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  • i love full house!!!

    I love full house it always had comedy, drama and even romance all in one show. The story was also always different because it wasnt just the girl who likes the boy and bla bla bla, it was really funny and they should BRING IT BACK!!!!! it was the best show ever! history: Full House ran for eight seasons and was one of the few primetime sitcoms to have more than 190 episodes. Early in its run, Full House received awful reviews, but it still became a popular favorite, even as it continued to receive not-so-good reviews throughout its run.
  • This is a very funny children's show. It is like the best show on nick at night. I love to watch it adn dont care who knows i watch it.

    The show Full House has been out for a long itme. It has 8 seasons. Way back there reveiws were bad so the show died down. Then the show came back and its reveiws got way better. The people in it are, Danny Tanner (the dad), Jesse Consopolis (the uncle), Joey Gladstone ( the funny man that lives with them), Rebecca Consopolis (Jesse's wife), Dj Tannar ( the oldest daughter), Stephanie Tannar (the middle child), and Michelle Tannar (the youngest child). They all live in one happy little house. Jesse and Joy work together making comercials. Danny and Rebecca work together in the T.v show (fake on the show) Wake Up SanFransisco.
  • i love this show!!!

    full house is an awesome show even though it is an old show. its very real and even though there were some corny parts and some parts that didn't seem so real, they were still good parts. full house is one of my favorite shows and it is great! jesses and michelles realationship was very cute among other things.
  • This show was before my time, but I love the re-runs!!

    This was one of the very first shows that I got completely hooked on. I watched all the re-runs at all times, whenever they were on. I finally got the DVD's and watched them non-stop. I can't wait until season 7 and 8 come out. Full House is my personal favorite show because of the family thing it had going. Full House is so perfect, I watch it every day. I can't wait until I have all the DVD's so I can watch them a lot. I love all the characters and the stories and the whole loving and caring family.
  • One of the shows every girl I know has watched and loved when she was little - including me. I think this show will always be a little part of my childhood.

    When Danny Tanner's wife Pam dies he's suddenly alone with his three daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. His best friend Joey and his brother-in-law Jesse move in for some time to help him care for his daughters. But after a while they decide to stay with him and therefore create a very unique family.
    Years pass by and the Tanner family has to face the challenges of everyday life. And while the girls grow up and start to have their own lives, Danny tries to find new love, Joey struggles with his various jobs and Jesse finds true love in Becky and eventually becomes a father himself.

    As I already said every girl I know has watched this show when she was young and I never heard anyone say anything bad about it. They - and me - all loved it and could identify with it. It was also one of the first American shows I've ever watched regularily and one of the first shows other than Sesame street I remember :D To start with the negative aspects and the reason I only give 9,0: It is a children's show and can't stand up against my other favorite shows like Scrubs and Friends.
    But that's all I have for the negative side and there are many reasons this show is very good:
    - Unique family structure. It's very funny, very liberal and just a great idea. Three girls and three guys, well have heard that before but never seen it like this. Great concept.
    - Very cute girls you could identify with. They were kids like us and they did stupid and funny stuff and had the same problems like we did - but better and on TV.
    - Joey. As a child me and my friends just loved his jokes, funny voices and one of my friends was just crazy about the whole "Howdy Ho" thing. - Humour. This show was always there, it was funny and entertaining and was just a way of relaxing. Heartwarming stories about everyday life.
    - Catch Phrases. Do I have to say more.

    I think a lot of people who have watched this show back then or even now share the same experience as me. It was just like growing up with the Tanners as our neighbours and everyday there were some stories they could tell. And this feeling is one of the most important things a show can achieve. This one has done it.
  • This show was so awesome! I LOVE how they always have comedy, romance, drama and more all mixed into every episode.

    I love this show because they have romance, drama, and comedy mixed into every episode. You have Joey who is the comedian in the house and he makes everyhting funny with all of his jokes and impressions. You then have Jesses who you can always make fun of because he is obsessed with his hair and loves the ladies! Then you have Michelle who is the littlest member of the family and who was the cutest baby ever! She also adds to the comedy and some of the drama. Then you have Stephanie and DJ who get mostly all the romance. They get along the best and always tell each other everything. They also add alot of drama and comedy to the show, which i love. Then you have Danny who is a neat freak and he adds alot of comedy to the show! not much of drama and romance though. He just makes everything funny!
  • i like this show alot

    Full house is a great, inspiring show. Every episode has so much work put into it and usually teaches you a lesson. Every time I watch it it’s a new show. It’s something where you just can’t go to bed on the commercial breaks, you’re always dying to see how it ends. Great show, great episodes, greta actors. But they should have made a video game, but applause for full house! i really do love full house so any episode you see on television, it's for you if you're a fan of heart racing fun with kids and adults.good family show.
  • A funny show. One of my daily-fixes.

