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  • This show is about Danny Tanner and life after he invites his brother in law and best friend to help him take care of his three kids.

    I'm not sure what attracts me to this show, maybe it's John Stamos, but I often find myself watching it on Nick at Nite. It truly is a guilty pleasure!! I feel that the later episodes are way better than the beginning episodes. The episodes from the first season are very bland, but as each season passes it gets better.
  • Sad to see it end abruptly...

    I am 19 now, and watch adult swim a lot. But come on, how can you not like this show? It's a classic. They've been airing it on ABC Family and Nick at Nite a lot lately, and I've been catching all the episodes I missed back in the day, which to my surprise, is a lot. I was sorry to see it end the way it did. There was supposed to be one more season but the character who played Jesse didn't want to do it anymore, so they actually had to re-edit the last episode to make it look more like a finale (in the ending). Obviously you could tell this wasn't meant to be a finale.
  • Great family sitcom

    This really is a great show. I personally wish it had stayed on even longer. I know that it's kind of sappy sometimes, but it is also funny and has a really great message of the importance of family. I wish that there were more shows like this on TV today. Most shows today have such a hard edge. This is just a fun, lighthearted show.

    It is currently in reruns on ABC Family Channel and Nick@Nite.

    The first season is available on DVD from amazon at http://tinyurl.com/cz4td

    I would recommend this show cheifly to families and kids, but I think that a lot of teens and adults would like it too.
  • Everywhere you look, there's junk.

    This show was cornier than all KFC's value meals put together. It's an embarrassment to flip through the channels and have to see a flash of it.

    Seriously, I don't know why people liked this show. I remember a lot of parents liking it because it was one show they felt comfortable letting their kids watch. So, I suppose from that perspective it was valuable.

    I'm not a comedy snob. But the comedy in this show was horribly cheesy to the point of the inpardonable sin. And for the exception of Uncle Jesse, the men were so effeminate and dorky it made me ill. The blonde guy was irreparably annoying. I swear, God help those little girls, Becky and the twin boys if Uncle Jesse had been away on a gig and some thug broke into their San Francisco home in the middle of the night. The other two guys were so soft and mushy, trying to relate to the family like women, that everyone in the house would have been slaughtered and John Stamos would have had to have his own show. One would have thought that as soon as a maternal influence (Aunt Becky) entered the picture, the girlie man behavior would have ended. Instead it intensified. Turn it off!
  • Read review!!

    This show is awesome! I grew up watching this show since I was a child. It\'s great for families, it show\'s a great role model for your\'e children, and teaches good lessons. As to that note, I still watch it to this day, whenever I can. Personally I think that they should put all the seasons on dvd, that right dvd! And they need to have a get together re-union. Thank\'s for reading, have a good day!
  • Full house was a childhood favorite of mine I grew up with this show and it taught me allot when I was a kid now that I am older I am older I still continue to watch reruns on occasion

    I started watching this show at about 3 or 4 years old when I liked watching each of the girls grow up along with me and the life lessons. Dj was the oldest daughter and as she grew up she went trough her first love Steve. I will admit Dj and Steve made a cute couple. Stephanie was the middle girl she was funny most of the time I loved the episode where she drove the car into the kitten that was a classic. Michelle grew from an infant into a kid her character got annoying at times but for the most part she was funny.

    I can picture other kids watching it for generation because even though I can think of shows I enjoyed more this show was a show that the whole family could watch together and the kids can grow up with the kids on this show. I think the lessons in growing up are universal that’s why a lot of family shows like thus have done so well in every generation and Full House is no different it will give children warm memories for years to come.
  • Full House was a really good show. I don't think it ended with a good episode though.

    It started before I was born, but I learned to love it. It was my favorite show before Degrassi. I have seen every episode. I didn\'t like the first ones though. They weren\'t funny at all.

