Full House

Season 2 Episode 15

Pal Joey

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 1989 on ABC

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  • perfect

    Danny is jealous of how much time Joey and Jesse are spending together, and they remember the first time they met, and how Danny and Joey became friends in the first place; Danny got a bloody nose from a bully, and Joey kept making fun of the bully. The bully goes to get a teacher, but Danny defends Joey, saying the bully started it all.

    Good episode. It had some good humor (gimme back my basketball!) and it was a nice story and revelation of how all three of them met. This is easily one of my favorite episodes, and so it easily gets an A+ as a grade from me
  • average.worth watching.

    average.worth watching.this is a flashback episode true but it's not a flashback of bit's from other episodes of the show there's just one scene where it goes way back to when danny,joey and jesse were in elementry school.and joey and danny were meeting for the first time,alright episode i think it would have been better if the girls had more in the story line.
  • They could have found a better way to show Jesse being included

    It was great to see the start of Joey's friendship. They really needed to keep Jesse's age straight, as he looked too close in age int he flashback. They did get the name Katsoplois right, though - that was his name and his parents' name except for a few years, including the first season, when he wanted to go by Cochrane. Danny really could have just suggested the time capsule thing beforehand, though. He does get really overboard about things sometimes - I wonder if that's still b/c of Pam's death or if he was always that way. My guess is a little of each.
  • Give me my basketball

    Give me my basketball, Okay are we 12 again? Danny was acting like such a kid. As a grown up he should have had the knowledge to talk things out with Joey and Jesse. Now we know where the girls get their occasional tantrums from. I liked the part where they reveal how Danny and Joey's friendship got started and how they included Jesse in the end other than that it was just an average silly episode.
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