    Full House is a pretty decent show. It had some good actors and actresses. (The only person who I thought wasn't good was Michelle. Everyone else was believeable.) The jokes were usually funny, although predictable and sometimes cheesey. Full House had a lot of new characters introduced in the show, and only a handful of them actually made reappearances, which was kind of annoying. But the main characters were always fun to watch as they got themselves in and out of trouble. As the show got older, the episodes got better. The actors became more like their characters and became more enjoyable to watch. I was so sad when the series ended. It'd be awesome if they started the series back up. :P jk Although everyone would look completely different, aside from a few people.
  • One of my favorite shows.

    Full House was set in San Francisco, where Danny Tanner is left to raise his three young daughters D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle following the death of his wife Pam. In season 8 episode Under the Influence, it was revealed that she had died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.Danny recruits his childhood friend Joey Gladstone and Pam's younger brother Jesse Katsopolis to live with the family and help Danny with the three girls. Many of the show's exploits revolve around the idea of three "swinging" bachelors trying to rein in the precocious antics of three girls, who frequently get the best of them. As is the case with many sitcoms, Danny's daughters ignore the rules, only to learn their lesson afterward. The episodes usually end with a hug or kiss and with the girls sometimes admitting their wrongs and working out a compromise with their father, Joey or Jesse. There is always a talk towards the end of the show.At the beginning of the series, Danny was a sportscaster for a local TV station. He later becomes the co-host of the morning talk show Wake Up, San Francisco. Although Joey and Jesse partake in several occupations, they are primarily a stand-up comedian and musician, respectively.Jesse later marries Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson, Danny's co-host on Wake Up San Francisco. The couple have twin boys, Nicky and Alex. Despite Jesse being married with new children of his own, he continues to live in the Tanner household.The girls grow up as the series progresses, and various friends are introduced, notably Steve Hale, D.J.'s steady boyfriend for seasons 6 & 7. They later broke up, and D.J. goes out with Nelson and Viper. In the final episode, Steve returns to escort D.J. to her senior prom.
  • An excellent TV show for family..

    This was my favorite show when I was little. I would go back home from school and mum and I would watch it together. I still remember some scenes and episodes vividly. And I also remember that I found Stamos very cool. It was great, sweet and warm. Michelle would crack me up. The scene where she meets the Greek exchange student, "You have my face!" is among my all time favorites! Sometimes I still see it on TV, and would you believe if I said, I still sit and watch it with a great pleasure? It`s nice. A very funny show, a classic!
  • The best show ever

    This is the best show ever and too bad that it ended but i think that you should watch this show Full House. It will make you laugh and sometimes laugh even harder. Watch full house its the best tv show ever and i rate it a 10. You can also collect all 8 seasons on DVD i know i did but they only have 7 out so far but just wait till you get them all you will love the best show ever on telivison called Full House. My favorite episode was the last one and the best one. Watch Full House
  • Full House circles around the Tanner Family after losing thier beloved wife and mother they seek the need of uncle jessy and family friend joey's help which leads to crazy antics and many good times.

    I love this show!! It's so funny I dunno why I used to dislike it. My favorite daughter is stephanie I can't tell you how many times i've used the phrase "how rude" in my life. I really enjoy seasons 4&5. Thus show should've stayed on longer because its so great!! I mean its something a family can watch together you can't do that anymore. unless you watch nickelodeon or disney channel or something like that all in all this show is awesome great wonderful funny tearjerking amazing excellent perfect good magnificent one of my favorites terrfic wholesome really great and basicallly just awesome.
  • This is the all time best show on t.v. i cant waite to get home and watch this show before i do anything.

    Full house is a tv show that the whole family can watch. I love how all of the characters have there own signiture lines or style. I like how danny is so clean and is washing everything in sight. Jesse is the on with the sexy hair and is a bad boy that has a good heart and know how to make every laugh"have mercy". Joey is the adult that is a kid at heart. stephanie is very courious little girl that looks up to her older sister"how rude". DJ is the perfect rolmodle. Last, Michelle is just the cutest thing. "you got it dude" i could watch this show all day and never get bored. Full House Forever.
  • Classic family comedy!

    I watch Full House every weekday night at 9:00 on Nick @ Night, and I must say, it has certaintly made me laugh. Full House is a calssic comedy on TV. I'm glad they show it on TV still. It would be great if the actors were still the same age as they were, and then they could shoot more. But, oh well. I'm happy they made the show in the first place! I give this show a smackin' 9.7/10, because I'm really impressed. I look foward to the next time I turn on my TV to watch Full House.
  • There's no other shows like this one.

