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  • Christ Almighty....

    First of all, I'd like to ask everyone HOW THIS SHOW IS GOOD. I JUST DON'T SEE IT. Okay, now onto the review.

    So there's shows on Nick at Nite that are awesome (Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, and then there's Full House. God, this show is horrible. So the premise of the story, I guess, is simple enough. Bob Sagat is a single parent after his wife died because sentimental sob story here. So he calls in two friends, Jon Stamos and Most Annoying Piece of Shit on the Planet, to help him raise his three kids. And when I say Most Annoying Shit on the Planet, I really mean MOST ANNOYING FUCKING SHIT ON THE PLANET. This guy NEVER SHUTS UP. He tries so desperately to make us laugh, and it only makes us puke and cover our eyes and ears. You really start to feel bad for Bob Sagat, as he's known for his extremely raunchy stand-up comedy. Watching him in this way-too-family-friendly show is actually the only comedy you'll get out of the experience. I've heard people say Jon Stamos is handsome, and I guess I couldn't argue that statement per say, but aside from being the pussiest bad boy ever, he really has no character. So the two older kids, played by Candice Cameron and Jodie Sweetin, have little to no personality. Actually, I take that back. Cameron has the personality of eraser shavings, and Sweetin has the personality of sandpaper. The Olsen twins are the elements that I guess "steal the show" with their cringe-worthy one-liners, but with me calling them "cringe-worthy one-liners", you can guess what I think about them.

    The other main problem with the show (as if there wasn't enough before) is that the show's plots are unbelievable and un-relatable. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some rich people could relate to the gripping storylines, like teaching MASOP how to dance ballet, or WHAT TO DO when your kid accidentally pulls a slot machine and hits the jackpot, but yeah, you're making the show for 1% of humanity to relate to. Watching them treating these petty issues as huge problems is another one of the many cringe-worthy moments in this show. The jokes are some of the worst I've heard in my life. Literally the first joke in the first episode is "oh, the baby's sleeping like a What kind of bullcrap is that?! And that's the comedic HIGHLIGHT of the whole goddamn show! The puns, the one-liners, just every joke they throw at you is insufferable and unbearable.

    On the whole, this show is horrible. It's unfunny, it's dull, it's unrealistic, and it's just plain horrendous. How this show survived eight whole seasons will be beyond anyone's reasoning, but we can all be glad that it's finally dead now.
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