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  • This is such an awful show. How did this junk last 8 years?

    Don't let the nostalgia fool you. This show is absolute garbage. I recently watched that Duckface episode with my little brother and I had a headache about ten minutes in. From Joey's unfunny lame ass "jokes" to Stephanie's screechy, painful voice, I couldn't bear to watch another 5 minutes of this junk.

    This show is hot garbage. You might like it if you're 10 or have the IQ of a crack-addicted horse. Anyone else should avoid. Roseanne's 20 times funnier than this.

    Edit: No, Miko Hughes (the boy who played Aaron on FH) didn't die. He's still alive although he hasn't been in anything since about 2011.
  • about arron

    have any of you guys heard of the llittle boy who played aaron on full house

    he always had a bit of a atttitude

    i thought i heard he died in real life

    just wonderif it was true
  • Full house

    I love Full House.

  • come back

    i mean i love this show but they need to come back on and put Ashley on how s he is now have the whole cast and their family on the show to see how they grown and stuff like that
  • yucks

    this is the worst show ive seen in my intire life , its too soft , i hate this crap ,
  • Great, but too soft

    Unlike Family Matters, this show seems too cruise through serious life problems too easily. The longest family conflicts last about 3 minutes and the charaters dont have enough strain on them to be convincing. Sorry, but this is a realist speaking here, and the family is just too perfect for me.
  • have mercy whoa baby you got it dude

    ok first off youi can tell i love the catchphrases i love the actors! i love the ideas i love the originality and you know what else i'd love to see Disney or nick come up with something this good oh wait they cant becuz all they can do is but snarky cynical teens who sass their parents in our face it is full of love and it was a big hit so all of you haters go watch some cartoons and get a life i'd also love to see the haters come up with 192 clean cute funny episodes of a tv show i repeat they cant so you fail
  • Christ Almighty....

    First of all, I'd like to ask everyone HOW THIS SHOW IS GOOD. I JUST DON'T SEE IT. Okay, now onto the review.

    So there's shows on Nick at Nite that are awesome (Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, and then there's Full House. God, this show is horrible. So the premise of the story, I guess, is simple enough. Bob Sagat is a single parent after his wife died because sentimental sob story here. So he calls in two friends, Jon Stamos and Most Annoying Piece of Shit on the Planet, to help him raise his three kids. And when I say Most Annoying Shit on the Planet, I really mean MOST ANNOYING FUCKING SHIT ON THE PLANET. This guy NEVER SHUTS UP. He tries so desperately to make us laugh, and it only makes us puke and cover our eyes and ears. You really start to feel bad for Bob Sagat, as he's known for his extremely raunchy stand-up comedy. Watching him in this way-too-family-friendly show is actually the only comedy you'll get out of the experience. I've heard people say Jon Stamos is handsome, and I guess I couldn't argue that statement per say, but aside from being the pussiest bad boy ever, he really has no character. So the two older kids, played by Candice Cameron and Jodie Sweetin, have little to no personality. Actually, I take that back. Cameron has the personality of eraser shavings, and Sweetin has the personality of sandpaper. The Olsen twins are the elements that I guess "steal the show" with their cringe-worthy one-liners, but with me calling them "cringe-worthy one-liners", you can guess what I think about them.

    The other main problem with the show (as if there wasn't enough before) is that the show's plots are unbelievable and un-relatable. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some rich people could relate to the gripping storylines, like teaching MASOP how to dance ballet, or WHAT TO DO when your kid accidentally pulls a slot machine and hits the jackpot, but yeah, you're making the show for 1% of humanity to relate to. Watching them treating these petty issues as huge problems is another one of the many cringe-worthy moments in this show. The jokes are some of the worst I've heard in my life. Literally the first joke in the first episode is "oh, the baby's sleeping like a What kind of bullcrap is that?! And that's the comedic HIGHLIGHT of the whole goddamn show! The puns, the one-liners, just every joke they throw at you is insufferable and unbearable.

    On the whole, this show is horrible. It's unfunny, it's dull, it's unrealistic, and it's just plain horrendous. How this show survived eight whole seasons will be beyond anyone's reasoning, but we can all be glad that it's finally dead now.
  • Full house fully packed with fun

    Awsome show.
  • Full House, Full Adventure

    Best Show Ever
  • I know this will get thumbs down massively but Full House is cheesy, bland, and too senimental.

    It's a sad day for me when a show like Malcolm in the Middle is tossed aside by synidacted viewing for Full House. In my opinion Full House was crappy Disney quality shows, before crappy Disney quality shows.