    I always love this show for some reason and i think the reason is that it taugh some good values that you don't see on tv that much any more. My favorite character was dj because i'm the oldest and know what a pain sisters can be. Stef was my second favorite because she was so funny. Stef made me laugh the most on this show. Michella was so cute, once in a while i say her line you got it dude. Danny was kinda over the top but oh so funny with his craze of always wanting everything to be clean. Kimmy was a real fun character sometimes i felt they dogged her to much but thats television. This show was a classic and still is.
  • a wonderful family show

    I still remember when this show first aired and when I first found out this show was going to be canceled. I've watched just about every episdoe and then some of this show. I think this was a great family show. Every episode had some kind of lesson to it. There was no thing risky about this show to make a parent be scared to show this to their child. This show had great life lessons to be learn, humor and family togetherness. It was sad to see the show end but we all know it had to sometime. I'm glad they still show reruns on TBS.
  • love it its a great show and its sooooooo cute. its funny too and i whatch it all the time i can't get enough. ofcourse its not my favorite show but its still very good i'm givin it a good review as opposed to others. i like the olsens when they were lil

    good show nice work director they are old now though real old ha ha but they were all great ators sorry the olsen twins and that stephanie girl went downhill but still live a successful life anywho it was one of my all time faves when i was younger but then it kinda got old. surriesd it got bad reviews but still a very nice show. i what it every night but i'm more into frsh prince now but i love all the nick @ nite shows ecept for rosanne. love it and can't wait to catch it again. bye
  • Full House ran eight seasons, from 1987-1995. The cast included Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone, Candcace Cameron as D.J. Tanner, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, and the Olsen twins as Michelle.

    In my opinion, Full House was one of the best shows in the history of telivision. I watch it every day and I have the first six seasons on DVD. The plot is that a widower, Danny Tanner, needs help raising his three daughters, Michelle, Stephanie and D.J. So, he asks his brother-in-law, Jesse, and his old college friend, Joey, to move in to help. At first, they had no idea what they were doing, and I thought that was very funny. Later, Jesse goes on to get married and raise his children in the house. I love this show!
  • This show is not only funny, but it's also a sensitive show.

    Full House is a great show. It's about a family who lives in San Francisco and 3 girls are raised by 3 guys - Danny (Dad), Jesse (Uncle), and Joey (Closest friend). As these three guys raise the three girls, they have to deal with the problems the girls cause like their fights or arguments. In Full House, there's comedy and some sensitivity. This is the reason why I watch this show. In most of the episodes, one of the 3 girls get hurt (their feelings) and the 3 guys have help them feel better by talking to them and comforting them. I recommend you watching this if you like comedy and if you are sensitive. Oh, my favorite character is Michelle. She's funny when she says "You got it, Dude!"
  • This show is actually pretty darn good.

    Well I find the show very interesting! Coming from a person who loves anime, i really like this show! I think this show is soooo funny. I used to watch it all the time. Yet it could have a better finale (I didnt really like the finale) but its probably the best old show ive ever seen! When I last saw everyone on the finale they looked so much different. But now they are grown up which kinda sucks cause the cant bring it back. But I love the plot to this series. At first I thought the series wasnt that good, then I started liking it more and more. And now I laugh at when I thought that. Full house is actually really good!
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!......

    BEST SHOW EVER!!ohmygoodness!!bring it back!full house is my all time favourtie tv show!it is full of laughs tears and memorable moments in television history!it is soo realistic it's crazy!sure the family is non traditional but that doesn't mean its not realistic heaps of poeple have non traditional familys and this show is full of lessons!!i LOVE it soo much!!every episode you learn a lesson.its so funny and cute also!!sometimes this show can breakyour heart with family conversations and other times make you crack up laughing!!if you havnt already seen this show you should!!the best show ever made!EVER!it is the only show like it too which makes full house even better!!100000000 out of 10 stars!
  • i used to watch full house all the time an i loved it tell you the truth i wish it would come back on air.i will be the first person there watching it again. i liked all the charter's i really like jesse alot. i don't know why it went off the air.

    i will give the show at 10 out of 10 it gave me something to look forward to it being on. an i will still feel that way an i'm a 24 year old women. i believe my daughter will love it too. I will think that you should give it once more chance to make it. i didn't like the way it ended thats for sure. but make if you give full house one more chance they will make it better an that will make more sence. like i'm asking myself what happened after everything but you lelfed us wondering what?
  • This corny show is a personal favorite of mine!

    I watched this show almost religiously growing up. I loved it. It was corny, but for some reason I am into corny. It's very goody-goody, yes, but I like that. I like that, because it's not about kids with their minds in the gutter. It's not about sex and drugs. It's a show that parents and children can watch together and not feel embarrassed about plotlines or dialogue or anything.
    Many people tune in to watch cute Michelle, played by the Olsen twins, but true fans see it as something more than just The Michelle Show, which it is far from being.
    Would this show make it today? Probably not. Things have gotten edgier, but it was perfect for the early 90s.
  • Full House is show about an untraditional family setting in San Francisco, California. The show is a family sitcom that focuses on real life situations and struggles that a family may go through except in more traditional setting.