    Full House was a really good show. I don't think it ended with a good episode though.
  • its about a widowr and his 3 girls. his best friend and brothr in law come in and raise them.

    this show is ok. its not my favorite, but when theres nothing 2 watch at 9 i always go 2 that. evn though i seen all the episodes, i lik 2 watch something i enjoy when nothing else is on, unlik wintr vacation and evrything thats on is eighr dora the explorer or the doodlebobs. so its a decent show.
  • A classic family sitcom...

    This is a classic family sitcom complete with a moral to every story, "very special" episodes, and problems that can be solved in thirty minutes or less. The show does more within those cozy perameters than many others of the same genre. The premise of three men raising three girls is not particularly clever, but it serves to provide the show with many dianamics to explore. The three adult males are all distinct and well flushed out characters from Danny the neat freak to Uncle Jesse the cool rocker and Joey the comic relief. The girls are not quite as unique but still different enough as DJ is more the ideal role model while Stephanie experiences a few more growing pains. There are rarely repeated story lines and so it is easy to watch multiple episodes without feeling like you've been there and done that. What is perhaps most impressive is that the later episodes are as good as the early ones, which is rare in the world of family sitcoms. Overall this classic family sitcom is exactly what is missing from prime time today.
  • I love this show. If John Stamos didn't refuse to continue playing Uncle Jesse, They will probably still be making new episodes now.

    I first saw the show when I was four and if John Stamos didn't refuse to continue to play his role, I would suggest tons of new episodes. It's even better than The Simpsons. I hate that show VERY. But, I don't have the DVD set of it. Very off the wall.
  • A widowed father invites his brother-in-law and best friend to help raise his three children.

    While Full House did repeat a lot and does not have enough episodes, it was definently underappreciated for it's time. The only turnoff besides being repetative is it is so G-rated. It could at least have more cursing.
    The show was funny at first, but it does get old after awhile. :(
  • I love this show!!!

    This is a great show. It is about an extended family living under one roof. It is funny at points and serious at others. I like D.J. and Stephanie because they have problems that real teenagers face. I think Joey is the best adult because he is so funny. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
  • I began watching Full House a few years ago, way after it's long run had ended.

    I think Full House is a great show for the whole family to watch. It's not something to be embarassed about if you watch it with your family. I have to admit that a few episodes have no real lesson, but even though they didn't, they were funny most of the time. After season 7, the episodes began getting a bit more serious, and had good morals to end the show. I sometimes wish that the show was still on, but sadly, that's most likely not going to happen. Even though critics may have thought little of the show, Full House is a great show to just watch and relax.
  • The perfect show! Incredibly enjoyable! =)

    I love Full House! Its so funny! Its probably my favorite show, and i always watch it! Its hilarious to see the whole family cracking jokes, and just be them selves (what would be better) Its nice when you have the TV on and all of a sudden you hear the familiar theme song (everywhere you look, everywhere theres a heart...All i have to say is... Full House is addicting.... pay no attention to the idiots who say they hate Full House, because its great, and everyone should watch it! I give it 10 and a half stars! Thats how good it is! :)
  • Full house is about a dad (danny tanner) whoo looses his wife in a drunk driving accident and asks his bestest friend (joey) and brother-in-law (jesse) to help him raise his 3 daughters (D.J, Stephanie, and Michelle), and boy are they in a surprise for pa

    Full House is a great show. it can be stupid at some times but learn to like it, it just begins to grow on you. You learn to love all of the characters and look forward to wat will happen next. It might be old but it is still an awesome show to me!!
  • Full House is a great show for the whole family. It gives morals and as attractive characters.

    Full House, uhm, yeah, ive been watching it for the longest time. It provides kids with morals and it can kinda teach parents how to take care of their kids. Although, the people in the show always did the right thing. Isn't that a bit much??? In my opinion it is. This show was supposed to be about an average american family but it just didnt live up to that. But still, it was a great show. And im sure if they had a reunion show so many people would watch it. In conclusion this show is a real awesome family show.
  • Full House is the best show ever made! It sucks that I was only 2 when it ended. I discovered it last year and ever since its been my favorite. I LOVE FULL HOUSE!

