Full House

Season 1 Episode 5

Sea Cruise

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 1987 on ABC

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  • Male bonding.

    This episode was pretty good. One mistake, when Danny and Joey fall off the boat, there is no shadow of the splash on the boat. My favorite part was when Joey comes down the stairs in a sailor,s suit. This one was not one of my favorites, but it was still pretty good.
  • mediocre

    Danny and the guys go fishing and Danny meets someone he really likes, but he is worried about dating, because of his wife's death. Will he get over this and date the woman?

    For the most part, I like Full House. It's not a perfect show but some episodes are pretty good. This one bores me. I think this is the only episode I never laugh during, and the plot, really, does not interest me a lot. Definitely one of my least favorites of the show. So, overall, my final grade is in the high "D" Range. I would give it an F, but I'm not that mean
  • Pointless.

    A very dumb episode. Nothing really happened, and there was not much character involvement. It was a milestone is Danny's life, but definetly not for the show. It would seem more like a pilot than a normal episode. Danny, Jesse, and Joey go on a crusise, and Danny is faced with the prospective of whether or not to fall in love with someone after his wife passed away. Does Danny decide to date this women? Watch this extremely unexciting Full House episode to find out. Oh, and by the way. I'm a Full House fan. There's nothing wrong with the show.
  • The girls are gone in this episode, so it's time for the guys to do a little male bonding. They decide to go fishing and are joined by 4 women. Jesse and Danny are scared of getting involved with new relationships, and Joey helps them get over the past.

    If you could only watch one episode of Full House to get a true sense of the show, this wouldn't be the episode to watch. You would be missing about half of Full House's message. This episode leaves out a major theme, family. The girls are in the episode for the first minute or so. Then it's all about the adults of the show. However, this episode was important for character development. We learn Danny's still upset about his wife's death. We learn that Jesse has a sensitive side and Joey can be serious when needed. So, even though this is not a "typical" Full House episode, it's an enjoyable one.
  • alright,worth watching.

    this episode is my least favourite because dj,stephanie and michelle are only in it at the start and the end it looks empty to a degree it's focusing more on danny,jesse and joeys differant personalities i think.it would still be worth watching though if you got the dvd because it does have funny parts in it like when they all got dressed lol.a so-so kind of episode.
  • Good story but not much really there other than Danny still anxious about being around other women after Pam, which is good, again nice and subtle way of showing him grieving.

    Danny, Jesse, and Joey go on a boat with someone, and the date turns kind of interesting, becuase we see Danny's continued anxiety - this is clearly how he grieves Pam, and it makes sense, considering how he's overprotective of his daughters and tries so hard to make everything so clean; even harder than before her death I'm sure, as he's obsessive bout it at times. But, this one's just not all that memorable, IMO.
  • Rocking Robiin

    I thought this episode was a good episode. It was funny when Jesse was lying to Roxanne about their fishing trip on a boat to a party on a yacht. I thought it was also funny while everybody was catching fish and Danny wasn't catching anything. It was fun to see Jesse sing their old song "Rockin Robin"Wehn they all come back too the house and they start to fight and Joey gives them both advice he seemed so smart until he said thats what Scooby Doo said to Scappy Doo this morning on a cartoon. Though Joeys heart is in the right place its funny that he got his advice to a cartoon.
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