    Full House is a fun loving show because the plot puts one of the family members in a predicament and has to choice between the right and wrong decision, which ultimately always ends as doing the right thing circumstance, which is learning a key lesson in the mistakes made. The family is in an untraditional family setting in San Francisco, which is probably not a coincidence. It was probably intentional done to help soften not only the image of San Francisco, but also, the untraditional family, which is good because the more tolerate we become as individuals, the more accepting we become as society. The family consists of a loving father, Danny Tanner, who lost his wife, Pam Tanner in a tragic car accident, who is accompanied by his brother in law, Jessie, and his best friend, Joey. Danny has three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. The show is very similar to the move “Two Men and a Baby.” Overall, it was a very good show in the 90’s, but now, the scene of TV programming has changed dramatically.
  • Full of humor and lessons, "Full House" is sort of a kid's show, but older people can enjoy it too.

    Full House has lessons in every episode. Sometimes, that's okay, but other times it's annoying. But, it had a way of making you intrested in the family and you ended up wanting to see the show when it came on. Adding the humor it had was good and they did great when they built the family they did. Having three grown men who are all so different raising three children who all are different and showing each person's life seperate then adding them all together was good. As I said, the whole lesson thing kinda annoyed me but really, it's not all that bad.
  • Reminds me of my childhood in the 80's

    Now that I've grown up, the cheese-factor of Full House is very apparent in its feel good episodes and uncomplicated situations in family life. However, as a child, Full House was a great way to learn how to get along with your family. Full House introduced me to my first celebrity crush in John Stamos. I think that I've probably seen most or all of the Full House episodes at one time or another. The ever re-running show is probably popular for the same reason. Its a throwback to your childhood years sitting at home watching the show for the first time.
  • I labled this 'Classic' because I used to watch it when I was really young, and sometimes they'll be playing it on Nick at Nite and it's like a I'm reminicing on the times, I'd come home from school to watch it...

    It's a family show, that can't be denied. But, it's sweet and, almost influential for those who don't have families, like myself. It's nice to watch how they interact and help one another. At times, I'll find it corny but when I"m watching the show, I feel like I know them. I know every episode, word-for-word, from beginning to end. I've seen them all so many times.Sometimes I think it's tacky that there's no mom and that the girls had to be raised by three men, but I guess they turned out ok. It's not really a show that I miss, I mean it had a good run and towards the end, it's like the writers were out of ideas. The ending seemed to orbit alot around Michelle and not so much with the rest of the family.
  • Very nice storyline for a sitcom. "reba" was probably based off of the lines of this show...they have their similarities.

    An instant family classic is what we have here. Although the show did end years ago, it still makes me laugh everytime I see and episode. Who'd've thought that the Olsen twins would go from Full House to being the richest teen celebrities ever???!!! The overall storyline of the show was great. It had all the element of a show that a family could watch together. Siblings going through changes as they grow, having a new baby come into your house, important lessons and "secret" messages that could be send to kids teaching them how something like fighting is wrong. It's sad that the show ended after 8 seasons becuase it is rumored that they show could have went on for more, but the cast didn't all agree to a 9th season. Like with most succesful sitcoms, Full House had a great cast that looked like a family both on-camera and off. I don't think any sitcom could ever give so many life messages to families as Full House did. BRAVO!
  • A totally CHEESY show but has a "good" message!

    I really liked the Cosby Show and my mother told me about this show called "Full House". I decided to check it out! I really liked it!!!

    When I was still watching episodes I had never seen, I loved the show! I could even sing along with the theme song. "What ever happened to predictibility? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV. Everywhere you look , everywhere you go (there's a heart). There's a heart A hand to hold onto. Everywhere you look , everywhere you go.
    There's a face Of somebody who needs you.
    Eveywhere you look, When you're lost out there and you're all alone, A light is waiting to carry you home,
    Everywhere you look. Everywhere you look." Wow...im still singing along!!

    Once I saw all (like) 5,000,000,000 episodes I got soo ANNOYED! Whenever the show came on the cheesy music came on (this music came on whenever Danny [or any other "dad"] had a little "talk" with the kids) my mom and dad would start "crying" patheticly. They were such losers.

    I still kinda like it ;)
  • I used to love it, but it got old fast.

    Full House is a great classic sitcom. It appeals to a wide audience, and its just really cute. And its funny, most of the jokes were solid and I still find myself laughing at them. They don't tend to repeat storylines a lot, which keeps the show interesting.

    However, after a while, the cute kitsy "family values" of the focus gets old. There is only so many times someone can learn a lesson in a show, and Full House tended to do it every episode.

    This show primarily appeals to a younger audience today, kids who are still young enough to learn from the show, but don't get tired to the constant lessons.

    But hey, it's insanely cute.
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