    Full House is about Danny Tanner getting help raising his 3 daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle from his brother in law Jesse and best friend Joey after his wife dies. During the second season, Danny gets promoted to co-host of Wake up San Fransisco with new co-host, Rebecca Donaldson. Jesse meets her and falls for her. Becky isn't interested in him but she eventually does and later get married. They move into the attic and have twin boys, Nicky and Alex. Jesse was in a few bands and has worked with Joey at advertising and KFLH radio station. His first job was bug killing, a family buisness. He never finshed high school until everyone finds out and persuades him to go back. Joey worked with Jesse and was on the show Ranger Joe. Becky later gets promoted to producer of Wake up San Fansisco. Jesse also inherits the Smash club which the whole family helps out at.
  • Full House was one of the best shows every made. This show had tons of people in it and all the episodes are funny.

    I enjoy watching Full House on tv it is deffiently one of my top 5 favorite shows, in fact every since i started watching it i always loved it. Many of the episodes are very funny and some are just a little funny but it is still a great show.
  • The show was about informing kids on how to live, and encouraging kids and parents to spend time with eahc toher

    I absoutely loved the show full house! The show was awesome, and i thought it was more than just informative, but tell ing kids what to do, and getting parents to spend time with their kids and parents. I just dont know how to express my love of this show.
  • If this so was any more adorable I might stop watching it!!

    I love Full House so much. The premise of it was 3 little girls and their widowed father, Danny. Danny seeks help raising his girls from his best friend Joey and his late wife's brother Jesse. The family goes through the ups and downs a normal family would. This is why so many views tuned in. Because it was about a normal family. Their use of semirepititive lines got people using them. Overall, it was a funny show that is still very popular. I love it!
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  • A great family show

    Full House was a great family show. Yes it had its faults but on the whole it was very funny and a breath of fresh air. I still watch it on reruns. I loved the concept of the show. If I could have changed one thing about the show it would be Danny's character. Though a bit unrealistic, it still gave hope and entertainment to all who watched. The progression of Jesse's character was really great to watch. The show was not meant to be a deep in thought show but a light fun show to just enjoy and laugh with.
  • Full House - It doesn't get cheesier than this

    Full House has been off air for quite some time now and I'm afraid my review might be a li'l late. But considering that i only ever saw it's reruns, i reckon i should be excused.
    Full House is a decent show with major, MAJOR flaws which i've listed below :

    1. The writing
    I have seen about a 100 Full House episodes and i have to admit, now that i look back on them, they all seem the same.
    Every episode has one of the 3 girls depressed and lonely. Either someone's hurt their feelings or they've hurt someone else's feelings and are feelin' sorry about it. Then Daddy Danny comes into the girls' rooms and consoles them. The girl cheers up, hugs her Dad and then everybody's happy 'n' gay and that's how every episode ends.
    That is the storyline for about 90% of the episodes. I mean, it's unbelievable how many times they can repeat the same scene.

    2. Michelle and Joey
    I think the writers of this show were seriously biased towards MK and Ashley Olsen. Around two-thirds of the episodes revolved around Michelle. Even the series finale was all about her, instead of the entire family. And also, she was funny and cute when she was younger. Later, all of her jokes seemed kinda dumb and dull.
    Joey, the resident weirdo of Full House, is also a character that I feel wasn't done justice to. I swear, I've never laughed at a single one of his cartoon impressions nor do I know anyone who did. He was only funny in episodes that concerned him. Like the one where he meets the Queen of England. In the rest of the episodes, he was just plain annoying.

    3. Studio Audience
    Another thing that I hate about this show is the studio audience. They always laugh their guts out at the lamest of jokes. They also had this bad habit of going nuts. Whenever someone kissed someone, even if it was just a light smooch on the lips, the audience would go berserk. Or whenever someone would accomplish a major feat. For eg. in the episode where Jess learns basketball, the crowd shouted everytime anyone scored a basket. You'd think they would shut up after the first three times but noooo, they shouted their lungs out every freakin' time.
    Oh, and another thing. Whenever someone said something cheesy like 'You're the best Dad ever' or something, the crowd would let out a long, exasperating 'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...'. It was so annoying, I felt like hunting down every single member of the audience and personally killing them with a chainsaw.

