you. But, as always, something always goes wrong in every episode and Danny going to sleep was that wrong thing. So from then on, Michelle singing the alphabet song, The Eensy Bensy Spider crawled up the Water Spout and more, Kimmy performing on her unicle, and much more. A grand season finale!
  • While the host sleeps the show must go on

    Danny is the host of telethon show to help raise money to help the children.Altough everything was going well.When in some point in time Danny falls asleep during the show! So Jessie and the others picked up where he left off to continue with the telethon.Stephaine danced and D.j sang.Surprisingly one of the beach boys member appeared for the telethon.When Kimmy rides her one wheel bike thing.Danny wakes up.....and the money was raised enough for the charity.

    Pretty good episode.So when Danny asleep the show must go on.It was an surprise that Rebecca left and went to take an nap.When the rest of the family had to do it? Cuz she could've done the show for Danny.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes!

    This episode was great. This was the last time you\'ll see Stephanie with curly hair. Danny falls asleep during the telethon. So Jesse asks Dj and Stephanie to do something. Stephanie dances to Love Shack while Dj sings her little song to Michelle. Joey does his comedy. Rebecca and Danny sing their duet. Joey does his magic and gets Becky stuck in there for awhile. So she sings her duet with Danny inside the box. While Danny is still sleeping Jesse mentions names of great entertainment and says hes not gonna beg, but PLEASE! Help us. So, a while later, The Beach Boys come and save the telethon! They soon make the record! Oh yeah, Kimmy Gibbler rides her unicycle. And it wakes Danny up.
  • It was a fairly good episode.

    This episode was fairly good. I very much enjoyed the part where Danny and Becky tried to sing a song together even though Beck was in three pieces. I am, however, getting a little bit tired of seeing the Beach Boys on Full House. They're practically regulars on vthe show. I thought it very cute of Michelle to sing. I also thought it was funny to see Joey try and sing with Jesse's band. It was also enjoyable when Jesse did a long drum solo while the Beach Boy sang. Overall, this was a great episode, but the writers could have made it much better.
  • I love this episode. I love the part when Stephanie was dancing to Love Shack, she could dance good, but the part I like the most was D.J. performing with Michelle, that D.J. could sing great and I thought is was so cute, I get it 10.

    I love this episode, it was so fantastic and funny and everything else great. I love the part when Danny falls to sleep and everybody is trying to keep the show going, and Stephanie was dancing to Love Shack, she could dance good, but the part I like the most was D.J. performing with Michelle, that D.J. could sing great and I thought is was so cute, I get it 10.
  • Is it nap time?

    I thought this episode was deffinately above average. It was so fun to watch Mike Love perform. It was great because you got to see the whole cast do something that they are good at. Wehn Danny fell asleep during the telethon it was very funny. I loved the dance Steph did and the song DJ sung. Michelle was very cute and Kimmy riding her unicycle was also great.A really well written episode.
  • Another one with everything

    Lots of laughs here, but also a great message about how this family gets along and everyone pulls through when someone needs help. It's really great to see all the different acts they could do, and I think it's realistic that in that area soemone famous would be there - if not the Beach Boys someone would have the number of someone who could have gotten Joe Montana on the phone or something. After all, it is a telethon for a very worthy cause. Very well done and a great way to round off an excellent season.
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