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  • I know this will get thumbs down massively but Full House is cheesy, bland, and too senimental.

    It's a sad day for me when a show like Malcolm in the Middle is tossed aside by synidacted viewing for Full House. In my opinion Full House was crappy Disney quality shows, before crappy Disney quality shows.

    My main problem with Full House is it's unrealistic. Now, I have nothing wrong with unrealistic shows if the characters are a fine mix of funny and relatable. But in Full House the characters aren't that. Either the characters try too hard to be funny ,like Michelle or Joey, or they are just too boring which is Danny, Stephanie, and DJ's case. The only character that I like is Becky, and that's mainly because she's hot. That's about it.

    For the most part the jokes aren't too funny. I can only name about 2 or 3 jokes that made me chuckle. Which were jokes about Orioles' pitcher Jim Palmer, as well as a few other baseball players, The Beatles, and Bruce Springsteen. That's about it.

    Well, this would be forgivable if the writting and plots were half decent right? Well, the never become clever in anyway, they always play it safe. And they never do ANYTHING out of the ordinary. And almost every episode ends with a sentimental speech from one of the adults to the kids playing some twinkling music, and these hardly ever teach life lessons anyway, so why even bother?

    In the end, while Full House isn't the worst show I've ever seen, it's still pretty bad. The Characters are lame, the plots are boring, the jokes fall flat. I don't get why some people think it's a masterpiece. If it's for nostalgia, that's cool, that's FINE. But seriously there is a time when you have to say nostalgia is wrong and a TV show sucks. I do it all the time! Full House fans swallow your pride, there are better sit-coms out there. And if you want a decent family sit-com watch Malcolm in the Middle, All in the Family, Modern Family, the Middle, hell, Arrested Development, as much as I love it, A SHOW ABOUT A BROKEN BUSINESS FAMILY is more relatable than Full House. And we all know it's funnier.

    I would say Full House is a crappy syndicated show for a reason.