    My main problem with Full House is it's unrealistic. Now, I have nothing wrong with unrealistic shows if the characters are a fine mix of funny and relatable. But in Full House the characters aren't that. Either the characters try too hard to be funny ,like Michelle or Joey, or they are just too boring which is Danny, Stephanie, and DJ's case. The only character that I like is Becky, and that's mainly because she's hot. That's about it.

    For the most part the jokes aren't too funny. I can only name about 2 or 3 jokes that made me chuckle. Which were jokes about Orioles' pitcher Jim Palmer, as well as a few other baseball players, The Beatles, and Bruce Springsteen. That's about it.

    Well, this would be forgivable if the writting and plots were half decent right? Well, the never become clever in anyway, they always play it safe. And they never do ANYTHING out of the ordinary. And almost every episode ends with a sentimental speech from one of the adults to the kids playing some twinkling music, and these hardly ever teach life lessons anyway, so why even bother?

    In the end, while Full House isn't the worst show I've ever seen, it's still pretty bad. The Characters are lame, the plots are boring, the jokes fall flat. I don't get why some people think it's a masterpiece. If it's for nostalgia, that's cool, that's FINE. But seriously there is a time when you have to say nostalgia is wrong and a TV show sucks. I do it all the time! Full House fans swallow your pride, there are better sit-coms out there. And if you want a decent family sit-com watch Malcolm in the Middle, All in the Family, Modern Family, the Middle, hell, Arrested Development, as much as I love it, A SHOW ABOUT A BROKEN BUSINESS FAMILY is more relatable than Full House. And we all know it's funnier.

    I would say Full House is a crappy syndicated show for a reason.
  • I love full house

    Best show in the world
  • 10/10

    I remember this show funny show back then during Friday nights! I think this is really an ideal family-oriented show. It's really produced to give good laughs to all of its viewers. The plot of this show is pretty realistic. I still can't believe that it's really been a while since this show was aired on TV and I also got a copy of this show at . The DVDs I received came from a decent company that produced this high quality DVDs. I was thankful that I finally have a copy of this show. For those who haven't seen the whole episodes yet go watch it again and I assure you that you'll probably cry while laughing. i gave full house a 10/10!
  • Have Mercy!

    I own all eight seasons on DVD. What I love about this 90s sitcom was that it was about the characters facing problems people in the real world faced DJ wanting to lose weight to look just like the swim- suit models in magazines). Kimmy was HIL-ARIOUS! She never was invited, she would always barge in the Tanners' house like how Urkel wolud barge in the Winslows' house in "Family Matters". Michelle was adorable. I love Stephine's catchphrase "How rude!" I'm good at imitating that. This show was great! Oh, please. Cut. It. Out!
  • Can't understand why I used to like this show

    I tried watching this show a few years ago on cable, not sure what I used to like about it though. Seems very candy sugar coated. Maybe because i'm over the age of 12 now. If I had to pick sitcoms from the Full House era they would be Growing Pains, Cosby Show, Family Matters, and Fresh Prince.
  • Full House Review

    I love this show. I can't seem to get enough of it. It is on Nickelodeon every night starting at 9:00-7:00 in the morning. I stay up until 10:30 watching it and get up at 5:30 to watch more of it. Full House i love you!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would rather spend the whole day with the flu...

    Roseanne beats this show hands down! I hate fullhouse...
  • Full House

    How do I watch this episode???
  • Full House Fanatic !

    Even though it's been criticised for being to cheesy and predictable I can honestly say that Full House is the best family show I think ever to air. The cast were so appealing that you just find yourself falling in love with them instantly. The girls on the show Dj, Stephanie and Michelle were very funny and the guys were so talented in the scenes. I love watching the Olsen Twins growing up on TV I think that's such a unique Idea for America to see them take their first steps, words etc. and I think that they made it believable to me as that was actually happening. One of my favourite actors on the show is John Stamos as Uncle Jesse because he's so handsome and such a fantastic actor. I have all the seasons and watched every episode multiple times, highly recommended by me ! a show like this should stay in each generation and it will always be my number 1 .
  • Grew up with it.

