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ABC (ended 1995)





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  • Not as good as I remember.

    Full House is not necessarily a bad show, it has some humor and heartwarming moments and the characters can be good.

    The problem is that most the drama and humor seem to be phoned in, like they weren't really trying. I have a strong feeling that they were using a laugh track and they played it way too much. The humor is less funny as a result.

    The show tries to teach good lesson but they problem is that you can usually guess what they are and none of them, expect for one or two which I will mention bellow, really stuck with me. Most of them were standard lessons, if you do your best that's all the matters, be honest, love each other, be forgiving, and always be good to your friends as friendship is precious. Stuff like that. None of these are bad but they did not really divided them in a new way.

    For me, the biggest problem is the characters. They are not as funny as I remember and some are them are jerks. The biggest offender is Michelle. She seems to be an annoying little whiner whom nearly always gets her way. Everybody goes along with her and if some problem comes up it seems that is never entirely her fault, save for a few episodes. The other characters are better but still have they problems.

    So for all the bad things about the show there are some good things as well. Whenever they talk about the mother it generally does tug at the heartstrings. They deal with it a way that is sad and happy and that is very impressive. In addition there is an episode on child abuse they that is how I was introduced to the issue and they deal with it in a pretty good way


    All in all Full House is not bad, like I said it has some humor and emotional parts and it could have been worse. However, this does not be it is good and like I said it is less funny and emotional for me now than when I was a kid.