Full House

Season 6 Episode 22

Prom Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 1993 on ABC

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  • I loved this episode!

    Prom Night was a great episode of Full House. Like a lot of episodes, this one was really funny. It was funny at the prom when Kimmy had those really long nails. Ha ha ha ha ha! It was also funny when Becky was dancing and the chaperones just looked at her. Another funny thing! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! In this episode, we find out that Vicky is older than Danny. This episode was very good and one of my faves in Season 6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! 100 words!!
  • DJ and Steve go to the prom. Very good episode.

    This episode was very good. DJ and Steve go to the prom and DJ frets that Steve still has feelings for his old girlfriend. There was a lot of drama at the prom which produced tears from DJ's eyes. Kimmy provided a lot of humor as usual, which was awesome. With lots of drama, humor, and excitement, this episode was fantastic and I loved it. I recommend this episode for anyone who loves Steve and DJ's relationship and who loves Jesse's music. He performed at the prom. There was also Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You as the king and queen dance song.
  • Old girlfriend or New girlfriend.

    Okay so steve and DJ get ready for prom night and go to the mall. While DJ is looking for dresses and asking steve which one he likes the most. His old girlfriend wearing the exact same dress, acts all weird around her and saids that DJ should get that dress. DJ was like no way. Kimmy gets some news that Steve old girlfriend still had feelings for him and wish she never broke up with him and she gives him a kiss. DJ sees the kiss and starts to run and cry. Is the realationship over between DJ and Steve? You have to go watch this episode to go see.
  • "The old girlfried. The new girlfriend. Smell the tension." DJ thinks prom night is fun, until Steve wins prom king-and his ex-girlfriend wins prom queen.

    Kimmy, DJ, and Steve go to to Steve's prom. When DJ is shoping for her dress with Steve, they see Steve's old girlfriend Rachael Taylor. Reachael invites them to an after party in a hotel, but DJ and Steve say they don't want to go.
    Meanwhile, Vicky-who has been lying to Danny-tells him that she's in actual one year older than him. Danny doesn't take to this very well.
    Back at the prom, Steve wins prom king and Rachael wins prom queen. The two of them dance together and Rachael kisses Steve. DJ sees this and becomes very upset and kisses Rachael's date Paul. She then wants to go to that party in the hotel, but Becky and Jesse stop her. They make Steve and DJ stay and talk. The two of them make up and the episode ends with a kiss and their dance to the song "I Will Always Love You".

    This was a really cute episode with DJ and Steve in it. I think they made a good couple.
  • Steve, Steve where for art thou Steve...

    Steve, Steve where for art thou Steve... its Steve's senior prom and after running into Steve's old girlfriend while picking out a dress DJ already is a bit jealous. When the King and Queen are picked at the prom and Steve is the King and his ex girlfriend ends up being the queen and she kisses him while they are doing the K&Q dance, DJ flips out and a fight encures. But of course in the end Steve appologizes and all is fine.