    Now I watch and it is pretty stupid but I still love this show.
  • full house rock

    full rock because it show lots of learning about life and someday i am going to full house house and it show about funny jokes and it show in the 1993 and 1992 the was it that much now that at 2012 and the house is big and the backyard is right bye keme and she donts it rell the doorbell

  • Nostalgia and Warm Fuzzy Feelings, and the Urge to Smack Bratty Kids

    While Full House was a big part of my life since I was three and most of the time, I still love the show - enough to have bought the complete DVD series! - I have to say that the awesone parts were seriously counteracted by the child-centered plots. As a kid, I loved that a show had the guts to portray whole situations from a child's point of view, although when I tried getting away with anything D.J., Stephanie, or Michelle did, I ended up in "big trouble, mister." But the "child-centered" episodes I'm talking about are not the D.J. or Stephanie episodes; they're the Michelle ones. Not only was this odd-looking child a terrible actress, but every single episode focused on the youngest, most-annoying Tanner child. (Nicky and Alex are Katsopolises and therefore don't count.) But literally, you can't go two minutes in any of these episodes without seeing or hearing from or even about Michelle. To highlight just a few of the things that bugged me, in the episode "Shape Up," Michelle decides she's not a little girl as much as she is a total pig and decides to sit her fat arse in the middle of the dining table with her head on a platter of cake samples Uncle Jesse brought home to help determine which flavor to have his wedding cake made of. She literally uses her bare hands to shovel whole mouthfuls into her face, her head horizontal with the top of the table. When I saw this, I almost threw my remote at the TV; that's how annoyed I got when I saw Michelle on all fours like the animal she is and her whole family, standing around laughing like she's just so cute - she's not, by the way. In "The Last Dance," Michelle insults her great-uncle (Papouli, whatever relation he is to the child-animal everyone so adores) repeatedly and only shows him any leniency for his age when he agrees to do something for her. Despite being about seven or eight, her acting hasn't improved. She hears the news that Papouli has died and sort of deadpans all of her lines, with zero expression at all. To be honest, seeing D.J., Stephanie, Uncle Jesse, and the others coping with real tears in their eyes and expressions that indicate real, genuine grief (impressing!) brought tears to my eyes, too - only in part because my father just died and I'm an emotional bundle of "don't mess with me," but this scene is truly a touching one, not at all cheesy or overdone. Very much the opposite where Michelle's concerned.

    Full House is an amazing series, despite Michelle. The family values are reflected in every episode, though Michelle was always a brat because unlike in a real family, absolutely nobody punished this girl. Still, the family's abilities to talk through every problem and the show's courage to portray real-life situations, such as death and eating disorders, dealt with by children and adults alike, make it a wonderful addition to your shelf - especially for those of us with fond memories from the long-ago days when this show was still on TV! The show focuses a lot on issues that are a bit exaggerated (as an example, all four adults in the house have jobs with a showbiz theme - TV host, musician, comedian, adertising, etc.) but also on nice, simple issues that nearly everyone ought to be able to relate to - sibling rivalry, fighting with friends, fighting with family, body image, peer pressure, and romance - as well as having a large family and not much privacy.

    I rate this show an 8 because while the show touched on serious subjects and 8/9 actors/actresses were awesome and the jokes were (unless they came out of Joey's or Michelle's mouth(s)) actually funny, and many of the situations were relatable and interesting, the brat-centered episodes and lazy attempt at a finale (the show deserved better) truly took away from it. Fortunately, nostalgia is on this show's side in my case.
  • I love this show...

    I first started watching Full House back in 2003 or 2004, when it used to air every night on nick at nite. Back then my friends and I loved it, and we would always come home from school and watch it on ABC family at 4:00...good times. It started airing on Nick at Nite again recently, and I've started watching it again. My opinion on it hasn't changed, I still love the show. A lot of people think it's bad because it's "corny" or "old." What do you expect? It was made so long ago, plus it's more family oriented than most sitcoms on TV today. I happent o love the classics, so this show will always be a favorite of mine. It has more morals and lessons than most sitcoms today. Danny's kids were actually good kids who studied and wanted to do something with their lives. Jesse and Joey were pretty good guardians too. Kimmy Gibler was annoying af and disrespectful as hell to Danny, but she was pretty funny. DJ kind of got annoying as well..but, I still liked her. Overall, the characters for the most part are really likeable characters. Not the mention Uncle Jesse is hot, lol.

    Some things I don't like about it:

    -How Kimmy had the audacity to disrespect Mr. Tanner in his own house most of the time, and how she would just barge into the house with no warning and invite herself to any event the Tanners were having. I know her and DJ were best friends, but I mean, come on. There has to be some respect involved..