    But on the plus side, this show was really funny when it wanted to be with some smart one-liners or something else. And I know the show was very cheesy and corny but it had a certain charm to it that always left me waiting for the next episode. I guess that's why all the critics always blasted it but everyone still watched it.
  • Repetative jokes, repetative lines, repetative episodes. I am supprised that it is still on the air.

    Full house used to be good, I'll admit it. But now as you can see, it gets boring and more boring every time you watch it, and where I live, they show the same episode 4 times a day. The same type of joke is done by that charecter every time their on. The show has the same type of premisis every episode, to teach us something old and useless. It is not very funny, but I may have giggled once. The actors are very bad. The kids and the adults, but who can blame them, it is the writer that messes them up. They shouldn't even try to tune this show up, just focus on something new, funny, and GOOD. Also, if you take this show into real life, all of that stuff is impossible, example: When the kids act-up and what not, the parents are horrible at control and never take it like we would, and this show is supposed to be real. I could rant on and on about how bad this show is, but I have to review others. So in conclusion, do NOT watch this show, like mouthwash, this show leaves you with a bad burining taste in your mouth.
  • Great

    I grew up watching Full House and recently discovered it again on Nick at Nite. It is a really great show for kids and adults alike. Although some episodes are slightly unrealistic, the show is usually pretty funny and the kids are really cute. I am disappointed that any kids I have will miss out on the Full Jouse experience, because it was great and did teach me some stuff. I learned to read and ride a bike with Michelle and was able to laugh while doing so. I ran home from school everyday to watch it and now I find myself staying up late to watch it.
  • sweetness show

    i love full house! it is my second favorite show and i like a lot of tv shows! it is a nice famiyl comedy with a little drama and is funny. i think they should bring it back just for one season and see how it goes, if people like it they should continue!
  • Full House was a family show. It had loving and caring people and good relastionships with it. I hope you can watch it also when you have free time at work, school, and home with your pets husbands,wives,or just alone.

    This is a decent show. I think it needed Danny married and Michelle Less Bratty. DJ was the best with Stehanie and DJ Too!!! GO DJ! This is a decent show. I think it needed Danny married and Michelle less bratty. DJ Was the best with Stephanie and Jesse too!!!
  • Full House is about a man named Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) who raises three girls with the help of his 3 uncles. They have problems and have to work them out using compassion and understanding.

    Even though this is a very mushy show and most guys won't be caught dead being seen watching it it really does tell you something. Next to Seinfeld I think this show has the most brilliant and talented writers in any sitcom ever made. This show has it all. Humor, action, music and compassion. With an all star cast you can't go wrong with it. Though it did get very old as the show grew old (as most sitcoms do) it still had a place in our heart as we knew it. This show should most definently be the top rated sitcom of all time.
  • in every full house episode you learn a lesson like when stephanie drives the car into the kitchen,or michelle swims in the kitchen! that's why they need to bring this show back because people learn something when they watch it yeah it's funny but it teac

    i love this show i really wish they would bring it back!! i watch it every single time it is on everyday and i have the 1st season on dvd and i hope the other seasons come out soon!! i grew up from when i was 3-13(currently 13) of new episodes and re runs! that is the best show ever!! it is funny and u learn something everytime you watch it they should really bring full house back because i know a lot of people who like that show and would love to see a reunion or new episodes!! BRING IT BACK!!
  • Three men try to raise DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner in a house in San Francisco.

    I first got interested in this show beacause the popular kids were obsessed with it. I guess that's not a good excuse to start doing something, but they were as obsessed with Full House as I am (and was) with Teen Titans. A show anybody's that obsessed about had to have some good parts to it.
    It was a decent show. There were some parts and episodes I found funny and others I could relate to. I especially liked Michelle as a 2- and 3 year old. Now, MK and Ashley are everywhere and they look butt ugly! So, overall, the show is OK.
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