Full House

Season 6 Episode 4

Radio Days

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1992 on ABC

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  • Michelle should be helpful more often...

    In this episode, when Stephanie had nothing to write about on her story, she wrote it based on D.J. and Steve's arguments. But when they made up, Stephanie tried to mess around with D.J. and Steve's relationship to make her story more interesting. The story went along great until Steve pretended to propose to D.J. to scare Stephanie. Meanwhile, when Jesse and Joey went to try out for the radio show, they had an argument when Joey made embarrasing jokes about Jesse and his hair. Joey didn't realize how humiliating this is to Jesse until when in Joey's own Ranger Joe show, his new co-host seriously humiliates him.

    This episode is great because it teaches you that making these kinds of jokes are wrong, and it's great that it was Michelle who got Jesse and Joey to make up. It would be even better if Michelle was helpful more often.
  • A good episode.

    This episode is awesome in the fact that everyone learns something. Stephanie learning that she cant write about real life and try to make DJ\'s and Steve\'s lives miserable to get a good story is awesome. Joey and Jesse teaming up again after having to go through rough days is cool. It is also cool that Michelle actually does help them. This episode is good in the fact that it shows people that you may not like something at first but it may actually be what you are looking for and also that doing something just to make something interesing for yourself always backfires eventually. Overall this episode was really good.
  • This is one of my very favorite episodes of full house!

    Stephanie is having a hard time writing her story , so she decides to set up D J and Steve to get ideas. She writes a note that says "I'll never forget our kiss on macceroni day- Henry"
    And Steve thinks D J is cheating on him with her " macceroni man Henry"
    Stephanie is writing everything that happens to them in her story. once D J , Danny , and Steve find out what Stephanie is doing, they decide to trick her. Steve tells Danny that he and DJ are getting married. D J tells Stephanie that "that would make a good ending for your story"
  • peek a boo I see and hear you.

    peek a boo I see and hear you. The story line when Steph is ease dropping on Steve and DJ was an interesting yet overdone story line on this show. Steph was always trying to find out things about DJ. She has been reading DJ's diary since she could read. So what new about that?
    When jesse gets the job at the radio station on the condition that Joey be his partner Jesse blows a gasket. Get over it Jesse. He has worked with joey before what different now?