    -How Jeese and Becky raised their children. I mean, what the hell, they go into Michelle's room and destroy her science project, and THEN she has to forgive them right on the spot? I mean, I know they were little kids and all, but come on, you're kidding right? And also how they wrecked havoc in a restaurant and called Jeese "mean daddy" Seriously, I kinda think Jesse and Becky needed to get their act together a little more with their kids..

    That's basically it...someties DJ acted like a brat and all with her Dad, like the time he read her diary and found out about her "megs crisis" and she basically ditched him at the bowling alley and flipped her shit when she found out Danny read her diary and started saying all this crap to him...really disrespectful...but for the most part she seemed like a good kid..

    Overall, I loved this show. I thought It tought a lot of morals and life lessons TV would never be the same without it.
  • best show ever ! hands down bitchhesz

    best show ever ! hands down bitchhesz

    One of the best shows ever! Loved it 20+ years ago and still love it!!
  • Bleck! Yet again another horrible show to review.

    Just imagine this: Flicking on your T.V. and finding this 90's sitcom about the average American family, so you're like, "Okay, it's probably not that bad." Well if the show your talking about is Full House, don't even bother. Yep, it's once again another family sitcom. But it is a horrible one. First of all, it's one of the cheesiest and corniest shows ever. With the dumb, annoying neat freak, Danny; the Elvis impersonator Jesse; the childish and extremely annoying comedian Joey; and the three wierd and also annoying children but the youngest one steals all the jokes and everybody laughs at her jokes because she's "soooooooooooooooooo cute" Please don't make me barf! Oh, and I forgot that almost every episode ends with wise Danny or some one else giving their incredibly profound pep talk and ending with a hug and the laugh track people's cue,"AWWWWWW!!!!!!!" Please stay away from this show!!!!!!1
  • AMAZING SHOW!!! Always been a fan.

    I remember watching this show when I was just a toddler -- I LOVED IT & I still do. I would watch it on Nick @ Nite but they took it off so I bought the complete series....This wonderful show never gets old. I love everything about it. The characters, especially D.J., eventhough some of the episodes are sappy and corny --- I LOVE THEM!
  • Danny Tanner, his brother-in-law Jesse, and his good friend Joey raise Danny's three daughters DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Throughout the series a lot of things happen. Like, Jesse getting married to Becky & having two kids (twins) named Nicky and Alex.

    I REALLY miss this show! I really wish they would bring it back. I stumbled upon Full House when I was about 10-years-old and I have loved it ever since. My favorite character would have to be Joey because he is just really funny and keeps the show alive still today. Like his "Cut it out" joke with the hand movements. That will always be remembered as something great. The show was just awesome! I have all eights seasons on DVD, so I can always watch them any time I feel like it! This was just an awesome show and I'm sure people will remember it for a very, very, very, very, very long time!
  • full house

    full house is the most funniest thing you'll ever see , sadly in england i can't watch it but i watch it on youtube mark my words xx
  • This show is meant to be a family show so don't complain if you think this show is bad because it's not and this show was meant for the whole family... it's not just teenagers or adults, it's for everybody

    I love to watch this show and it's very enjoyable. I honestly don't see how people don't like this show. It makes me laugh so hard and I've seen pretty much every single episode of this show. People, if you're complaining about this show being bad then you are dead wrong because it was meant to be a family show. It's not just for teenagers, it's not just for adults, it's for everyone of all ages. My brother introduced this show to me 8 years ago. He watched it and he thought that it was absolutely hilarious (at least back then). He doesn't like it too much anymore but I'm glad that my brother introduced it to me because this show still makes me laugh hard to that very day. My brother thinks that "Full House" is an alright shiow now that he is older, this show still makes him laugh sometimes but not much as it used to from when we were little. All of the characters in this show were absolutely likeable. Stephanie was kind of annoying to me when she was young but when she got older in the later episodes, she doesn't annoy me anymore and she grew up to be a beautiful girl. Kimmy is probably the most annoying characters in this show though but it's hilarious how everyone complains everytime they see Kimmy because she annoys the heck out of them (as for me). Michelle is a cute little girl and I've always liked her "You got it dude" line no matter how many times she uses it. DJ is also a good character and think that she is beautiful. We also have more characters like Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Rebecca. My absolute favorite character in this show is by far Joey. Joey just makes me laugh so hard so whenever he makes his impressions. Overall, I love "Full House" and it's a wonderful family comedy show to watch so don't complain about this show being bad because it's meant to be for the whole family. 9.5/10
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