Full House

Season 6 Episode 3

Road to Tokyo

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1992 on ABC

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  • Jessie's road to Tokyo

    Who played Koji & Nancy from fat fish music in Tokyo ? I can't find their names on the cast of full house list.
  • See what happens when Jesse tours Japan in this episode.

    When Jesse's song went up to Number 1 in Japan, Jesse, Becky, and the twins went to Japan. Becky wanted to go sightseeing to know about Japan, but Jesse was really busy throughout the entire visit. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Joey "deliberately tried to start dumb arguments" with Danny about many stupid things, like about Brussels sprouts, and Michelle tried to dig a hole through the ground to get to Japan. And in Japan, Jesse's visit went well until the people there wanted Jesse to tour Asia for a whole year, which made Becky got mad because they didn't have time to tour Asia for one whole year.

    Overall, this episode is another great episode, because it's pretty informative, and it has a great storyline.
  • Jesse and the Rippers say, "Greetings from Tokyo!"

    This was a great episode of Full House as usual. Here is a summary of exactly what happened: Fat Fish Records calls Jesse and tells him that "Forever" has reached #1 in Japan. Fat Fish records wants Jesse to go to Japan for two weeks, and Jesse takes Becky, Nicky, and Alex with him. Once Jesse sets foot in Japan, he starts letting the whole experience go to his head, and when Becky tries to bring Jesse to his senses, Jesse accuses Becky of trying to ruin his dream of succeeding in the music business. Becky tells Jesse that she does want his dream to come true, and that he can't forget about his family, and Jesse realizes that Becky is right. If he can't be with his family, then Jesse doesn't want to hava all the fame because he loves his wife and kids so much. Meanwhile, Kimmy has been nominated for class president by the "Party Hearty" party. For the school newspaper, D.J. writes an editorial about the election, and she's afraid it'll damage Kimmy's chances of being elected, but it doesn't. It actually makes it better and Kimmy is elected class president. This was a great episode and I hope to watch it again soon. :)
  • Jesse's head swells too big

    I disliked Jesse int his one, but yet, it's in keeping with his character. He's number one somewhere, and probably a lot of people would handle it the way he did. Meanwhile, Kimmy is running for class president, and shockingly, she wins! Oh, if we could have only heard some of those student council meeting. But, again, that's what good fanfiction is for. As my blog talks about (with other stuff I've also written.) I finally did write a story about that on fanfiction . net, called "The Making of A President."
  • Can you say domo very much

    I thought this was a very revealing episode. Jesse is put into a postion of choosing his life long dream or his family. He makes the right decision in choosing his family. It was funny to see Jesse up on stage trying to preform in a different language. When the card holder drops the cards he just starts naming different cars. Well written episode.
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